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Class 12 Physical Education Case Study Questions

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You can get Class 12 Physical Education Case Study Questions from the myCBSEguide app. Physical Education is a feasible option for students appearing for grade 12 CBSE exams from any stream. 

Class 12 Physical Education Case Study Questions

The subject is often opted by the students after their 10th-grade exams as:

  •  A major subject – As Physical Education eases their burden and helps them to concentrate on other prime subjects that are more consuming. This holds true in particular for the students aspiring for Engineering/Medical entrances.
  • An additional subject – To improvise their percentage, some students opt for Physical Education as it is comparatively easy and definitely quite scoring. Apart from the 5 major subjects,  students pursue this subject as an additional one to improve their percentage in the CBSE board exams.

CBSE made Health and Physical Education compulsory in all classes from 1-12th. The Board has taken numerous steps to implement a streamlined and well-integrated Health and Physical Education (HPE) program to mainstream health and physical education in schools for students of classes 1-12.  

Class 12 Physical education Case Study Questions

Case Study Questions in class 12 (Physical Education)

CBSE introduced case-based questions in class 12 Physical Education question paper last year i.e-  2021 to enhance critical thinking in students. CBSE introduced a few changes in the Physical Education class 12 question paper so as to enhance and develop analytical and reasoning skills among students. The questions would be based on real-life scenarios encountered by mankind.


The sole purpose of introducing case-based questions in the class 12 curriculum by CBSE was to drift from rote learning to competency and situation-based learning.

NEP 2020

Dr. Joseph Emmanuel, the Director of Academics at CBSE focussed on the fact that case-based questions would enhance the critical reasoning skills of the students. He highlighted the fact that adding such questions to the examination was a step toward achieving the goals of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

New Concept

Last year sample case-based questions were released by the CBSE. Initially, the newly introduced case-based questions created an air of confusion among the students as well as the teachers. The concept was new and unexplored. A hypothetical text was provided on the basis of which the student was required to solve the given case-based question asked by CBSE in the Physical education class 12 exam. Initially, the case-based questions appeared to be puzzling and tricky but now a lot more clarity is there that has made the question paper quite student-friendly.

Physical Education syllabus of class 12 CBSE  

Physical Education class 12 is believed to be the easiest and most scoring subject of all the other available core subjects offered by CBSE. The syllabus centers around concepts of physical training and nutrition values. 

The entire Physical Education exam is divided into 2 parts:

  • A 70 marks theory exam
  • A 30 marks practical exam

The CBSE class 12 syllabus of Physical Education provides guidelines that facilitate the students to prepare well for their board exam and excel in it. Most of the CBSE board questions are based on the syllabus prescribed by CBSE. No books have been published by NCERT for Physical Education class 12. It is a subject that enlightens the students to improve their body movements and highlights physical fitness.

There are 10 chapters in the CBSE Grade 12 Physical Education syllabus:

CBSE Class – 12

Physical education (Code No. 048)


Table Of Content


Case Study Passage Physical Education class 12

As part of these questions, the students would be provided with a hypothetical situation or text, based on which analytical questions will have to be answered by them.

General Instructions on case study questions

  1.  It is a must for the students to read the passage in depth before attempting the questions.
  2.  In the coming examination cycle (2022-23), case-based questions have a weightage of around 15 to20%. 
  3. The plot of the question is centered around everyday life
  4. These questions if attempted with the right mindset can be the highest scoring part of the examination
  5. These questions can be based on every unit prescribed by CBSE for Physical education, class 12. 
  6. Students must prepare well for the case-based questions before appearing for their Physical education board exam as these questions demand complete knowledge of the various concepts in their syllabus. CBSE plans to increase the weightage of such questions in the upcoming years.

Kind of case-based Questions in Physical Education 

Physical Education is the study in which we are taught about body motion and better methods to improve the flexibility of one’s body, which in turn improves the mental and physical ability of an individual. 

The case-based questions asked in the CBSE physical education question paper for class 12 are of two types:

  • Objective
  • Subjective

As per the latest circular issued by CBSE on Assessment and Evaluation practices of the board for the session 2022-23, CBSE has clearly mentioned that competency-based questions including case studies will be different from subjective questions. It is quite likely that CBSE will ask only objective questions in CBSE class 12 Physical education case study questions too.

How To Prepare For Case-based Questions? 

Students need to prepare well for the case-based questions before appearing for their class 12 Physical education board exams. Here are some tips which will help the student to solve the case-based questions at ease:

  • Read the provided text carefully
  • Try to comprehend the situation and focus on the question asked
  • Analyze and  then carefully answer the question asked
  • Practice as much as possible 
  • Answer to the point responses

Book for Case Study Questions

Students need to solidify their concepts in order to ace the Physical education class 12 CBSE board exam. As no book has been provided by NCERT or CBSE on physical education, students need to follow the concepts from numerous options available in the market or to simply follow their school teacher’s advice. Case studies can be easily solved if your fundamentals are strong and clear. These simple points if kept in mind will definitely help the students to fetch good marks in case study questions in class 12 Physical education.

Case study question examples in Physical education

Here are some given case study questions for CBSE class 12 Physical education. If you wish to get more case study questions and other study material, download the myCBSEguide app now. You can also access it through our student dashboard.

 Case Study 1

Read the hypothetical text given and answer the following questions:

Question: As Mr. Kiren Rijuju, Sports Minister has ordered to popularize the game of Kabaddi among school students to develop their physical ability, Mr. Gopi, Physical Education Teacher of a reputed CBSE school has decided to conduct an Inter School Kabaddi tournament in his school premises after proper drawing of fixtures. He consulted the Management and the Principal to conduct theTournament of Pro Kabaddi pattern but the PE teacher was not aware of proKabaddi Tournament. So he discussed it with the National Kabaddi RefereeAssociation.

Which of the following is the best method to organize this kind of tournament?

(a) Knock out 

(b) League 

(c) Ladder 

(d) Pyramid

Answer: (b)

The Knock out tournament is also known as

(a) Combination tournament 

(b) Elimination tournament

(c) League tournament 

(d) League cum knockout tournament

Answer: (b)

If 17 teams are participating in this tournament, how many teams will get bye?

(a) 15 

(b) 1 

(c) 13 

(d) 9 

Answer: (a)

Physical Education Case Study 2

ABC School is one of the reputed schools in their location for the number of sports

facilities it provides to its stakeholders. Keeping that in consideration CBSE Sports cell has

given them the responsibility of conducting CBSE Football cluster.35 teams have sent their

entry for participation in the tournament.

A. Due to large number of teams willing to participate, the school is conducting the

competition by _____________________ fixture.

a) League

b) Knock out

c) Staircase

d) Challenge

B. The number of Matches in the first round will be__________

a) 8

b) 12

c) 24

d) 16

C. Total number of rounds will be_____________

a) 4

b) 5

c) 6

d) 7

D. Total number of matches will be______________

a) 34

b) 30

c) 28

d) 24

E. Total number of byes in the fixture will be _________________

a) 29

b) 32

c) 27

d) 14

F. Total number of byes in lower half will be ________________

a) 15

b) 16

c) 14

d) 12

Case Study 3

 With the aim of promoting physical fitness and healthy lifestyle amongst students the The Physical education Teacher at XYZ School plans to organize intramural competitions at school. For conducting the event he has given this assignment to the students of class XII who have taken up Physical Education subject so that they can get first hand experience of organizing events. On the basis of given information answer the following questions:

The work of committees is divided into_________________

(a) Pre, during and post

(b) Pre and post

(c) Pre and during

(d) During and Post 

Answer: (a) Pre, during and post

Match the following

(a) Technical committee (i) To provide shifting facility

(b) Finance committee (ii) To resolve dispute

(c) Transport committee (iii) To deals with money and expenditure

(d) First aid committee (iv) To provide medical facility

(a) a–ii, b–iii, c–i, d–iv

(b) a–iii, b–ii, c–i, d–iv

 (c) a–ii, b–iii, c–iv, d–i

(d) a–iv, b–iii, c–i, d–ii

Answer: (a) a–ii, b–iii, c–i, d–iv

Which is not the objective of a Sports Tournament?

(a) To Provide Recreation

(b) To help in overall development

(c) To achieve high performance

(d) To provide opportunity. 

Answer: (c) To achieve high performance

Advantages of case study questions in Physical Education

Class 12 Physical education syllabus is divided into 10 units and CBSE can ask case study questions from any of them. Students are expected to prepare themselves thoroughly for the entire content prescribed by CBSE.They ought to practice class 12 Physical education case-based questions from the various options available to them, so as to excel in the subject.

  • Enhance the reasoning abilities of the students
  • Provides a holistic view of the subject by offering an opportunity to apply the fundamentals to practical real-world scenarios
  • Inculcate intellectual capabilities in students
  • Help students to retain knowledge for a longer period of time
  • The questions would help to discard the concept of rote learning
  • Case studies promote and strengthen practical learning.

“Fitness helps me think better, feel better, And move better”

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