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NCERT Exemplar Solutions class 12 Mathematics

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Written by myCBSEguide has uploaded NCERT Exemplar solutions. So students hurry up and update yourself with the new NCERT Exemplar based on CBSE pattern, which is a must to do thing before the final exams. It will help you to have an interaction with multiple questions which may come in annual examinations.

What are NCERT Exemplars?

It is initiated by Department of Education in Science and Mathematics (DESM) and designed specifically to prepare for high degree questions after completion of NCERT textbook. It comprises of MCQ’s, Long type and short type questions with their solutions and explanation with diagram wherever needed. We at myCBSEguide are providing solutions for each and every question with diagram and inputs which is prepared by our expert group of faculties.

NCERT Exemplar

Objective of NCERT Exemplar

The main objective of the book on Exemplar problems in mathematics is to provide the teachers and students a large number of contact quality problems with varying cognitive levels to facilitate teaching learning concepts in mathematics that are presented through the textbook for class 11. It is envisaged that the problem included in this volume would help the teacher to design task to assess effectiveness of their teaching and to know about the achievement of the student besides facilitating preparation of balanced question papers for unit and terminal tests. some of the questions given in the book are expected to challenge the understanding of the concepts of mathematics of the students and their ability to applying them in novel situation

The quality of question papers is often not up to the mark. They usually seek mere information based on rote memorization and fail to test higher order skills like reasoning and analysis, let along lateral thinking, creativity and judgement.  Good and unconventional questions, challenging problems and experiment based problems rarely find a place in question papers. In order to address to the issue and also to provide additional learning material, the Department of Education in Science and Mathematics has made an attempt to develop resource book contains different type of questions of varying difficulty level.

Some questions would require the students apply simultaneously understanding of more than one chapter/units. These problems or not mean to serve nearly as question bank for examination but are primarily meant to improve the quality of teaching/learning process in school. It is expected that these problems would encourage teachers to design quality question papers on their own. Student should always keep in mind that examination and assessment should test comprehension, information recall, analytical thinking and problem solving ability creativity and speculative ability.

How does it help

NCERT Exemplar is a collection of questions from NCERT textbook which is further beneficial for competitive examinations, which includes JEE MAINS, CTET and other exams which has mathematics as its main subject. We suggest our students to begin with NCERT textbook and solve it on regular basis. You can find Solution of NCERT textbook questions at myCBSEguide for free. After completing it, you must go with NCERT Exemplars to test your pace and syllabus in order to understand with better concept and study materials. We are here to help you with all the resources we have. Just follow the syllabus pattern of CBSE

List of units in NCERT Exemplar Mathematics class 12

Unit 1- Relations and Functions
Unit 2- Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Unit 3- Matrices
Unit 4- Determinants
Unit 5- Continuity and Differentiability
Unit 6- Application of Derivatives
Unit 7- Integrals
Unit 8- Application of Integrals
Unit 9- Differential Equations
Unit 10- Vector Algebra
Unit 11- Three Dimensional Geometry
Unit 12 Linear Programming
Unit 13 Probability


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