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Letter of Enquiry Class 10

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Letter writing is an essential component of class 10 English syllabus. CBSE has introduced the Enquiry letter in class 10 English question papers in recent years so as to enhance the student’s writing skills and impart their knowledge that would aid them on the professional front and in real-life scenarios. 

Letter of Enquiry Questions

What is an inquiry letter?

An inquiry letter is a formal letter that is written to enquire and get detailed information about something that a person wants. It could be related to a product that you are willing to buy as well as a service that you wish to avail. The letter is mainly composed to fetch details about :

  • A product
  • A service
  • A course etc.

from an institution or an organization. It is basically written for collecting information.

Letter of Enquiry

Features of an Enquiry letter (class 10, CBSE)

Here we try to focus on the fundamental elements of an enquiry letter. We briefly list the salient features of the letter of Enquiry.

  1. It should clearly mention the information you want to seek
  2. It should be exhaustive
  3. Its length should not exceed a few pages
  4. It should cover all essential aspects of one’s request
  5. It is a formal letter that is predominantly written to a professional link to gather some information that you or your organization requires. So, the language implemented while writing the letter has to be courteous as well as formal.
  6. It must include the contact details of the sender
  7. It precisely follows the format of a formal letter

Steps to write an Enquiry letter (content/body)

The sole purpose of drafting an enquiry letter is to fetch some information. The letter is written to enquire and clear that air of confusion and resolve the issue quickly. Following points need to adhere to while drafting an enquiry letter.

  • Start with a brief introduction: this should include your name, designation and a precise and short description of what you or your organization are seeking. You can highlight the importance of your request.
  • Describe your organization: this paragraph included the details about your organization
  • Clearly mention the motive behind writing the letter. Here you need to specify the reason you or your organization has written the letter
  • State the latest date by which you expect to get the information
  • Last do express gratitude to the recipient for their valuable time and consideration 

Format for writing Enquiry letter (class 10)

You need to follow the format of a formal letter while writing an enquiry letter. The format for writing an enquiry letter is as follows:

Sender’s address

It is important to mention the sender’s address as it will avoid confusion and conflict. Provide an email and phone number, if essential


Just below the address leave a line and write the date.DO write the correct date for a better comprehension of the original time frame.

Receiver’s address

Remember it will lead to a lot of ambiguity if the name/designation /address of the receiver is not stated in the letter. Do not forget to include this information while drafting an enquiry letter.

The subject of the letter

Write an impressive line that will facilitate the receiver to easily comprehend the key aspect of the entire letter


mention (Sir, RespectedSir/Madam). It is a must to address the receiver respectfully


    • Paragraph 1: a brief introduction of yourself or your organization and the purpose of writing the letter
    • Paragraph 2: in-depth coverage of the enquiry


  • complimentary closing: the letter has to end with a complimentary closing line. You need to include phrases like best wishes, yours truly, with regards etc.                                                                                                
  • sender’s name, signature and designation: you need to clearly specify the name and designation of the sender. It is mandatory to do so in formal letters.

Structure of a Formal Letter

The main structure of a formal letter (Enquiry Letter) includes:

Sender’s Address



Name / Designation of Addressee

Address of the Addressee



Body [Introduction, Content, Conclusion] 

Complimentary Closing Line

Signature / Name of the Sender

Designation of the Sender 

These elements of an Enquiry letter are structured as:

Sender’s Address


Name / Designation of Receiver

Address of the Receiver,


Salutation (Mr/Mrs/ MS)

Body of the Letter

Signature / Name of the Sender

Designation of the Sender

Examples of letter of Enquiry (Grade 10, English)

A letter of enquiry facilitates business transactions by removing misunderstandings and saving time. They help to communicate better and resolve issues. The sender definitely is able to clarify and fetch the required information within a time frame. An Enquiry letter is usually written to extract some key information from the recipient. It is a must to clearly state some information about the sender so that the recipient can validate the source of enquiry.

Letter writing is an essential skill and forms a relevant part of the writing section of the class 10 English question paper. The students should carefully observe the format to be followed and practice well from various available resources. This would help to fetch good marks in their CBSE English board exam and excel in academics. The letter usually carries 5 marks and comes with an internal choice. In the writing section, a formal letter is asked every year.

Here we provide you with some enquiry letter samples/questions formulated according to the CBSE curriculum for grade 10 (English).

Enquiry Letter – 1

Q1. You are Rajani of A–101, Saraswati Vihar, New Delhi. You want information about German Language Courses at the German Embassy, Chankya Puri, New Delhi. Write a letter to the Director inquiring about the same.


A–101, Saraswati Vihar

New Delhi 1100XX

12 August 20XX

The Director

German Embassy

Chanakya Puri


Dear Sir/Madam

Subject: Inquiry regarding German courses

I wish to make certain enquiries about the German language courses offered by your institution. I have just completed class X and want to pursue my career in German. I would like to know the duration of the course, the fee structure and the transport facilities available. I have always had a flair for language and have wanted to be multilingual.

Hence the desire to learn the German language. I will be grateful if you could send me the brochure along with the enrolment form enabling me to register myself for the course at the earliest. Please also find enclosed with the letter a draft of 200/– for the brochure. Any balance money shall be paid on receipt of the same.


Yours faithfully


Enquiry Letter – 2

Q2. You are awaiting your class X results. Meanwhile, you would like to do a short–term course in personality development. Write a letter to the Director, Personal Care, Pune, inquiring about the details about the course. You are Akash/Akansha of 250, Shivaji Road, Pune.


250, Shivaji Road


10 June 20XX

The Director

Personal Care Pune XXXXXX


Dear Sir

Subject: Inquiry about short–term course in Personality Development

I came across your advertisement in the Hindustan Times dated 9th June. I would like to know in detail about the courses offered by your institute. I have always been interested in such programmes and look forward to learning from such useful programmes. I would like to add further information that I am a class X student and wish to pursue a course in Personality Development in the summer vacation after my board exams. Kindly send me all the details, including the courses offered, the duration and the fee structure, at the address given above. The payment for the brochure shall be made at the time of the delivery.


Yours faithfully


Enquiry Letter – 3

Q3. You are Anamika, a student of class XII and resident of 33 D, Ring Road, ITO, New Delhi, and wants to be a choreographer. Write a letter to the director, the National Institute of Choreography, Noida, seeking information about their course, admission procedure, eligibility criteria and other necessary details.


33 D, Ring Road, ITO

New Delhi 1100XX

1 July 20XX

The Director

National Institute of Choreography

Sector 16, Noida 102XXX 

Dear Sir

Subject: Inquiry regarding course in choreography

Referring to your advertisement regarding the courses in choreography offered by your reputable institute, I want to state that I am currently in XII class and preparing for my final exam. I am very much interested in dancing and want to take it as a career. I am also given to understand that this institute is by far the best so far as choreography is concerned and I would very much like to be part of it. Kindly send me the prospectus and the application form. I would be highly grateful if you could provide me with the following information:


The department and programme faculty

Funding opportunities

Scholarships available

Admission procedure

Eligibility criteria

Hostel facilities

Kindly send me the brochure along with the enrolment form at the earliest so that I could register myself for the course.

Yours faithfully



Tips To Score Well While Writing An Enquiry Letter (class 10, CBSE English)

  • Follow the accurate format to write formal letters(Enquiry letters) with perfection in the CBSE class 10 English exam. The letter of enquiry must be written like a formal letter that includes;date, recipient’s address, subject of the letter, salutation, and sender’s name.
  • Concentrate on the accuracy of the content. The language used should be simple and lucid.
  • Avoid grammatical errors
  • Can ask for information in points or can highlight the key points of inquiry.

These simple points, if kept in mind while writing an enquiry letter in class 10 English CBSE exam, will for sure help the students to score well and ace the subject. It is expected that the board will ask either a question on Enquiry or placing an order in the 2022-23 board exam, so check the accurate formats and improve your expression to score well in this writing section question. You can get more questions on letters of inquiry from the myCBSEguide app or our student dashboard

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