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CBSE Board or School Exam Decide before 15 December

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students who want to change their option from board exams to school-based exams or vice versa. Can do so before December 15 by informing their respective schools.

In case the students had made a mistake while registering for either of the exams, they can still change the option. All they need to do is approach their respective school. Last date for registration is extended upto 15 December 2010.

According to the new scheme of things, from 2011 class X board exams will be open only for those students who need to change their school primarily because it is a secondary school having classes only up to tenth. They will take admission in a different school in class XI. But students of senior secondary schools (having classes up to XI and XII) can also opt for class X boards if they intend to change their school, board or take a transfer to some other location.

There is no difference in the certification process to be done at the end of Class X for both set of students. The certification is to be done by the CBSE and the school based exams are also going to be signed by the Controller of Exam, CBSE and by the head of the respective school. Moreover, the syllabus is exactly the same. So parents and students should not be tense about the exams.

Meanwhile, the CBSE is also gearing up for another exam in January — the Aptitude Test (optional) — which has come up as a popular choice among those students who are not going to take Class X boards this year. Although not an alternative, the Aptitude Test so far has witnessed over three lakh registrations.

According to CBSE officials, one reason why the Aptitude Test (which is not an alternative to class X boards) is witnessing a rush is because the test, along with other school records and Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), would help the students, parents and teachers in deciding the choice of subjects in Class XI. The CBSE circular on CCE in October 2009 stated that for assigning subjects in Class XI ‘‘Aptitude Test, scholastic performance and co-scholastic achievements, all need to be given weightage.’’

Source :TOI

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7 thoughts on “CBSE Board or School Exam Decide before 15 December”

  1. This news is confusing. It is very clear that a student in class X of a senior secondary school can opt to change school even if he appears for the school examinations as long as he remains in the CBSE system. Refer link from CBSE website:
    Such messages from the media only lead to further confusions and one do not expect such confusing statements from a reputed print media like TOI.

  2. i just want to enquire that my school is till 11 and i want to change my school so there is need for me to give the board exam or is it ok with the school exam

  3. pls tell me iwas a stdnt of class 10 in the session of 2010 and my school is upto class 12 so was i having a choice for giving board exams even if i dont want to change my school.

  4. 1 .  sir i wnna change the state after board exam so shall i must give cbse board . or am i ok wit school exam ?

    2 . sir which exam is better to opt for ? 

    3 . does the report card of board exam will be evaluated upon class 9 results also along wit 10 ?

  5. Sir I am a student of class 12 and i am having maths as a fifth option.
    Sir but its bit hard for me to cop up with it so sir can i take physical education as fifth optional paper.

  6. respected sir /madam
    I want to knw that what is the registration fees for 12 class students…..
    our school is collection 1000 rs per each but as in cbse shows that each head rs 200 so kindly help tp give this sloution
    wating for good reply

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