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UK Board class 9 Social Science Syllabus

UK Board class 9 Social Science Syllabus in PDF format for free download. Social Science syllabus for class 9 UK Board is now available in the myCBSEguide app. The curriculum for Uttarakhand Board exams is designed by UBSE, Uttarakhand as per NCERT textbooks for the session. UK Board Class 09 Social Science Syllabus Download as PDF … Read more

New Guidelines for Visually Impaired on CBSE Practical Exams

The Central Board of Secondary Education had issued guidelines for Practical Examination in Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Visually impaired students for class XI through circular No.91 dated 23rd December,2011. These guidelines have now been revised further and made more broad based and comprehensive. It includes general instructions, list of apparatus and items for identification, list … Read more

CBSE Says No to External Board Exam for Class X in 2013

CBSE is not going to conduct an external examination for class 10 students from March 2013 onwards. The students studying in class 10 in the academic session 2012-13 will have to sit in school based internal examination only. The continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) was introduced by the CBSE last year, which made the board examinations optional. This was a … Read more

CBSE Schools to Conduct Physical Education Class Everyday

Schools across the city will now have to reserve a period for physical education everyday of the week, says a new CBSE order to schools. The earlier order by the Central Board of Secondary Education asked schools to hold physical education class only twice a week. The CBSE has asked all its affiliated schools to … Read more

Get CBSE Complete Course CD in Less than One Hour Tuition Fee

Unbelievable but it is True. Now get CBSE Complete Course Material with Multimedia animated CD in Rs. 499/- only. This is less than your one hour tuition fee charged in metropolitan cities. CBSE Complete course CD is available for classes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 (Science and Mathematics).   What will you get  in … Read more

CBSE CCE Sample Papers 2011-2012

CBSE Class 10 CCE Sample Papers for 2011 First Summative Assessment and CBSE Class 09 CCE Sample Papers for First Summative Assessment that are scheduled to be held in September 2011 are now available for FREE download at CBSE official website and http://myCBSEguide.com under download section. What is New this Year : CBSE Class 09 … Read more

CCE Syllabus and Sample Papers 2011

  The Guidelines, Syllabus, Blue Print, Design and Sample Question Papers are available at the links given below : Class IX Subject Sample Question Papers 2011 CCE Syllabus 2011 English Communicative SQP Syllabus 2011 English Lang. & Lit. SQP Syllabus 2011 Hindi – A SQP Syllabus 2011 Hindi – B SQP Syllabus 2011 Mathematics SQP … Read more

CBSE Guidelines for CCE SA-2 School base Home Exams

With the summative examinations of classes IX and X for the second term round the corner, a number of queries are being received by CBSE from teachers and students relating mainly to syllabus for assessment, type of questions in the Question paper etc. While most of the queries have been replied, the following is reiterated … Read more

CBSE Sample Papers 2011

CBSE has issued sample papers for 2011 examination. The date sheet is already announced and it can be downloaded from the links below : 1.    Class 10 Datesheet 2011 2.    Class 12 Datesheet 2011 The datesheet for school based home examination will be decided by schools as per CBSE guidelines. They can set their own … Read more

CBSE Term-2 English Question Paper 2011 Pattern Changed

Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi has changed the pattern of English Question Paper for second term (March 2011) examination. The new modified sample question paper can be downloaded from the sample paper section of http://myCBSEguide.com. In this new pattern the total weightage of MCQ type questions has been reduced to 26 percent. Originally … Read more

CBSE Syllabus Financial Market Management (FMM) for class XI and XII Revised

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) had launched a new course on Financial Markets Management (FMM) in collaboration with National Stock Exchange (NSE) as joint certification program under vocational education at senior secondary level from the academic session 2007-08. Also see article on Financial Market Management in CBSE schools Though, in India, there are about … Read more

CBSE Class 9 and Class 10 CCE Syllabus 2010-2011

CBSE has issued new revised syllabus for class 09 and class 10 in CCE system. The CCE syllabus is available in booklet format at CBSE Regional offices. You can download this syllabus from syllabus section of http://myCBSEguide.com for absolutely FREE of cost. CCE Syllabus for class 9 : Click Here CCE Syllabus for class 10 … Read more

Science Theory Topics to be reduced in CBSE X and XII

The CBSE Board is planning to reduce the number of theory topics in science papers and add more weightage to lab and project work in Classes X and XII. This decision has been arrived at after the board analysed the Class X and XII results, which indicated that a large number of students are unable … Read more

CBSE issued CCE Syllabus for 2010-2011 Session

The CBSE syllabus for continuous and comprehensive evaluation scheme of study is now available for FREE download at www.myCBSEguide.com in class 9 and class 10 sections of the website. CBSE syllabus for CCE class 9 and CCE class 10 is divided in two terms. Term-I carries 40% weightage and Term-II carries 60% weightage. The split … Read more

CCE Sanskrit Syllabus for Class 9 and 10

CBSE had issued Syllabus for main subjects but CCE Syllabus for Sanskrit was not available for download. Now you can download it for FREE. Syllabus for class 9 and class 10 Sanskrit for Summative Assessment-1 (Term-1) and Summative Assessment-2 (Term-2) for the session 2010-2011 is now available for FREE download at www.myCBSEguide.com at the link … Read more

Minor Changes in CCE New Syllabus for 2010-2011

We have added the latest CCE syllabus for class 9th and 10th in download section of www.mycbseguide.com for first term and second term. CBSE has made some minor changes in CCE syllabus of  Hindi A, Hindi B and Science in class 9th and class 10. The modified syllabus for following subjects have been added to … Read more

Class 10 Social Science CCE Syllabus 2010-2011 for Term 1 and Term 2

CCE Syllabus for class 10 Social Science for session 2010-2011 prescribed for First Term (April 2010 to September 2010) and Second Term (October 2010 to March 2011) issued by CBSE, New Delhi.

The formative assessment will comprise of Projects, assignments, activities and Class Tests/ periodic tests for which Board has already issued guidelines to the schools.

Read more

Class 10 Science CCE Syllabus 2010-2011 for Term 1 and Term 2

CCE Syllabus for class 10 Science for session 2010-2011 prescribed for First Term (April 2010 to September 2010) and Second Term (October 2010 to March 2011) issued by CBSE, New Delhi.

As per CCE guidelines the syllabus of Science for classes IX & X has been divided term wise. The units specified for each term shall be assessed through both Formative and Summative assessments.

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