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Certificate of School Based Assessment in CBSE Schools

Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi has issued a teachers manual on CCE for class 9 and class 10. The new scheme of continuous and comprehensive evaluation is being implemented in class 9th from the current session 2009-2010 and the same will be implemented in class 10th too from next session i.e. 2010-2011. In this new grading scheme, CBSE will not take board exam for class 10 and  a Certificate of School Based Assessment will be issued by the school authorities as per the guidelines given by CBSE.

The proposed Certificate of School Based Assessment is divided into three parts.

Part 1 consists of Scholastic areas.
The academic performance of the learner in the classes 9th and 10th will be reflected in the form of grades and percentile rank. Two terms have been suggested during a year, term 1 from April to September and term 2 from October to March for classes 9th as well as 10th. Each term will carry two formative and one summative assessment. The grading scale for scholastic domain is a nine point scale based on direct grading.

Part 2 comprises of co-scholastic areas which includes Life-Skills and attitudes and values.
A five point grading scale for assessment in Life-Skills and a three point scale for assessment in attitudes and values have been proposed.

Part 3 consists of co-scholastic activities which include participation in Literary, Scientific, aesthetic and Club activities.
Second sub-section under this head includes Health and Physical Education. It has been proposed to assess the students on a three point scale in all these areas.


  • sir pl send me the anexure 1 to 5 of the teachers manual on school based assesment cbse

  • i knw tht its a simle quetion bt i wana knw tht how it wil help the studnts 2 evaluate SIR- in my school teachers r seing the behaviour also… its gud bt they r fake 2…. MA’AM- if teacher is fake then what 2 do… ITS A VRY GUD SYSTEM I TOTALY AGREE WITH IT TOTALY AGREED…. I SALUTE U PEOPLE N..

    sir /ma’am it shoud start little bit early so the student’s base is clear..


  • sir/madam i’m really happy wid the pattern of cce. its is really a good’ll really help the students. but sir/ madam i wud like to draw ur attention that teachers of r school r misusing this pattern. they force us to do the things widout r interst on basis of cce. they make us do things for grades. they threaten us for grades. sir/madam it is really hard for us to work wid cce pattern… i was keen to tell u about that as there is no support for us in school , nobody listens to us. v have to work according to teacher wish.. moreover they r very partial.. pls think about better solutions as it is hard for us.. moreover , the syllabus is not reduced which is the problem ..pls do think about sloutons for my problem i wud be reallt thankful to u

  • sir hope u will anwer I .think cce is creating more burden than the boards.TEACHERS are Torturing us .I think the best option is board we r truely frusted and only 15 days
    left in exam and we have to give many presentation and have to make files when we will study for exms and there is no holiday in between the exams and whole book is coming sorry to say but cce is not good pattern its a burden.!!!!!!!!!!

  • v no that cbse started dis 2 reduce burden from students head but cce became a burden for students
    if only 4 assessments and 2 sumatives have been there it would have been much easier. all d subject teachers burden us with so many presentations, debate , painting ; drawing; dance; music competitions and that too all compulsory. they do emotional attayachar by saying that if we will do so and so work they will give us grades/good remarks.
    in all this mess it seems that studies are lost

  • this format is all bull shit ………….change it otherwise you will face more suicudes…………………………………………………………………..

  • sir i wanted to say that cce is really a good pattern n’ dis wud really help the weak children. in the formatives grades really helped us to be tension free. v r really enjoyin making presentations but the main reason is the interpretion by the teachers which is not correct . coz every1 of us is new to dis system v need a better way so that cce is not like a pressure on a student.

  • I am a student of IX standard and I definitely oppose CCE becoz it has not reduced the burden on us but even it has doubled it. how can we study when whole day of ours would be spent on working on projects , models and files and blah, blah, blah.i do not oppose the grading system but the evaluation on the basis of files and models, that to in such a great extent, i think is not correct especially when summative are on our head .The grading system is a very good solution to suicides etc. but we are even overburdened with these cce projects ,class tests and self preparations for exams (which are no more there due to cce). We have to take part in all the activities whether interested in it or not. It has not made us all-rounder in all activities but has made us inactive in activities that we used to enjoy earlier It is humble request to cbse to let the grading system remain but pls ,pls take care that in two months only one presentation work shud be given to students in each subject.

    Thank you

  • sir/mam
    i just want to say that this system is good for weak students but the students who are good, they just wil fed up of this system as they will feel over burden over theirs shoulders. the making of projects and all the activities are good for all but these should be given in a limit. as we hav been given th projects of all the subjects at a time with a short period of their preparations. so i request u sir to deplete it upto a certain limits n help the students to live the life wonderfully. THANK U SIR n i hope my recommendations would be heard.

  • I m totally against this system bcoz this system overburdens us with lots of projects,files,models that are not at all useful in studies.Due to excessive project works,we are not able to devote our time to studies.I think this system will face more suicide cases.In the name of grades,teachers order us to the works in which students show no interest.Every thing should be there in a limit.Our exams are on our head & we have not prepared for it due to lack of time created by formative is not a good way of assessing children.
    Thank you

  • i think this not a good scheme because it does not evaluate a students mark
    Due this scheme they are giving lots of assignment and we are not able to study and we spend our time in writng.

  • CCE is a gr8 think introduced by the CBSE it will be of gr8 help to the students who study all the year round and are also above average at cocurricular activities. it will help all the students clear class ix and x in an easy going manner.

  • No I don’t think that the system is good because we have to make so many projects and everyday give presentations .So we do not get time for study and get indulged in these co-curricular activities only.thus i think it is a burden.

  • dear sir
    could u plz make it clear bout wt da other stds wo r leaving to a new skool wil do?

  • DiZ IS the worst thing ever. we dont get tym to do nething else ..
    teacchers are misusing dis… b4 diz paatern dere was just the burdern of studies .. but now if we dont won to dance we hv to bcuz we are jujd on wvery thing .. we don won to sing we hv to forcellyy ..
    even dere is exam of games.. wot iz dizzz…??
    why games cud not be as simple as t was bfore…. leve it just lyk a games.. who so ever made diz pattern.. cant u ppl think bfor edoing nethingg… its just bringing u sdown.. my whole summmer vacatns went in making presentations .. so much hmwrk was dere.. i hate diz paattern..

  • respected kapil sibbal sir, i want to confess my thoughts on this horrible CCE pattrn. this pattern is just rubbish more than bad things. you said that it is goona be an easy method of teaching, but innitially its a very big burden on students of ix and xth class. please stop this rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sir,according to me this system has increased the pressure too we are having toooo much homewrk,projects,we are forced to draw,dance,sing and also the games doesn’t remain games,they had become a source of grades.You are giving way to frnds also agree with me.sorry, but this system is totally foolish and a burden on students.

  • this CCE system has made my life miserable.
    Earlier I was going for cricket and table tennis and Chess coaching and was representing my school in all these games. I also used to regularly for swimming.
    Now all that has gone.
    This CCE system has put more burden and everyday I curse Kapil sibal.

    Mr Kapil Sibal, if your aim was to make more students commit suicides , Well you have completely succeeded in that.

    You are not HRD Minister, but you are an Executioner of all our other extra curricular activities.

    The entire student community of CBSE is cursing you..

  • sir i wanted to know tht if i want to change my school in academic years of 2011-2012(for class XI) then ,do i have to give board exams?? nd after these board exams will the formative and summative marks be added? in the final result??

  • I THE STUDENT OF CLASS IX,WANT TO SAY THAT DIZ SYSTEM OF CCE IZ RUBISH!!!!!!!!we don’t have tym to do any other activity.teachers are becoming partial and r misusing diz system.v r forced to do which we don’t want to do…it izz just EWYUKSSS……..

  • i think it is a gr8 system,coz it reduced the burden of studies.the student are learning many other activities other than studies.i am very much found of presentation.this system judge the student on the basis of their capability not on their bookish knowldge..I LOVE THIS SYSTEM …….

  • respected sir,
    cce is nice but we were not given the complete syllabus the exams
    today was my science exam and the practicals were too asked but we were’nt informed about the practicals
    this is not fair a step should be taken against it….

  • The system is nothing but a time waste…….i am 100% sure that t will lead to bad results…..suppose a student want to change his school bt it is common that the school does want his student to leave……so the school will start giving bad marks to the student in addition to that cbse has nt send the markng scheme….moreover students ar stucked in their books….they have no time for extra studies…..there ar cases when schools are giving less marks in FA s…..the best to overcome is to send people from cbse for regular checkup…..

  • Students ar being threatened by the teachers…………plz sr….thiis is our future and u r trying hard to destroy it …….do something……with less marks in class 10 report card we cant get proper college nor a good job…….plz do something……take some action…..IF THIS IIS NOT STOP IT WILL INCREASE IN SUICIDE CASES.THAT IS FOR SURE……..and i dont think cce iis more imp than anyones life

  • please stop cce..!! it’s not reducing but it’s overburdening us soooo much!! i don’t even feel like going to school any day coz if i do there will be more than 10 things to submit on each day!! when the heck will we get time to studyy! HELLO, WE NEED TIME TO RELAX!! even sleeping time’s extended till 12:30!
    cce is SO NOT GOOD!! we want the old system back!6 tests a day with 5 other things for submission on the same day!! What the hell..!
    no one knows what to do..pls stop this thing!! it’s torture!

  • what is the importance of extra curricular activities in our report cards . i mean these activies are present in our report cards as grades or these will be added to percentage

  • sir,

  • sir i want to know that those who are giving board exam is there paper will come from whole syllabus or from sudmative assesment2 syllabus only

  • this time we had get opportunities to give either board or school exam. i have selected board exam. is it right.   i am in great confusion……. what are its consequences???????????                  D A V HFC BIHAR 

  • will the cce pattern and grading system be continued for students who are appearing in class 10th 2010-2011 in the next class i.e.11th 2011-2012

  • i wanna know the final evaluation pattern which will be marked in the progress report………in detail [like how 9th ,10th-first nd second term marks will be converted into the terminal marks].

  • Hi! I am Aparajita. Studying in Class VI. We were already doing many Projects beforer tje CCE system. If the same is valued and allotted marks including the Homework ans Classwork+particitation in class, it will be fine. Please don’t burden us with elaborate projects just because two marks are allotted for it.

  • Sir,
    what is this? i am against u r C C E. i just wanna get rid of this.everything is according to the school’s wish.a big load of projects,assignments…..don’t know what to do.. i have become like a slave now.we r now forced to make new buildings 4 school. give money or else you r gonna loose u r grades.

    just imagine it is 3-rd march . we have not yet received our SA-2 time table.its like some partial decisions by our schools are gonna be our future.will this become our future.if yes i should probably allow my death 2 overtake me rather following a stupid report card filled with lies and partial decisions.
    they never respect our parents or our feelings now… go by my word or u r marks r in my hands.

  • I m the Chemistry Leacturer, but as i was also a student i don’t give burden on my student. Seldom by higher authority i have to give it
    bas kya kahe bachche sahi kahte hain.

  • mam/sir,
    I want to know when will school conducted 10th std exam result will be published?

  • sir i want to bring in ur kind notice that cce pattern is useless because whole year children used to do craft work as well as learning {both} bt before it was not so and this tym teachers r getting 2 partial so i jst wanna say that please removee or either change this pattern……….plzz

  • this new system is a burden on me,becoz it contains lot of activities from which i came under stress.So from my side boards are the best

  • Sir,

    I’am a X grade student studying in a school in Dubai.As we are planning to shift to Kerala next year I would like to know the procedure of transfer to a CBSE school in Kerala.Do i have to give Board exam this year in order to get admission in another school in Grade 1X.or is the school based exam enough .
    Please clarify.
    Nameeta George 

  • ..i have cleared X std wid 9.8 cgpaq n i feel dis system as a reeal culprit in spoiling d future of d students by giving same cgpa ‘s to all. the old system was beter for evalutation. dis system is a dam useles n must b stop soon . wish bluck to d suffers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sir i dont think that cce is much more good then last yr board exam because in this pattern students will forget the term 1st syllabus till the second term will end & it will become a burrden for them in the next one classes to remind all that

  • sir/madam
    this system is efficient to a great extend but not much….teachers torture us and if weoppose then they tell us to reduce our marks,,,,and some teachers cuts marks due to personal problem…i dont like this system 

  • who the doggy monkey fucker idiotic kutta brought cce pattern its totally useless 24 hours projects if they want to giv projects only then stop giving  homework konsa bhenchod budha laya cce pattern madarchod terrriii toh koi kamdhandha he nhi hai soch soch ke bhi bhenchod jaisa socha

  • cce ke naam par saraswati vudya mandir sindri,dhanbad jharkhand me majak .exam fee 590 phir bhi test copy apne ghar se lana padta hai.kuch student ghar se hi likh kar late hai kyuki question pahle se pata hota hai.phir is exam ka kya fayeda

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