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Change in the Accountancy syllabus of Class XII for the Board Examination 2011

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Based on the feedback received from  the teachers, the Board had issued  Circular No.25/14/07/2009 communicating certain deletions from Unit 4 of the Accountancy syllabus of Class XII, namely,

a) Issue of debentures at a discount.
b) Writing off of discount on issue of debentures.
c) Sinking fund as one of the methods of Redemption of Debentures.

The same deletions will continue for the Board Examination 2011 also.

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14 thoughts on “Change in the Accountancy syllabus of Class XII for the Board Examination 2011”

  1. it is a very good board of secondary educations inside India it seems to be very good that this change will help us in many ways while preparing accountancy syllabus THANKS A LOT …….!!!

  2. hey its vry gud guys after al the boards hs thought abt ourslves bt jst 1 request was cnt v use calculators dat wud bcom mch easier 4 us 2 score!n plz could you send me the syllabus of class 12commerce of all the subject!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sir iwant 2   method  4 the preparation for the class 12 cbse exam reply me jaldiiiiiiiii……………………………………………..

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