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Install Now has launched FREE online tests for class-5 Mathematics. There are around 1000 MCQs for practice. It covers the whole syllabus as issued by CBSE/NCERT for class-5 Mathematics. It will enable you to practice with perfection and timing. Mathematics is the key subject and with various chapters it requires proper time management score among scholars.

At first we recommend our students to follow the syllabus pattern provided by CBSE official website or then start to solve the study materials chapter by chapter and then finally go for the online test. You can also choose a chapter wise online test after completing it. Both options are equally beneficial.

Features of Free Online Math Test Class 5

It comprises of all the topics in Math class 5 and formulated in MCQ to test your performance primary level. Here you get the Online Test content as per latest CBSE syllabus.

There is no repetition of questions throughout the sections

Test results are given here to know your performance.

If you find any difficulty, our expert will provide online solution through whatsapp.

There is a fix time limit for every section as per the records to prepare yourself for higher and competitive field.

online test for class 5 Maths


The chapters included are:

  1. Number System, rounding numbers, estimation, Roman Numbers, Place Value
  2. Addition and Subtraction
  3. Multiplication and Division
  4. LCM and HCF
  5. Fractional Numbers (including percentage)
  6. Decimals
  7. Lines and Angles
  8. Geometrical Shapes
  9. Perimeter and Area
  10. Length, Mass and Capacity (including temperature and volume)
  11. Speed, Distance and Time
  12. Money and Bills (including Profit-loss and Simple Interest too)
  13. Patterns and Symmetry
  14. Data Handling

Here Fractional numbers, Lines and angles, Perimeter and area, Speed, Distance and time chapters are given more importance as they are scoring and skillful. Long answer type questions are needed to be solved skillfully in MCQ type pattern.

 myCBSEguide opinion and support

These MCQs are very helpful to understand the key concepts as well as good practice material for Maths Olympiads. All questions are equally important so try to cover all the syllabus portion within the time limit. Follow the instructions and inputs provided by us to perform better in academics. This online test which contains almost 1000 is a result of research and development by our expert team to provide you all the guidance and assistant without any charges. The full procedure and steps for Free Online Math Test is given below. Please let us know if you find any difficulty so that we can approach you as soon as possible.

Online tests for class 5 Maths are available here.

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