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CBSE NCERT Videos for Free

Written by myCBSEguide

We at has just released videos for CBSE NCERT syllabus (class 1 to 12) developed by various sources through our video section. All these CBSE NCERT videos based materials are available for free to view and download.

This is indeed a good news for students. Now they can understand the concepts with visual effect. As we know that video stimulates and engages students creating interest and maintaining that interest for longer periods of time, and it provides an innovative and effective means for educators to address and deliver the required curriculum content. Traditionally, learning and education revolve around lectures, tutorials, practical work etc and now the students are technically oriented. With the result that there is a greater expectation for using technology and in the recent time fast changes in technologies, such as Computers, Mobile phone, Internet, digital sound and imaging and video lectures have been adopted by educationalists, Research suggests that learning requires visual as well as auditory stimulus, particularly when technology is being used in order to promote cognitive processing.


All videos are uploaded in DVD format which runs on all devices. Either you are at home or anywhere, you can continue your study through embedded videos. As NCERT is the main course book, we recommend our students to follow it strictly and then go with any reference book. These CBSE NCERT video lectures cover the new CBSE syllabus for the current academic session and are inclusive of textbook lessons, solved examples, notes, labeled diagrams and animated experiments. The series of these videos offer complete understanding of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and accountancy so that students can score high marks in the exam. These free videos cover the syllabus for all classes right from pre-school to class 12 including NEET-UG, CTET and JEE main.


Here we have linked each subject with their respective video to understand and learn hassle free. Study material prepared by expert teachers and followed by toppers is our punchline which we offer in a economic way to prove uniformity amongst student fraternity. Our team has worked behind it to provide the relevant and up to date study materials to avoid any overlapping with previous syllabus. If you have missed any lecture on any topic in school or tuition, then you can approach our CBSE NCERT Videos module to keep up with the curriculum. Our motive is to provide all subject under one roof for easy access and learning. That’s how we connect with students. This is going to be a revolutionary idea to provide NCERT videos for fee as far as students and are concern.

Students can watch the CBSE NCERT Videos at their own pace. Some students already know what you’re explaining and can skip those parts, and some students may have to watch things more than once to comprehend. This sometimes makes classroom teaching boring for some and too fast for others. Coming to the crux of the matter we emphasize on watch anytime, anywhere any number of times: Even the topper may not remember everything they learned at the beginning of a course by the time the course is over. Although you can’t have your teacher re-teach you everything you learned in a normal classroom, a video allows you to watch and re-watch at any time.

Benefits of study through videos and view of myCBSEguide on it

  1. Words are abstract and rather difficult for the brain to retain, whereas visuals are concrete and so it provides a different learning experience.
  2. Various types of visuals can be effective learning tools: photos, illustrations, icons, symbols, sketches, figures, and concept maps, to name only a few. Consider how memo
  3. Providing 24/7 accessibility to course materials with CBSE NCERT Videos lectures,
  4. It’s a very easier way of learning logical/difficult topics.
  5. By visual description of the problem you will be able to remember for very long time(even life time).6.  Quicker way to learn new things quicker. Need some knowledge of computer/mobile technology basics.

In this article, we would like to hear from our students and their parents as it is regarded as a paradigm shift in education. Let’s us understand the fact that how we can adapt this new way of study and learning by including technology as a culture. We are always available to address any issue related to the content and study materials.


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