Class 12 Business Studies Case Study Questions

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In this article, we will discuss how to get CBSE class 12 Business Studies Case Study Questions from the myCBSEguide App and our Student Dashboard for free.

For the students appearing for class 12 board exams from the Commerce Stream, Business Studies is a core subject. Business Studies as a subject provides a way of perceiving and interacting with the business ecosystem. It well establishes the interdependence of business on various social, political, legal and economic forces and vice-versa. Business Studies is a purely theoretical and a relevantly easier subject for the Commerce students. Business Studies class 12 exam is a highly scoring subject and it facilitates the students to increase their percentile and excel in academics.

class 12 business studies case study questions

12 Business Studies Paper Design

The exam is divided into 2 parts:

  • Part A generally contains questions from Principles and Functions of Management and carries 60 marks.
  • Part B comprises questions from Business Finance and Marketing, it carries a total of 40 marks.

The syllabus of class 12 Business Studies comprises 12 chapters that are divided into 2 books

  • Principles and Functions of Management
  • Business Finance and Marketing

Business Studies Syllabus

CBSE has released the latest class 12 syllabus (2022-23) for Business Studies. 

Part A: Principles and Functions of Management
 1.Nature and Significance of Management16 marks
2.Principles of Management
3.Business Environment
4.Planning14 marks
6.Staffing20 marks
TOTAL50 marks
Part B: Business Finance and Marketing
 9.Financial Management15 marks
10.Financial Markets
11.Marketing Management15 marks
12.Consumer Protection
TOTAL30 marks
Part C: Project Work
 1.Project (One)20 marks
GRAND TOTAL100 marks

Business Studies Case Study Questions

Case-based questions have always been an integral part of Business Studies class 12 question papers for the past many years. Students are required to focus more on case studies as they require the application of their knowledge of the key business concepts. In the year 2021-22 CBSE introduced a few changes in the question paper pattern to enhance and develop analytical and reasoning skills among students. Sanyam Bhardwaj, controller of examinations, CBSE quoted that case-based questions would be based on real-life situations encountered by the students.

The purpose was to drift from rote learning to competency and situation-based learning. He emphasized the fact that it was the need of the hour to move away from the old system and formulate new policies to enhance the critical reasoning skills of students. Introducing case study questions was a step toward achieving the goals of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

What is a case study question? (Business Studies)

A case study in reference to Business Studies can be thought of as a real-world test of how the implementation works. It is predominantly a report of an organization’s implementation of something such as a practice, a product, a system, or a service. Case studies based on NCERT text form a substantial part of the Business Studies examination. Initially, they were confusing for both students and teachers but now there is a clarity that has made the question paper more student-friendly. A significant weightage has been given to case-based and application-based questions.

Critical and Analytical Thinking

These questions demand critical and analytical thinking on behalf of the students. The best part of these questions is that they provide conceptual hints and keys that point to the right answer. According to the new pattern implemented by CBSE, case-based questions would carry a significant weightage of more than 30% in the Business Studies question paper.

Case Study Passage

As part of these questions, the students would be provided with a comprehensive passage, based on which analytical questions will have to be answered by them. The students would be required to read the passage carefully before attempting the questions. In the coming examination cycle (2022-23), case-based questions have a weightage of around 30%.

Types of Case Study questions in Business Studies

CBSE plans to increase the weightage of such questions in the following years, so as to enhance the intellectual and analytical abilities of the students. Case study questions would be based on various topics and chapters in Business Studies. It is expected from the students to have complete knowledge of the concepts in their syllabus.

They will have to let go of the shortcut techniques and get to read their textbooks with full concentration, especially for solving case-based questions in Business Studies for the passages given are generally lengthy and require an in-depth study. The best part of having these questions is that the question itself projects a hint of its solution.

The questions asked could be :

  • Direct and simple-such questions can easily be solved as the answers are either there in the given passage or the student can solve it at ease by reading and analyzing the passage carefully.
  • Indirect and application-based- These are the ones that would require the student to have complete knowledge of the topic and could be answered by application of the concepts. The answers to such questions are slightly tricky and not visible in the given passage, though the passage would highlight the concept on which the questions would be asked by CBSE.

Class 12 Business Studies Case Study

Case study questions asked by CBSE were stated to be quite challenging by many students. It prominently focuses on real and present scenarios of the business world. Though the exam, on the whole, was quite direct and its difficulty level was termed out to be moderate. Around 30% of the question paper consisted of case-based questions that required high-order thinking and analytical skills from the students.

Content of Case Study Questions

The concept of case-based questions is not new since CBSE has always included questions based on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs) and case-based questions. Though now we will have an increased percentage of such questions in the question paper. The student has to keep in mind that the concept-based questions can be attempted only with the proper understanding of the business concepts.

Benefits Of Case-based Questions

Class 12 Business Studies syllabus comprises two books and CBSE can ask Case study questions from any of them. Students must prepare themselves thoroughly for both the books. They must practice class 12 Business Studies case-based questions from the various options available to them.

  1. Enhance the intellectual capabilities of the students.
  2. Provide a complete and deeper understanding of the subject.
  3. Inculcate analytical reasoning and temperament in students.
  4. Help students retain knowledge for longer periods of time.
  5. Would definitely help to discard the concept of rote learning and cramming without understanding the core of the subject.
  6. The questions would facilitate bringing out the much-awaited change in the prevalent system of education in India that hinders the strengthening of practical learning.

Some Case-Study Questions (Business Studies) Class 12

Here are some case study questions for CBSE class 12 Business Studies. If you wish to get more case study questions and other related study material, download the myCBSEguide App now. You can also access it through our Student Dashboard.

Business Studies Case Study 1

Mr. Ajay after completing his MBA in the USA comes to India to start a new business under the banner of Ecom Creations Ltd. He launches a new product in e-learning for Senior Secondary School students in Commerce stream, which already has an established market in UK and USA but not in India. His business started flourishing in India. Now more Indian companies entered the market with other subjects also.

Identify and quote the lines from the above para which highlight the significance of understanding the business environment. (4 marks)

“Come to India to start a new business … launches a new product in e-learning for Senior secondary school students in Commerce stream.”

  1. It helps in assisting in planning and policy formulation.
  2. It helps the firm to identify opportunities and get the first-mover advantage

“His business starts flourishing in India.”

  1. It helps in improving performance.

“Now more Indian companies have entered into the market with different subjects also.”

  1. It helps the firm to identify threats and early warning signals.

Business Studies Case Study 2

Joseph Bros. was a firm manufacturing jute lamp shades. It uses leftover jute pieces from various jute factories to manufacture economical lampshades which are supplied to various hotels in nearby towns. It employs men and women from nearby villages as workers for creating good lampshade designs. Joseph Bros. is not able to meet its targets. Namish, the supervisor of the company, was told to analyze the reasons for the poor performance. Namish found the following problems and suggested certain solutions in the working of the business. The number of workers employed was less than what was required for the work. As a result, the existing workers were overburdened. The firm decided to search for new workers and it asked the present employees to introduce candidates or recommend their friends and relatives to the firm. This enabled the firm to “put people to jobs’ ‘ and assured attainment of objectives according to plans.

  1. Identify the functions of management being performed by the firm in the above situation.
  2. Name the concept and its source used by the firm to attract more workers the firm.


  1. Staffing and Controlling
  2. Recruitment, External Source of Recruitment (Recommendations of employees)

Business Studies Case Study 3

In an interview with a leading news channel, Mr. Rakesh Kwatra, CEO of ‘Get My Job” has suggested that the Companies which want more and more people to apply for jobs in their organization should make the process of applying for jobs easier and candidate friendly. It is for this reason, he said, that most progressive companies today have a short application process. He also said that the application form filled by the candidate is very important as it is the information supplied in the application forms, which helps the manager in eliminating unqualified or unfit job seekers. The company can create a mechanism that attempts to measure certain characteristics of individuals like aptitude, manual dexterity, and intelligence to personality. The candidate may then be called for an in-depth conversation to evaluate their suitability for the job.

  1. Name the process and steps in the process of identifying and choosing the best person out of a number of prospective candidates for a job discussed above.
  2. Also, explain the next three steps in the process which can be subsequently performed by the company.


(a) Selection Steps in the process of selection discussed:

  1. Preliminary Screening.
  2. Selection Tests.
  3. Employment interview

(b) Next two steps:

  1. Reference and background checks – Many employers request names, addresses and telephone numbers of references for the purpose of verifying information and gaining additional information on an applicant. Previous employers, known persons, teachers and university professors can act as references.
  1. Selection Decision- The final decision has to be made among the candidates who passed the tests, interviews and reference checks. The views of the concerned manager will be generally considered in the final selection.
  2. Medical Examination- After the selection decision and before the job offer is made, the candidate is required to undergo a medical fitness test. The job offer is given to the candidate being declared fit after the medical examination

Tips to Solve Case Study Questions in Business Studies

Let’s try to comprehend and solve case study questions of class 12 Business Studies. As mentioned earlier, the entire syllabus is divided into 2 books. It is expected from the students to rigorously follow the NCERT book as the language written is quite simple and crisp. The exam in spite of being totally theoretical is quite scoring.

  • Read the passage in depth.
  • Try to comprehend the situation and focus on the questions asked.
  • Generally, the passage given in Business Studies is lengthy but the solutions are brief and simple.
  • Can follow a reversal pattern, i.e read the questions before and then search for the answers. You will save time.
  • Answer briefly and precisely.
  • Focus on solidifying key Business Studies fundamentals for acing any case study. If your concepts are clear, you will hardly face any difficulty in answering them.
  • While answering the case study, pick the keywords or any keyline based on which you are withdrawing your conclusion. You need to highlight the reason for your answer.

These simple points if kept in mind will definitely help the student to fetch good marks in case study-based questions in class 12 Business Studies.


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