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Class 12 Psychology Case Study Questions

Are you having trouble preparing for the CBSE Class 12 Psychology Case Study Questions? Are you looking for a wide range of Class 12 Psychology Case Study Questions? Then you’ve landed in the right place. Students can explore Class 12 Psychology Case Study Questions to assist them in answering a range of questions concerning the case study.

Psychology Case Study Questions

Other ed-tech sites may provide limited study material for Class 12 Psychology students, but myCBSEguide has a variety of questions that cover all aspects of Class 12 Psychology including case study questions. Class 12 Psychology questions are designed to help students understand and retain the material covered. In addition, myCBSEguide also offers practice tests and sample papers to help students prepare for Class 12 Psychology exams.

Class 12 Psychology Case Study Questions

All About Class 12 Psychology Case Study

What is a Case study?

A case study is a scenario in a specific professional environment that students must analyze and answer based on specific questions provided about the circumstance. In many cases, the scenario or case study includes a variety of concerns or problems that must be addressed in a professional setting.

Case Study Questions in Class 12 Psychology

Class 12 Psychology Case-Based Questions are a new feature to the exam. Class 12 Psychology Case Study Questions are easy to comprehend and will help you get good grades. You may also get free access to the most recent NCERT textbooks for Class 12 Psychology and all other subjects on myCBSEguide, which had been designed in accordance with the most recent Class 12 CBSE/NCERT Psychology curriculum and examination pattern.

Sample Case Study Questions in Class 12 Psychology

Below are some examples of Class 12 Psychology Case Study Questions. These Class 12 Psychology Case Study Questions will be extremely beneficial in preparing for the upcoming Class 12 Psychology exams. Class 12 Psychology Case Study Questions are created by qualified teachers using the most recent CBSE/NCERT syllabus and books for the current academic year. If you revise your Class 12 Psychology exams and class tests on a regular basis, you will be able to achieve higher marks.

Class 12 Psychology Case Study Question 1

Read the case given below and answer the questions by choosing the most appropriate option:
This is a story of three students Ruby, Radhika and Shankar who were enrolled in an Undergraduate Psychology Program in a University. Ruby was the admission officer’s dream. She was selected for the program as she had perfect entrance test scores, outstanding grades and excellent letters of recommendation. But when it was time for Ruby to start coming up with ideas of her own, she disappointed her professors.
On the other hand, Radhika did not meet the admission officer’s expectations. She had good grades but low entrance exam scores. However, her letters of recommendation described her as a creative young woman. She could design and implement research work with minimal guidance at college.
Shankar ranked somewhere in between the two students. He was satisfactory on almost every traditional measure of success. But rather than falling somewhere in the middle of his class at college, Shankar proved to be an outstanding student. His strength lay in the ability to not only adapt well to the demands of his new environment but also to modify the environment to suit his needs.

Identify the theory of intelligence which best explains the intelligence of all the three students in the story:

    1. One Factor Theory
    2. Theory of Primary Mental Abilities
    3. Hierarchical Model of Intelligence
    4. Triarchic Theory of Intelligence

Identify the type of intelligence Ruby possesses.

    1. Practical
    2. Componential
    3. Linguistic
    4. Experiential

Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE about Radhika’s intelligence?

    1. People high on this quickly find out which information is crucial in a given situation.
    2. It is also called experiential intelligence.
    3. It involves modifying the environment to suit the needs.
    4. It reflects in creative performances.

Two statements are given in the question below as Assertion (A) and Reasoning (R). Read the statements and choose the appropriate option.
Assertion (A): Shankar is not high in contextual intelligence.
Reason (R): Shankar was good at adapting well to the demands of his new environment and modifying the environment to suit his needs.

    1. Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
    2. Both A and R are true, but R is not the correct explanation of A.
    3. A is true, but R is false.
    4. A is false, but R is true.

Out of the three students mentioned in the story, who are/is more likely to be a successful entrepreneur?

    1. Radhika and Shankar
    2. Ruby
    3. Ruby and Radhika
    4. Shankar

Identify the three components of intelligence that Ruby is high on

    1. Knowledge acquisition, Meta, creativity
    2. Knowledge acquisition, Meta, performance
    3. Knowledge acquisition, Meta, planning
    4. Planning, performance, adaptability

Class 12 Psychology Case Study Question 2

Refer to the picture given below and answer the questions by choosing the most appropriate option:

Which type of personality assessment is being depicted in the above picture?

    1. Projective Technique
    2. Psychometric Tests
    3. Behavioural Analysis
    4. Self-report Measures

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of this test?

    1. It reveals the unconscious mind.
    2. It can be conducted only on an individual basis.
    3. Its interpretation is objective.
    4. The stimuli are unstructured.

Identify the name of the test from the options given below.

    1. Thematic Appreciation Test
    2. Thematic Apperception Test
    3. Theatre Apperception Test
    4. Theatre Appreciation Test

Which of the following statements are NOT true of this test?
i. In the first phase, called performance proper, the subjects are shown the cards and are asked to tell what they see in each of them.
ii. The second phase is called inquiry.
iii. Each picture card depicts one or more people in a variety of situations.
iv. The subject is asked to tell a story describing the situation presented in the picture.
​​​​​​​Choose the correct option:

    1. i, ii
    2. iii, iv
    3. i, ii, iii
    4. ii, iv

Which of the following is NOT a drawback of this test?

    1. It requires sophisticated skills and specialised training
    2. It has problems associated with reliability of scoring
    3. It has problems associated with validity of interpretations
    4. It is an indirect measure of assessment.

Identify the stimuli that are used in such kinds of tests as given in the above picture.

    1. Stories
    2. Cartoons
    3. Ink blots
    4. Picture cards

NOTE- The following questions are for the Visually Impaired Candidates in lieu of questions 55 to 60. Answer the questions by choosing the most appropriate option.

Nafisa feels that she is liked by her peers in class. This reflects that she ________.

    1. is high on self-efficacy
    2. is high on social self-esteem
    3. possesses a high IQ
    4. is an introvert

Discrepancy between the real self and ideal self often results in ________.

    1. self-actualisation
    2. self-regulation
    3. unhappiness and dissatisfaction
    4. intrapsychic conflicts

If an individual is fat, soft and round along with a temperament that is relaxed and sociable, then he/she is said to have the characteristics of an:

    1. Endomorph
    2. Extrovert
    3. Ectomorph
    4. Mesomorph

Gurmeet was given a personality test to assess how he expresses aggression in the face of a frustrating situation. Identify the test most suitable for this.

    1. Rosenzweig Picture Frustration test
    2. Eysenck Personality questionnaire
    3. Thematic Apperception Test
    4. 16 Personality Factors Test

According to Karen Horney the origin of maladjustment can be traced to ________.

    1.  the inferiority feelings of childhood.
    2. basic anxiety resulting from disturbed interpersonal relations.
    3. overindulgence of the child at early stages of development.
    4. failure to deal with intrapsychic conflicts.

An individual’s sole concern with the satisfaction of ________ needs would reduce him/her to the level of animals.

    1. survival
    2. esteem
    3. security
    4. belongingness

Class 12 Psychology Case Study Question 3

Read the case given below and answer the questions

Mental health professionals have attempted to understand psychological disorders using different approaches through the ages. Today, we have sophisticated facilities and hospitals dedicated to the treatment of the mentally ill. While studying the history of psychological disorders it is interesting to note that some practices from ancient times are still in use. Take the case of Lakshmi and her daughter, Maya. Maya exhibits abnormal behaviours and Lakshmi believes that this is because of evil spirits that have possessed her. She has been taking her daughter to a self-proclaimed healer, who uses counter-magic and prayer to cure her. Stigma and lack of awareness prevents Lakshmi from using the modern facilities and hospitals that provide quality mental health care. On the other hand, when young Rita reported seeing people and hearing voices, mental health professionals at a modern facility were able to understand her hallucinations using a convergence of three approaches. Psychologists use official manuals like the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 5th Edition (DSM-5) and International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) to indicate presence or absence of disorders. Today there is increased compassion for people who suffer from disorders and a lot of emphasis is placed on providing community care.

  1. Identify the method used by the healer to cure Maya’s illness. How does this theory from ancient times explain Maya’s treatment?
  2. Which approach do you think would best explain Rita’s treatment? How do you think DSM – 5 and ICD -10 help mental health professionals in indicating the presence or absence of disorders?

Class 12 Psychology syllabus at a glance

Class 12 Psychology students must have a better comprehension of Class 12 Psychology New curriculum in order to have a positive impression of the exam pattern and marking scheme. By studying the CBSE Class 12 Syllabus, students will learn the unit names, chapters within each unit, and sub-topics. Let’s have a look at the Class 12 Psychology Syllabus, which contains the topics that will be covered in the CBSE test framework.

CBSE Class – 12 Psychology (Code No. 037) Syllabus

Course Structure

UnitsTopicsNo. of periodsMarks
IVariations in Psychological Attributes3013
IISelf and Personality3213
IIIMeeting Life Challenges239
IVPsychological Disorders3012
VTherapeutic Approaches259
VIAttitude and Social Cognition168
VIISocial Influence and Group Processes146

Benefits of Solving Class 12 Psychology Case Study Question

  1. You will be able to locate significant case study problems in your class quizzes and examinations because we offer the best collection of Class 12 Psychology case study questions 2. You’ll be able to go over all of the crucial and challenging themes from your CBSE Class 12 Psychology textbooks again.
  2. Answers to all Class 12 Psychology case study questions have been supplied.
  3. Class 12 Psychology Students in Class will be able to download all Psychology chapter-by-chapter assignments and worksheets in PDF format.
  4. Class 12 Psychology Case Study Questions will aid in the enhancement and improvement of topic understanding, resulting in higher exam scores.

myCBSEguide: The best platform for Class 12 Psychology

myCBSEguide is the best platform for Class 12 Psychology students. It offers a wide range of resources that are not only helpful for academic purposes but also for personal development. The platform provides access to a variety of online courses, mock tests, and practice materials that can help Class 12 Psychology students ace their exams. Additionally, the forum on the website is a great place to interact with other students and get insights into different aspects of the subject. Overall, myCBSEguide is an invaluable resource for anyone pursuing Class 12 Psychology.

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