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Crack CBSE Accountancy Exam 2017 with confidence

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Crack CBSE Accountancy Exam 2017 with confidence : Do’s and Don’ts

CBSE board exams are just knocking the door. CBSE is about to release exam schedule and date sheet 2017 very soon. Accountancy paper is always been a mystery and full of tricky questions. Recent changes in Indian economy and company laws are going to make it definitely hard to crack. Here is how students can prepare for class 12 CBSE Accountancy Exam 2017 with confidence.

CBSE Accountancy Exam 2017

  1. Focus on the Technical Language used in the Questions: Sometimes language of the question is very technical. It is observed in the past that question was very easy but students could not solve it because of one technical line given in that question. I advise you to read the full line carefully and try to connect it with the related concept. You should know what examiner is asking in the question. You can find such questions in ‘Ultimate Book of Accountancy’.
  2. Practice Advance Level during the Revision: Once you complete the syllabus of Accountancy you should practice advance level and worksheets of CBSE Accountancy Exam 2017 which covers all relevant facts and syllabus. It will give you confidence and will also enhance your knowledge. (High quality worksheets are given in the Ultimate Book of Accountancy).
  3. Attempting 6 or 8 Marks Questions: Make sure that all parts of the question attempted at one place. If you want to attempt a part of the question later then it is always advisable to leave some space for it so that you can attempt that part later.
  4. CBSE Rule about the Accounting Format: 25% marks of the question will be deducted by the CBSE if proper format is not drawn for journal, ledger accounts and Balance Sheet. Draw the format clearly by using scale and pencil and write all the headings clearly. It is also advisable to use new Indian rupee sign with the amounts.
  5. Try to Manage the Paper in 3 Hours: During revision time, you should solve sample papers of 3 hours. Vishvas Publications has issued 20 High Quality Sample Papers for the students. After practicing these sample papers, you will be able to manage your Board paper. Make sure that you get some time for revision also.
  6. Working Notes and Important Calculations: Do not write anything on question paper. Use one area of your answer sheet for your rough work. All important working notes, formulas and calculations should be shown as a part of the answer. Sometimes marks are divided in steps and there may be some marks for calculations and formulas also.
  7. First Thirty Minutes: Utilize first 30 minutes of the exam in doing simple and small questions (1-4 marks). Do not start with 6-8 marks questions because they may take long time.
  8. Entries Vs Accounts: Sometimes question is very simple but examiner asks for the entries and not for the accounts. In such a case, do not prepare accounts. Give all the entries with proper explanation (including the distribution of profit/loss).
  9. Balance Sheet not matching: If your balance sheet is not matching after following the entire concept in the right direction then check your question specially the balance sheet given in the question. It may be wrong or incomplete. In such a case leave the question as it is without cutting or erasing it. Also, you can write a footnote for the same.
  10. Avoid cuttings and keep focus on your presentation. Make sure that your handwriting is very clear and readable.

By Dr. Vinod Kumar Author of Ultimate Book of Accountancy

Dr. Vinod Kumar is available in myCBSEguide Help Section to reply your questions related to classes 11 and 12 Accountancy. To ask your doubts and queries do visit myCBSEguide.com/questions and get expert advise on all your study related queries.

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