CBSE Rules and Exemptions for Disabled Students

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Board is extending several exemptions/ concessions to Spastic, Visually impaired, physically handicapped, Dyslexic, Autistic and candidates with disabilities as defined in the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 which have been circulated to the schools and also hosted on the website of the Board, from time to time. All such instructions/exemptions/concessions, in a consolidated form, are enclosed for the convenience of all stakeholders.

Instructions/Exemptions/concessions extended by the Board during Secondary (Class X) & Senior School Certificate (Class XII) Examinations for Differently Abled Candidates


Medical Certificate

The medical certificate issued by the following agencies/organizations will be considered for granting concessions to Differently abled candidates:

  • Disability Certificate(s) issued by Government hospitals controlled by either the Central or State Governments;
  • Disability Certificate(s) issued by Recognized institutes of national level viz National Association for the Blind, Spastic Society of India etc; and
  • Disability Certificate(s) issued by Non-governmental Organizations/practitioners registered with Rehabilitation Council of India/Central Government/State Government of the Respective State.

Scribe and compensatory time

Spastic, Visually Impaired, Physically Handicapped, Dyslexic, Autistic and candidates with disabilities as defined in the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 are permitted to use a Scribe or allowed Compensatory time as given below or both :

For paper of 3 hours duration 60 minutes

For paper of 2½ hours duration 50 minutes

For paper of 2 hours duration 40 minutes

For paper of 1½ hours duration 30 minutes

Autistic candidate is permitted to use the services of a scribe or an Adult prompter.

Appointment of Scribe and related instructions

  • A person to be appointed as scribe should not have obtained his/her qualifications in the same subject (s) in which the candidate shall be appearing for the examination
  • Candidate shall have the discretion of opting for his own scribe and shall have the flexibility in accommodating change in scribe in case of emergency.
  • Candidate shall also have the option of meeting the scribe a day before the examination.
  • Centre Superintendent of the examination centre concerned shall forward to the concerned Regional Officer of the Board, a report giving full particulars of the candidate and of the scribe.
  • Suitable room shall be arranged for the candidate for whom a scribe is allowed and a separate Assistant Superintendent shall be appointed by the Centre Superintendent to supervise his/her examination.
  • Services of Scribe shall be provided free of cost
  • The Scribe shall be paid by the Board remuneration as prescribed from time to time.

Other General instructions/ facilities

  • To facilitate easy access, a few selected schools are made examination centers for special students.
  • Teachers from schools for visually impaired are appointed as Assistant Superintendent(s) (Invigilators) at the special examination centers. However, precaution is taken to appoint different subject teachers on different days.
  • Answer books of differently abled candidates are sent separately by the Centre Superintendents
  • A separate column is provided on the title page of the answer book for indicating the category of differently abled candidates.
  • Visually Impaired candidates are permitted use of screen reading software (like JAWS- Job Access with Speech) with prior approval of the Board. They also have the facility of using a computer or a typewriter for writing answers.
  • Use of calculator is not permitted in any of the examinations conducted by the Board



Exemption from third language: Exemption from examination in the third language from Classes VI to VIII is granted to

  • Visually impaired candidates
  • Candidates suffering from speech / hearing defects
  • Dyslexic candidates
  • Candidates with disabilities as defined in the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995.

Flexibility in choosing subjects :

  • Candidates with visual and hearing impairment, Spastic, Dyslexic, Autistic and candidates with disabilities as defined in the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 have the option of studying one compulsory language as against two. This language should be in consonance with the overall spirit of the Three Language Formula prescribed by the Board. Besides one language any four of the following subjects can be offered: Mathematics , Science, Social Science, another language, Music, Painting, Home Science ,Foundation of Information Technology, Commerce (Elements of Business) & Commerce (Elements of Book Keeping And Accountancy), E –Typewriting (English), E-Typewriting(Hindi), Introduction to Computer Technology, Retail (NSQF) and Information Technology(NSQF)
  • Bonafide residents of Delhi appearing as Private candidate as per provisions of Examination Byelaws cannot take subjects having Practical Component at Secondary level. However, candidates with disabilities as defined in the Examination Bye-laws have the option of taking up Music, Painting, and Home Science as the subjects of study.
  • Physio-therapic exercises are considered as equivalent to Physical and Health Education course of the Board.

Alternate questions/ Separate Question Paper :

  • Alternative type questions are provided in lieu of questions having visual inputs for Visually Impaired candidates in the subjects of English Communicative and Social Science.
  • Separate question papers in enlarged print are provided in the subjects of Mathematics and Science.



Flexibility in choosing subjects: Bonafide residents of Delhi appearing as Private candidate as per provisions of Examination Byelaws cannot take subjects having Practical Component. However, candidates with disabilities as defined in the Examination Bye-laws have the option of taking Music, Painting, Home Science as the subjects of study.

Separate question paper and questions in lieu of practical component : Visually Impaired candidates are –

  • given separate question papers containing Multiple choice questions based on Practical component in lieu of practical in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Question papers administered in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology are without any visual input
  • Alternative type questions are provided in lieu of questions having visual inputs in the subjects of History, Geography and Economics

Students studying in schools affiliated to the Board and desirous of availing the exemptions/concessions should approach the concerned Regional Office of CBSE through the Head of their Institution preferably while in Class IX and/or XI. The request should be supported by relevant medical certificate and recommendation from the Head of the School/Institution. Only those students would be considered for grant of exemption/concession in whose respect relevant category has been entered during registration in Class IX and/or XI.

Advisory to schools as per the Guidelines of Inclusive Education of Children with Disabilities (IECD):

  • to ensure that no child with special needs is denied admission in Mainstream Education
  • to monitor enrolment of disabled children in schools
  • Schools to provide support through assistive devices and the availability of trained teachers
  • to modify the existing physical infrastructure and teaching methodologies to meet the needs of all children including Children with Special Needs
  • to ensure that they are made disabled friendly by 2020 and all educational institutions including hostels, libraries, laboratories and buildings have barrier free access for the disabled
  • to ensure availability of Study material for the disabled and Talking Text Books, Reading Machines and computers with speech software
  • to ensure adequate number of sign language interpreters, transcription services and a loop induction system for the hearing handicapped students
  • to revisit classroom organization required for the education of Children with Special Needs
  • to ensure regular in-service training of teachers in inclusive education at the elementary and secondary level. CBSE has 10 Regional Offices which deal with matters of different states.

Contact number, jurisdiction and address of Regional Offices is available on the website of CBSE. CBSE has also a Helpline 1800-11-8002 which is functional on all working days from 9 AM – 7PM.

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    Pankaj Abbi

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