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Install Now has launched Free MCQ Online Practice Tests for CBSE class-6 to class-12. These MCQ Tests are very helpful for self-assessment, Olympiads and competitive exams. CBSE Multiple Choice Questions are based on NCERT Books and latest CBSE syllabus.

There are MCQ tests for Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy and Economics and others subjects. As described in our previous post there are more than 1000 MCQ’s for each subject of the respective class. These online practice tests are beneficial for all classes who comes under CBSE criteria. We have added an online test module in our website. Kindly visit the same and choose the required option

These question banks and practice sets are going to uplift your performance and boost confidence before the exam. Before going ahead, we request our students to follow the CBSE guidelines and syllabus to compete with all the subjects.


Online Practice Tests


Brief Structure of Online Practice Tests for CBSE 

  1. The practice test papers are uploaded in subject wise to emphasize on particular subject, if you want to improve it.
  2. All question sets are given in PDF format to download from any device and carry it anywhere as per your need.
  3. There is no any repetition of previous questions to avoid any misunderstanding, instead we provide previous year questions to practice more and more.
  4. You are now entering in a competitive phase where daily updates, practice on question banks and syllabus covering take the centre stage, so going with appropriate study materials can only be the solution.
  5. It is the best way to test yourself and match with the time interval, which is the key to success


How to give online test and preparation of exams

1.We at provided the best study materials, guidance and all the important links related to CBSE and NCERT pattern.

2.This is one stop solution for all your academic needs. Sample papers, ebooks, question banks and online solution from experts are our field of focus.

3.Finally, we suggest you to start with the syllabus first then complete it by time and finally go for online test.

4.From our perspective, this is the best way to cover the whole syllabus with more and more practice.

5.It’s always nice to hear from our user. Let us know if you have any queries regarding the online test and study materials we provide. Our expert will approach you as soon as possible.


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