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CBSE Aptitude Test Sample Paper 2011

Central Board of secondary education is going to conduct first Aptitude Test in January 2011. The test is being conducted to know the aptitude of the child. This test will help the child to opt science, arts or commerce in class 11. Although this test is optional and all students are not giving this test, … Read more

CBSE Aptitude Test SGAI 2011 Exam Date

CBSE Students Global Aptitude Index Assessment 2011 that was scheduled on January 15, 2011 has been postponed now. The SGAI exam was to be conducted by CBSE for students studying in class 10 this year. This examination was optional for students. Due to administrative reasons, the CBSE Students Global Aptitude Index Assessment 2011 will now … Read more

CBSE Board or School Exam Decide before 15 December

students who want to change their option from board exams to school-based exams or vice versa. Can do so before December 15 by informing their respective schools. In case the students had made a mistake while registering for either of the exams, they can still change the option. All they need to do is approach … Read more

CBSE Board Exam is Optional But Created Many New Exams

Though Class X boards have become optional now, anxious parents and nervous students are finding it safe to opt for the stress of exams. And instead of one board exam, a student can chose to face three paper-pen based tests — Aptitude Test (AT) in January-February 2011 and Proficiency Test (PT) in May to be … Read more

CBSE Aptitude and Interest Assessment Test

As you are well aware CBSE has recently extended the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme in classes IX & X, introduced grading system in class X and has phased out class X exams for students of senior secondary schools. The common factor running across these initiatives is to make the entire spectrum of school education … Read more

CBSE Students Global Aptitude Index (SGAI) Highlights

Although a variety of aptitude screening tests are already in vogue to help the student identify personal interests and vocations, yet:- SGAI is a battery of Aptitude Tests which also combines Interest profile of a student. It has been customized to suit the Indian context and variety of student population in CBSE affiliated Private, Government … Read more

CBSE Aptitude Test Syllabus and Eligibiliy SGAI Descritption

CBSE SGAI is a battery of tests, designed for students pursuing class X in CBSE affiliated schools. It is a simple paper and pencil test, which requires approximately 2 – 2½ hours. Due care has been taken to make the assessment and interpretation less complicated for the teachers. The assessment broadly indicates: Scientific Aptitude Numerical … Read more

Apply for CBSE Aptitude Test SGAI before 15 October 2010

The CBSE SGAI will be offered to those  interested  at a very nominal fee of Rs.100 (one hundred) per student only. The first ever CBSE Students Global Aptitude Test will be held for class X students tentatively on 15th January 2011. The principals may assess the number of class X students who would be interested … Read more