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CBSE sample papers for class 10 in all core subjects have been added to the sample paper section of the site These CBSE sample papers for March 2009 Board examinations have been given along with the CBSE marking schemes and CBSE blue prints. The introduction to new CBSE Question Paper format is also included. CBSE Board Sample Papers for 2008-2009 for CBSE class 10 includes English A i.e. English Communicative, English B i.e. English Language and Literaure, Mathematics, Hindi Core, Hindi Elective, Science and Technology with CBSE sample papers for MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) for written practical examination and CBSE sample paper for Social Science. These are papers are available for free download in PDF format. CBSE Sample papers for class 12 will be included soon.

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  1. when will the latest sample papers will come exams are on head and the date is 1 and exam is on 3

  2. Are you planning to EVER upload the french samples for class IX? Bcuz exams r only weeks away, n there really ARE some people existent on planet Earth who need to study!!!

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