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Requirement of 75 Percent of Attendance for CBSE Boarders

CBSE has issued a circular stating that the students who have not  completed a regular course of study and have not completed 75 percent of the attendance in Classes IX, X, XI & XII are not eligible to appear for the Board Examination of class X & XII. It has further been asserted by CBSE that shortage upto 15 percent of attendance only will be condoned by the CBSE Chairman on the recommendation of the Principal of the School.

It means that now any CBSE schools will not forward or entertain the request for condonation of attendance below 60 percent in Class IX & XI. This includes 75 percent separate attendance in the practical classes wherever applicable. In those cases where students are not regularly attending the schools for various different reasons whatsoever may be, the rule position of the Board must be brought to their notice in writing.

It is observed that many students do not attend school regularly just because they have to attend coaching classes at the same time. This practice gives importance to rout method and students lost the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities which is essential part of child’s development.

Getting good marks is not the only purpose of school education. The load of assignments and pressure of parents make the innocent child to think of marks and marks and marks only. The board’s circular on requirement of 75% attendance will reduce the stress.


  • The 75% rule is draconian and serves no purpose what-so-ever.
    Most of us do our REAL studies at home. In fact the school is the ONLY source of ‘stress’ that you plan to ‘reduce’.

    I believe attendance should be 51% compulsory, and the rest should be left to the discretion of parents and students.

    Absence from school is rarely due to tuitions and mostly due to a need for relaxation and recreation that MOST schools do not provide.

    Education is just another service being purchased, and it appears ridiculous for anyone but the student and his parents to decide how often he should attend classes.

    Even if we take, for the sake of argument, that students skip school to go to coaching classes. Even so, it is a matter of personal choice that the school has no say in.

  • Attendance will reduce stress and help in the development of children?that is the stupidest thing that the cbse people came up with!

    1.if cbse imposes a strict rule of minimum attendance of 75%.cbse should also implement a structural unit to verify the worth and the capability of every school to ‘develop’ its students!its a competitive world and as a student I am bound to choose tuitions over school as it might offer more than my school does. is purchased!its not free and its really expensive now a a student,we just pay for the seats in exams now a days as no teacher is genuinely a good teacher at least in my its our choise how we prepare ourselves for the exam as no college will look for our ‘development’ but only look for our scores in all the subjects! there is boiling heat from april….so no particular summer season!so no particular summer vacation!so for final year students,its really hard to cope with the heat(also in my classroom) and then after school tuition!

    we,the students can come up with millions of ‘logical’ issues to discourage this rule whereas cbse could only come up with an abstract idea.development and reduction of stress!impossible!

    rabindranath tagore,albert einstein and many more were developed people without proper development can only come from surroundings in home!

  • My attendance was 40% this last year and principal of our school ordered teachers not to write the attendance below 80% of any student..
    Means there is not strict rule…

  • My school says that atleast 85% attendance is required for 12th students…The administration says these are the new rules by cbse….is it true??.because i have 77% attendance till now and wanted to take leaves for preparation…please reply >>>>>

  • my attendence percentage was 73.8 in november and now it is almost 75 but our v.p. is warning me not to allow me to write my board exams and giving me punishment to attent classes till february ………..this is a torcher

  • yaar wat izzz dis kabhi aap kehte ho dat v r planing all dis cce pattern so dat students may get releif nd not get stressed nd agar us bachche ka hall ticket hi rok doge to kya hoga wo to aise hi mar jaega na…..cbse shud cnsider 51% attendance as d minimum…itss fair enough…suicide to kam honge bczzz of stresss…

  • Actualy currently I am having a about 63 to 67 persent of attendance and studing in class-10th.But my Honble.Principal sir is saying that He is going to forward attendence below 70%’s names to CBSE and I will be not able to seat in examination. Is it possible? What He and CBSE will get by destroying our lifes? One of my class student namely XXX who having 60% of attendence said me that if he will not able to give the exam he will commite dead as a final way. So think that CBSE’s 75% attendance rule is give stress how much to us. What they will get?
    Reply please. THANKING YOU!

  • Horrible! I mean what if you have a medical problem and you cant attend school for maybe 20 days….who will consider that?

  • I am tensed as my attendance is short due to my irregularity but what can i do as i m a good student and no teacher has any complaints from me. is there anything that can help me?
    i dont abuse, dont get involved in messy topics but………
    i really need help.
    plzzz help me out.

  • attendance will reduce stress????
    it has made my life hell. I
    am a good student but i am dying of stress here to make up for my attendance. No teacher has any complaints from me but i rally need help here.
    cbse says that internal development helps a child, i am a science stream student
    please tell me a good college in which i can get admission by saying i have 100% school attendance. I think this is fair enough.

    please i really need help in this matter

  • In our school no teacher able to teach us bcoz our principal couldn’t gave a good, why should we waste our time in school.

  • cbse people are donig all the things to give stress to students the shld stop thi things as soon as possible

  • what are they talking ? how can this attendance factor reduce stress . They have lost it . I just wanted to know is attendance important class 11
    please comment.

  • Respected sir/madam,

    Sub : The head of the CBSE SCHOOL,NAVI MUMBAI is
    not allowing my son to sit in the class.

    I am resident of Navi
    Mumbai, Maharashtra. My son (class VI) is studding in CBSE since last two years.

    He was facing speech PROBLEM.
    My child got admission through proper entrance test performed by the school in
    2011. As he got selected he got admission to the school.

    The principle of the
    school requested me to submit my son’s medical certificate. I did the needful.

    The School was not
    having the problem last year. But this year the teachers changed. The new
    teachers are not able to control him properly. So I gave a request of shadow
    teacher, as suggested by Dr of D Y PATIL HOSPITAL, But they refuse to do so.

    Class teacher doesn’t
    want him to sit in the class. I suggested them that please allow me to sit with
    him. But they refuse.

    Lastly they are not
    allowing my child to sit in the school also. They are forcing me to keep my
    child at home. They want to just attend the test. She is refusing me to
    give this in writing too.


  • Attendence of class 9 and 11 are simply on the hands of the school principal.. that she or he will promote you or not..but as far as my experience if your school is that well-known and highly statused it will not but if its medium based then it will do no harm to you.. else for afety present one medical certificate to your chairman you will be safe.

  • Really fuck cbse they have done everything to increase the stress….going regular to school even when u cant understand what unqqualified teachers says???realy a waste of 6 hrs of our life

  • Sir I did’nt complete 75% od attendence because of my medical problems so how can I appear in finals exam plzz reply fast

  • Sir due to my major accident i could not attend school for 2 Months so can i give board exams
    plz rply

  • Don’t worry about it. Just send the medical certificate to the boards or give it directly to your principle and explain your circumstances. They implemented this rule to prevent students from cutting classes in favor of going to coaching classes.But you have an actual legit reason for not attending the school.

  • SIR PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT TO DO IF MY attendance is short due to my surgery for the cure of prolong illness

  • Its fucking annoying ..
    Seriously !!!! Has cbse gone mad or what? Wht the hell do these morons want from us? Do they wanna fuck students who dun wanna attend school? My attendannce in 9th was 57%
    They just fuckd me and said u have to bring medical certificate… man m suffering from insomnia….
    And !!! My cgpa is 9.5 so? They didnt fail me and they even cant . Everybody knows marks mattrr not bloody attendance….
    Fuck u cbse

  • Isntead it only inc presuure for serious JEE aspirants. We have to go to school only wasting our precipus 6 hrs of day. The level in school is v low and they focus only on basics. Imagine u have a good command on enlish language, and then a techr comee and start teching u Alphabets .( u cant even leve the class and r forced to listen him if not ull be punished. How ull feel?
    After studiying the whole ch in detail and solving its good quetn u r forced to attend its most basic class. According to me its a big emotional torture.

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