KVS CCE Scheme: KVS Introduced CCE from III to X

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The KVS has introduced CCE from classes III to X from the academic session 2010-2011.  A suggestive calendar of activities / programme for scholastic and co-scholastic areas has been prepared to provide guidelines for implementation.  However, for class IX and X the CBSE pattern may be followed.  The calendar of activities in respect of class II to V will be available shortly on the website.

The proposed guidelines includes month wise split-up syllabus along with areas to be assessed under Formative and Summative Assessment.

It has been prepared with an inherent flexibility providing freedom to the teachers to implement it with suitable amendments (modification/ wherever required without diluting the objectives of CCE.

The term wise weightage would be as follows:

I Term (April – September)

FA1 – 10%     ( pen-paper test)

FA2 – 10%

SA1 – 30%     ( pen-paper test)

II Term (October  –  March)

FA3 – 10%     ( pen-paper test)

FA4 – 10%

SA2 – 30%     ( pen-paper test)

Total Term -1 and Term -2

FA1+FA2+FA3+FA4 = 40%

SA1 + SA2                  = 60%

Total                           = 100%

GradeMarks RangeGrade Point
E22 and below2.0

CGPA   =      Total Grade Point / No of Subjects


  1. The schedule for FA2 and FA4 may be decided at school level.
  2. The progress report card may be printed as per CBSE format (IX-X) but separately for Class VI, VII & VIII.


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21 thoughts on “KVS CCE Scheme: KVS Introduced CCE from III to X”

  1. this cce is very bad because by this scheme children r very much stressed because they have to do alots of work in the class.tere ma ka bhosda

  2. sir,

    I’m a parent of kv students of class viii. Every year, kv is competative with CBSE by introducing new reforms. The aims and objectives of kvs is as similar as CBSE. No other cbse schools are competative as fast as kendriya vidyalaya. No cbse school conduct halfyearly examination (i.e.50% syllabus ) in the month of september except kendriya vidyalayas in the name of summative assessment. I can’t understand why this much of speed in conducting examinations without proper completion of syllabus, without proper guidelines what is summative or what is formative assessment? How many teachers follow correctly the objectives of cce scheme? Also, teachers workshops conduct in the same month i.e., september 2010. With this unprepared situation, KV students will lose marks without correct guidance from teachers. Teachers also preparing question papers with high standard and 34 questions for Two and half an hour. Is this CCE NORMS TO MAKE TIGHT SITUATION TO STUDY MORE SYLLABUS IN A SHORT PERIOD? ACTUALLY THIS IS THE TIME FOR SECOND UNIT TEST TIME. But students are facing halfyearly at this time which actually has to face in the month of November. What is this? I’m not understanding why this much of hesitation in conducting examinations without proper guidelines from the beginning of academic year. If every year, this kind of reforms introducing students, parents will afraid to face cbse examinations. There is a chance to leave kv by more students with confusion,complexity and contradiction to other school board examinations. One thing has to understand Schools ment for students but here students ment for schools. Which is correct? Think a while what is going on.

  3. Thanks for arranging this. I’m a Teacher of Kendriya Vidyalaya and I have some comments on SA and FA. It’s very nice to act, But the time is intruducing is not right. CBSE and KVs must be introduce anything in month of April so Teacher, Students and Parents can modify their schedule and ready for change. In middle of session sunddenly comes to know the change is disturbed the study and whole school programme. Each and everything in school will decide in the month of April. The syllabus is introduce in Month of April so easy for every one to follow up. Then it’s very good to work on it. Changes of syllabus in the middle is so complex created. Whenver it introduced it must be in month of April and with all refrences and easy to achieve them. And please if you don’t think about teacher no bother but always think about students. Time of 2nd UT they faced the SA. It is horrable for them. So please inform in month of April.

  4. FA 1 2 3 4 are Student centered activities .They are interesting to the eager minds of children .I am an English TGT on contract basis with K V Bhopal and I am 100% for the F. A .’s I have much to say for the same.

  5. sir, i am a parent of class viii student of kendriya vidhyalaya-ongc,agartala. November 2010 is already going on, and from 25th november the fa3 examination is starting as per schduled. but till now the exam syallabus does not received by the teachers as it heard to know. students/childrens are confused to prepare themselves for examination. the new reformed education system is acceptable, but delay in detailed schedule of exam syllabus will create meaningless situation of these experimental education system. so please do needfull in time. please ignore this, if you have already done, and inform about website in which it has given.

  6. Sir, I am raushan kumar keshri from kv no 1 gaya(BIHAR).CCE is bad for A1 grade student .If sometime students maybe become ill .then due to illness his/her grade may be decreases .then he will never get A1 grade .It is good for failed students .due to this they may be passed.(contact no -8987362874 ).

  7. CCE will be good for all students because when a student not in well studies they take marks from other activites and get a good result in this programme i love the most that the syllabus is divided into 2 parts when first term will be end so the that sylaabus will be rend and we learn nxt syllabus i like this pattern so much and i agreee….

    mansi thakre

  8. Sir,
    pl arrange the needful for ensuring the issue of Syllabus to all KVs by April evry aaaac yr. Parent .kv 1 pondy

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