List of Centres where CBSE Exam is Postponed on 26 and 27 Feb 2020

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CBSE has postponed board exam of class 10 and 12 in some centres of North-East Delhi on 26th and 27th February 2020 due to riots in the area. Here is the list of Examination Centers:

==> List of Exam Centres 26th Feb

==> List of Exam Centres 27th Feb

Some clarification: Parents are searching for the name of the school where their children study, assuming that if the school name is there, the exam is postponed for them. But it is wrong. This is the list of examination centres where the exam is postponed. So, make sure that this is not your school where you are studying but it is the examination centre where the child is going to give exam.

If the examination centre name is not on this list, your child will have to sit in exam. Let’s take an example. Your child study in a school in Yamuna Vihar but his/her examination centre is in Rajpur Road, as the Rajpur Road school is not in the above list, your child will have to go to the exam centre and sit in the exam.

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