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Download OTBA 2016 Material for Class-9

CBSE has issued OTBA (Open Text Based Assessment) material for March 2016 examination.  The OTBA is meant to incorporate analytical and theoretical skills, thus moving away from memorization. The following open text materials for Classes IX is being provided for the Examination in 2016 as per the curriculum issued.

Download OTBA Material :

  1. English (both A and B)

  2. Hindi (both A and B)

  3. Mathematics

  4. Science

  5. Social Science

Sr. No .Subject (Code)Specified Units/Themes as per syllabusThemes for OTBAMarks Distribution for one Theme
1Hindi-A (002) and Hindi-B (085)paryavaran sanrakshan aur mahila sashaktikaran1. paryavaran sanrakshan

2. mahila sashaktikaran

2x(5) =10
2English (Communicative) (101) English ( Language and Literature) (184)Reading section (Based on the themes found in the course book )1.Let’s Welcome, Accept and Respect 2. Indigenous Games of India2x(5) =10
3Mathematics (041)Unit – 2 Linear Equations in two variables.1. Childhood Obesity in India

2. Energy Consumption and Electricity Bill

3+3+4 = 10
4Science (086/090)Unit – IV: Our Environment1. Handling Drought in our Country

2. Conservation of Water Bodies

2+3+5 = 10
5Social Science (087)Unit-IV; Economics (Food Security in India)1. Together We Rise

2. Food Security in India

5+5 =10
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3 thoughts on “Download OTBA 2016 Material for Class-9”

  1. Like the chapter food security of India in sst and linear equations in two variables in maths, natural resources in science is also in the otba form and not in the paper?

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