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CBSE Schools to Conduct Physical Education Class Everyday

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Schools across the city will now have to reserve a period for physical education everyday of the week, says a new CBSE order to schools. The earlier order by the Central Board of Secondary Education asked schools to hold physical education class only twice a week.

The CBSE has asked all its affiliated schools to have at least 40-45 minutes for physical activities every day for Classes I to X.

“There should be at least 40-45 minutes of physical activities or games for Classes I to X everyday,” stated the Board order to all schools. For Classes XI to XII, however, the CBSE says that “it should be ensured that all the students participate in physical activity at least twice a week.”

Schools are raising doubts over the feasibility of introducing this class in the existing time table. Abha Sahgal, principal of Sanskriti School, Chanakyapuri said, “It is not possible to include this class every day. We have physical education period twice a week though. We have a whole lot of other things to focus on like art education, theatre, public speaking and other activities.”

Source : Indian Express

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