CBSE Sample papers: A catalyst for Board Exams

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Have you listen the saying, “If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend 6 of those hours sharpening my axe”. Now it’s time to sharpen the axe. CBSE Board Exams are coming closer and all the students have been giving their best efforts to get the desire results. They leave no stone unturned, when it comes to preparation for Board Exams. How you prepare and how you manage your timetable is the real crux of the matter. Here we introduce CBSE Sample papers for Board Exams which are considered as catalyst. Those aspirants who are preparing for 10th Board and facing it for first time can get the best idea and structure of the Examination. While those who are preparing for 12th Board know its importance and already giving their quality time on it.

CBSE sample papers

We at myCBSEguide always suggest to go with CBSE Sample papers when Board examinations are concern. We emphasize the idea of these practice papers, which can uplift your score graph. It gives you the whole concept of Board exams and break the myths attach with it. We particularly focus on first time appearing students who lives under a constant fear and develop wrong perception towards these Exams. It is our kind request to drop all of your fears and be ready with more arrows in your quiver to achieve the goal. These Sample papers and practice papers are the actual arrows.

What are the ideas behind CBSE Sample papers?

The main purpose of introducing sample paper is to develop a complete idea of examination pattern and to know how to manage the timetable. As we know, we get only 3 hours for each paper and sometimes it feels tough to complete all the answers within the provided time limit. Practicing with sample papers is the best idea to deal with the timing. Practice more and more to increase your problem-solving skill and set the time limit as per the question, their word limit and marks.

How CBSE Sample papers work?

  • It helps to understand the exam time length
  • Increases your proficiency in all subjects.
  • Collection of questions from all the topics
  • Helps work out time required for each question and prepare according to time
  • Identifies style of questions (short-answer, multiple choice or essays)
  • Helps practice exam techniques
  • Helps identify key subject areas to focus on in revision.

In this way, you have now an idea of the Board exams and you feel ready to go with ease and more focussed. Our aim is to give you the technique of solving each question as per the requirement. For example, you don’t need to cross the word limit and be specific with your answer. Long type and high scoring questions are need to be dealt with proper explanation and diagram if required. Adding to this, it helps you to cover the whole syllabus and quick revision becomes easy.

Download CBSE sample papers from myCBSEguide app or website, practice them over and again. We have revision notes, chapter wise test papers and NCERT solutions too. These all will help you prepare well in advance. Specially in class 10 board exam where we have full text book syllabus after 7 years and students have to work hard to creak the exam. For latest updates on CBSE datesheet and exam pattern do visit myCBSEguide and official website of CBSE at

 How should you prepare?

  • Start your day with sample papers without any doubt.
  • Set the time limit and try to finish it 15 minutes before to review your answers.
  • Don’t forget to give examples and draw diagram wherever necessary.
  • Make an environment like exam hall and finish it without any interruption.
  • Note down all the topics which you haven’t completed yet.
  • Try to check yourself and ask your mentors if any help needed.
  • Give extra time to high scoring topics and practice it daily.

We at myCBSEguide again advice you to go with CBSE Sample papers, Previous year question papers and NCERT question sets to improve your level and score high in the upcoming Board Examination. To help our students, we provide all of these study materials and a platform where you can post your queries. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Our experts have developed the best study materials, question sets which consequently made it easy for you.


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