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CBSE Says No To Moderation Marks

Students from the CBSE board are waiting for their result while state board results are already out. State board students are busy applying for colleges in the city, and still CBSE students are waiting for their results to be declared. Almost every year CBSE students have to face issues related to the college admission. Due to the late CBSE results, students have to face the problem of getting admission. Delhi University has already started admission and CBSE result is yet to be declared. Usually when the result is out, colleges are left with only a few seats, not good for the CBSE students. And still this year also result is late due to the end of moderation policy.

What is moderation policy?

Moderation policy or you can say grace marks are the one which allowed the CBSE students to get extra marks in their board exam whenever the question difficulty level is high. Grace marks is one of the reason of getting high DU cut off because due to the moderation policy students were getting high marks which leads to the high cut off. After knowing the difficulty level of a question CBSE tends to give extra marks i.e., grace marks to the students.

CBSE Scrap Moderation Policy

CBSE puts an end to the moderation policy i.e., grace marks given to the CBSE students in board exams. CBSE has decided to nullify grace marks i.e, CBSE will not allow extra marks to the CBSE students. Now students will get marks accordingly, there will be no extra marks for the difficulty level. So this will bring down the cut off colleges and also the rate in passed students will also be decreased. This is not good news for the CBSE students as they will not be able to depend on the extra marks for their overall results. On 24th April CBSE has declared that they will not increase marks through moderation. Scrapping moderation policy seems as a move by the CBSE board in bringing down the cut off list of high institutes so that students can easily get admission in top universities like Delhi University.

Delhi HC Declares Scrapping Of Moderation Policy as “Irresponsible Act”

Delhi High Court has declared that scrapping of moderation policy is “unfair and irresponsible” for the students who have given exams this year and are waiting for their result to be declared. It is unfair for the CBSE students who have given exams because nullifying grace marks will reduce the portion of passed students. Not getting extra marks will lead to the fail of many students. So it is irresponsible act of CBSE for scrapping moderation policy. Delhi high court has asked CBSE to implement their decision from next year so that this year students won’t have to suffer. CBSE decision which would come into effect this year would bring a drastic change for the students. CBSE has announced the drastic change of say no to grace marks on 24th April which is after the completion of exam, so court has asked CBSE to tell it today after hearing a PIL that has contended that the policy should not be done away this year.

Why decision cannot be implemented?

The petition moved by a parent and a lawyer, has said that CBSE has declared the decision after the exams for the year held. Due to the scrapping of moderation policy many students may not able to meet the cutoff of the Delhi University because unavailability of grace marks will tend to make students get less marks. Students are worried about their result and the delay in result is making fuss over the students. The delay in result is only making it worse for the students.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is likely to declare the results on 27th May 2017.

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