The Diary of an Indian Kid

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Akshat studies in class 8. He is a blogger who writes about random topics including games, studies, news and sports in his blog Now Akshat has started a new series that is “Diary of an Indian kid”. He tells about the day to day life of an Indian boy written in an informal style. He tells how an Indian boy spends his day. This series is actually the life of Akshat who updates it daily before sleeping.

The diary consists of all those happy, sad, surprising and of course funny moments of the day. The way of writing about the day is very user-friendly and interesting. He also tells and review about the games he plays throughout the day and about his school life and his study plan.

Other than the normal diary he also writes about the extras. The extras are like anything special he gets throughout the day like mark sheets, syllabus, his PTM feedback etc. The founder’s diary is full of fun, suspense, excitement and the most needed climax. He writes blog to explain his day in detail.

He also writes about the games and how to be the pro players in mostly every game. His favorite games are PUBG, AGAR.IO, FORTNITE, GTA SERIES etc. These are given special coverage in his blog. He also provides information about festivals and special occasions that are coming in the month. He also provides information on TV cartoons and TOP 10 things around the globe.

There are more than 135+ blog post in his website which are very informative. He himself tells about things, what he studies which includes HTML, PYTHON etc. He also provides interesting facts and riddles for the user to do. His website has blog posts both in Hindi and English.

Hope you all would love his blog posts and “The Diary of an Indian Kid”.

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