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CBSE Question Paper 2006 Class 12 Political Science

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CBSE Question Paper 2006 Class 12 Political Science conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in the month of March 2006. CBSE previous year question papers with the solution are available in the myCBSEguide mobile app and website. The Best CBSE App for students and teachers is myCBSEguide which provides complete study material and practice papers to CBSE schools in India and abroad.

CBSE Question Paper 2006 Class 12 Political Science

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CBSE Question Paper 2006 Class 12 Political Science

Class 12 Political Science list of chapters

Part A – Contemporary World Politics

  1. The Cold War Era
  2. The End of Bipolarity
  3. US Hegemony in World Politics
  4. Alternative Centres of Power
  5. Contemporary South Asia
  6. International Organisations
  7. Security in the Contemporary World
  8. Environment and Natural Resources
  9. Globalization

Part B – Politics In India Since Independence

  1. Challenges of nation building
  2. An era of one-party dominance
  3. Politics of planned development
  4. India’s external relations
  5. Challenges to and restoration of the Congress system
  6. The crisis of democratic order
  7. The rise of popular movements
  8. Regional aspirations
  9. Recent developments in Indian politics

CBSE Question Paper 2006 Class 12 Political Science

General Instructions:

  • All questions are compulsory.
  • Marks for each question are indicated against it.
  • Question numbers 1 to 10 are of two marks each. The answers to these questions should not exceed 50 words each.
  • Question numbers 11 to 20 are of four marks each. The answers to these questions should not exceed 100 words each.
  • Question numbers 21 to 25 are of eight marks each. The answers to these questions should not exceed 200 words each.

Q.1. Define law.

Q.2. What do you mean by a welfare state?

Q.3. Mention any two political rights.

Q.4. What is meant by comparative politics?

Q.5. Define socialism.

Q.6. Write any two electoral devices which ensure adequate representation to minorities.

Q.7. What is the meaning of adult franchise?

Q.8. What do you mean by planning?

Q.9. Define mixed economy.

Q.10. List any two functions of the Security Council.

Q.11. Describe any four sources of law.

Q.12. “State is a necessary evil”. Do you agree? Write any 2 arguments in support of your answer.

Q.13. Explain the historical method of comparative politics. What is the utility of studying comparative politics?

Q.14. Explain the meaning of political socialization.

Q.15. Briefly explain any two characteristics of Marxism.

Q.16. List any four drawbacks in the electoral process of India.

Q.17. Define political parties. Mention any two advantages of the mono-party system.

Q.18. Explain the composition the and any two functions of the Planning Commission.

Q.19. Write any four arguments to establish that regional imbalances have inspired regionalism in India.

Q.20. List any two aspects of Indo-U.S. cordial relations.

Q.21. “Liberty and equality are supplementary to each other” Do you agree? Give arguments in favor of your answer.


What is meant by social justice? Explain any three measures taken by India to secure it to her citizens.

Q. 22. Define liberalism. Describe any two fundamental principles of modern liberalism.


What is fascism? Examine any two of its weaknesses.

Q.23. Critically examine the role of opposition in the Indian political system.


“The regional parties are playing an important role in the working of Indian political system.” Do you agree? Give any there arguments in support of your answer. (2+6)
Q.24. What do you mean by economic inequality? Suggest any three steps which can help to reduce it.


To what extent the population explosion is a danger to the socio-economic development of India? How can this problem be solved?

Q.25. “Non-alignment has lost its relevance in the unipolar world.” Do you agree? Give any two arguments in favor of your answer.


What is meant by disarmament? Estimate the significance of the efforts of the United Nations in this direction.

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Last Year Question Paper Class 12 Political Science 2006

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