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Comparing Quantities worksheet for class 8

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CBSE worksheets for Comparing Quantities worksheet for class 8 in PDF for free download. Maths worksheets for class 8 CBSE includes worksheets on Comparing Quantities as per NCERT syllabus. CBSE class 8 worksheets as PDF for free download Comparing Quantities worksheets. Users can download and print the worksheets on class 8 Mathematics Comparing Quantities for free.

Download Comparing Quantities worksheet for class 8

Comparing Quantities worksheet for class 8 Important Topics

  • Recalling Ratios and Percentages
  • Finding the Increase or Decrease Per cent
  • Finding Discounts
  • Prices Related to Buying and Selling (Profit and Loss)
  • Sales Tax/Value Added Tax
  • Compound Interest
  • Deducing a Formula for Compound Interest
  • Rate Compounded Annually or Half Yearly (Semi Annually)
  • Applications of Compound Interest Formula

Comparing Quantities worksheet for class 8

Some important Facts about Comparing Quantities worksheet for class 8

  1. Discount is a reduction given on marked price. Discount = Marked Price – Sale Price.
  2. Discount can be calculated when discount percentage is given. Discount = Discount % of Marked Price
  3. Additional expenses made after buying an article are included in the cost price and are known as overhead expenses. CP = Buying price + Overhead expenses
  4. Sales tax is charged on the sale of an item by the government and is added to the Bill Amount. Sales tax = Tax% of Bill Amount
  5. Compound interest is the interest calculated on the previous year’s amount (A = P + I)

NCERT Class 8 Mathematics Solved Worksheets

  • Chapter 1: Rational Numbers
  • Chapter 2: Linear Equations in One Variable
  • Chapter 3: Understanding Quadrilaterals
  • Chapter 4: Practical Geometry
  • Chapter 5: Data Handling
  • Chapter 6: Squares and Square Roots
  • Chapter 7: Cubes and Cube Roots
  • Chapter 8: Comparing Quantities
  • Chapter 9: Algebraic Expressions and Identities
  • Chapter 10: Visualising Solid Shapes
  • Chapter 11: Mensuration
  • Chapter 12: Exponents and Powers
  • Chapter 13: Direct and Inverse Proportions
  • Chapter 14: Factorisation
  • Chapter 15: Introduction to Graphs
  • Chapter 16: Playing with Numbers

CBSE Worksheets for Class 8 Mathematics in PDF

Applications of Compound Interest Formula

There are some situations where we could use the formula for calculation of amount in CI.

Here are a few.

  1. Increase (or decrease) in population.
  2. he growth of a bacteria if the rate of growth is known.
  3. The value of an item, if its price increases or decreases in the intermediate years.

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