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CBSE Question Paper 2016 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

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CBSE Question Paper 2016 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in the month of March 2016. CBSE previous year question papers with the solution are available in myCBSEguide mobile app and website. The Best CBSE App for students and teachers is myCBSEguide which provides complete study material and practice papers to CBSE schools in India and abroad.

CBSE Question Paper 2016 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

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CBSE Question Paper 2016 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

General Instructions:

• All answers provided in the Marking scheme are SUGGESTIVE.
• Examiners are requested to accept all possible alternative correct answer(s).
• Wherever HTML Tags are asked – ignore the format/additional arguments if so given in the answer(s)
• Wherever multiple answers are suggested, they are in order of appropriateness.

Q1. (a) Observe the table APPS of a Database named Android Apps given carefully and answer the questions that follow:
Table: APPS

101Instagram300000Social Media
102Google Play Music150000Free Music
103Viber2000Free Music
104Dropbox350000Free Storage
105Ola Cabs900Taxi Booking

(i) Keeping the above data in mind, suggest two different data types for the AppCode and AppUsers attributes (that are most suitable). (1)

(ii) What are the degree and the cardinality of the table APPS? (1)

(iii)Which attribute can act as the Primary key for the table APPS? (1)

(iv) If a new attribute named ApplntroDate is added to the above table that will store the introduction Date, then suggest the most appropriate data type that should be used for this new attribute (1)

(v) What will be the extension of this table APPS created in Access? (1)

(b). Sushi is a trainer who wants to prepare her students for air hostess course using simulated airplane environment. Which of the following multimedia technology will help her achieve this: (1)
(1) Video Telephony
(2) Virtual Reality
(3) Video Conferencing

(c) Name any two types of tweening. (2)

(d). Enumerate any two applications of multimedia in education. (2)

Q2. Answer the following questions based on Macromedia Flash:
(a) Observe the figure given below and answer the questions that follow:
CBSE Question Paper 2016 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
(i) Name the feature depicted in the above scenario. (1)

(ii) What does the arrow on the timeline marked by label A indicate? (1)

(iii) What does the number 12.0 in the area labeled as B signify in the above scenario? (1)

(iv) How many layers are there in the above scenario? (1)

(b). Differentiate between the two types of sounds available in flash. (2)

(c) Observe the image given below and do as directed: (4)
CBSE Question Paper 2016 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
• The graphic on the left-hand side shows the position and size for frame 1.
• The graphic on the right-hand side shows the position and size for frame 30.
• The ball graphic used in the animation is saved in the flash library.
Write the procedure and property settings for animating the above scenario. Assume that the color changes from orange to green during the animation.

Q3. Answer the following questions based on HTML:
(a) Fill in the blanks with structural tags to complete the basic structure of a HTML file. (2)
<.________.>…. <________>

(b) Write the HTML code to generate the web page in the format shown: (8)
CBSE Question Paper 2016 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
Consider the following points while writing the HTML code:
(1) The title of the webpage is “Music of India”.
(2) The page background color is beige.
(3) The heading is in Gabriola Font and blue in color.
(4) The lines are orange and green in color and 40% and 70% wide respectively.
(5) The image is shown in music.jpg.
(6) The font used for rest of the page is “Lucida Bright” and color used is “Indigo”.
(7) The bulleted list items Classical Music, Folk Music, and Popular Music are hyperlinked to the pages Classical. HTML, folk.HTML, and popular.html respectively.
(8) Use an email link to the email id “[email protected]” in the last line.

Q4. Answer the following questions based on ASP:
(a) Page1 .asp has this link: (1)
<a href=”page2.asp?color=green”> Go <la>
How can page2.asp get the “color” parameter?
(1) Response.QueryString(“color”)
(2) Get(“color”)
(3) Response.Parameter(“color”)
(4) Request. QueryString(“color”)

(b). How many Global.asa files can an ASP application have? Which one of the following events is a standard Global.asa event? (2)
(1) Session_Id
(2) Session_Start
(3) Application_ OnStart
(4) Global.asa does not have any standard events

(c). Give the output of the following statements: (3)
(1) Response.write(9 MOD 3 + 6-5)
(2) Response.write(LEN(“ANDROID APPS”))
(3) Response.write(MONTHNAME(3) & DAY(DATE))

(d). Name the object used for the following: (4)
(1) To share information among all users of a given application.
(2) To control information sent back to the browser from the server.
(3) To obtain information about an error condition that has occurred in the script.
(4) To store information about, or change settings for a user session.

Q5. Answer the following questions based on ASP:
(a) What is a recordSet? (1)

(b) Study the code given below to create a Content Rotator and answer the questions that follow:
<CENTERXHl>Android Apps</HlX/CENTER>
The free a<<s from the android community for varying utilities
DIM myCont=Session.CreateObject(“MSWC.ContentRotator”)
<P ALIGN=”CENTERI/X%=myCont. ContentChoose (“apps . txt” %>

(i) What is the significance of the delimiters < % % > in the above code? (1)

(ii) Expand MSWC. (1)

(iii) Name anyone ASP component apart from Content Rotator (1)

(iv) Pointout four errors in the above code and correct them (1

(c) Study the code given below:
Set FileObj =Server._________ (“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
Set nfile=FileObj . _________(“lines.txt”)
DO WHILE NOT newsfile.______
IF LEFT(S, 1) = “A” THEN
Response.Write(S & “<BR>”)

(i). Fill in the blanks to complete the above code fragment that reads the text in the file lines.txt and displays lines starting with the alphabet “A” on the web page. (2)

(ii) Name any two alternate methods of reading a text file apart from ReadLine. (2)

Q6. Answer the following questions based on VBScript:

(a). Name the interface element for which the given event is appropriate: (1)
(i) OnMouseOver
(ii) OnClick

(b). Study the code given below and answer the questions that follow:
SUB Change(X, Y)
X=X + X
Y=Y * Y
Change P, Q Change Q, P </SCRIPT>

(i) How many times will the function change get executed? (1)
(ii) What is the role of the operator and in the statement DOCUMENT.WRITE(X & Y & “<BR>”)? (1)
(iii) Give the output of the above code (3)

(c) Write the HTML code to generate the following form:
CBSE Question Paper 2016 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
Write the VB Script code to display the fee amount for the Events as^ 600 multiplied by the Number of Events entered in the top textbox on the click of the CALCULATE button. Note that the Fee Amount should be displayed as 0 in case the user does not enter a number in the top textbox. The user inputs the Number of Events in the text box on the top and the fee amount should be displayed in the bottom text box.

Q7. (a) Which of the following is not open source software? (1)
(i) Firefox web browser
(ii) MySQL
(iii) Visual Basic

(b) Name the protocol to be used in the following situations:
(i) For sending and receiving e-mails
(ii) For transferring computer files over a network

(c). Differentiate between CDMA and GSM.

(d) IdZEduFuturz Solutions is in the process of setting up their new campus in Gurgaon.
As a network expert. you are expected to help the institution by studying the physical locations of various blocks and the number of computers to be installed. On the basis of the given information, provide the best possible answers for the queries (i) to (v) to help them in the planning phase.
CBSE Question Paper 2016 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
Block to Block distances (in meters.)

Place FromPlace ToDistance
Admin BlockPrint Block60m
Media BlockAdmin Block30m
Media BlockPrint Block90m

Expected number of computers in each block:

BlockNo. of Computers
Admin Block60
Media Block30
Print Block40

(i). Draw the most appropriate cable layout to connect all three blocks for efficient communication. 

(ii). Name the topology formed by the above table layout. (1)

(iii). Name the block that is most suitable to house the server for this campus with a suitable reason. (1)

(iv). Which type of network, out of following, is formed by connecting the computers of these three blocks? (1)

(v). Which wireless channel out of the following should be chosen by the Company Management to connect to their campus in another country? (1)
• Infrared
• Microwave
• Satellite

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Last Year Question Paper Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

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