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CBSE class 12 syllabus for Accountancy & Taxation

CBSE class 12 has announced the syllabus for Accountancy & Taxation. Students are kindly requested to download their copies from myCBSEguide or from CBSE website for a detailed overview of the syllabus for session 2016-17. Here you get the detailed syllabus structure with marking scheme and practical subjects. A list of recommended books is also given which can help you to score high marks in annual examinations. Students from commerce discipline will be benefited more than others as they will have an opportunity to do practical on the given topics.



Time: 3 Hours Marks: 60

1.Single or Output Costing (10 marks)

Components of Cost for Output Costing.

Cost Sheet.

Production Account.

Treatment of Stock and Scrap.

2.Job and Batch Costing (10 marks)

Job Costing.



Batch Costing.

Nature and Use of Batch Costing.

Determination of Economic Batch Quantity.

3.Contract Costing (10 marks)

Specific aspects of Contract Costing.

Profit on Incomplete Contracts.

Profit on Completed Contracts.

4.Process Costing (10 marks)

General Principles.

Process Losses and Wastage.

By-Products and Joint-Products.

5.Operating or Service Costing (10)

Meaning of Operating Costing.

Determination of Unit of Cost.

Transport Costing.

Power House Costing.

Canteen Costing.

6.Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts (10 marks)

Causes of Difference.

Preparation of Reconciliation Statement or

Memorandum Reconciliation Account



Time: 2 Hours Marks: 40

(30 marks for report and 10 marks for viva-voice)

Prepare a Project Report on Operating Costing or Service Costing of any organization viz, transport, hotel, canteen or any other service organization.

Visit a Manufacturing Organization to report based on actual data.

Treatment of Process Losses.

Reconciliation of Costing and Financial Profit.


Maheshwari & Mittal: Cost Accounting – Theory and Problems – Shri Mahavir Book Depot.

Shukla & Grewal: Cost Accounting – S. Chand & Sons.




Time: 3 Hours Marks: 60

Unit-1: Deductions from Gross Total Income. (10 marks)

Unit-2: Computation of Tax Liability of an Individual. (20 marks)

Unit-3: TDS and Advance Payment of Tax. (10 marks)

Unit-4: Introduction to Indirect Taxes. (20 marks)

Meaning and Classification:

VAT/CST – Scope, Interstate and Intrastate Sales, Objectives, Benefits, Limitations, Various Forms under CST.

Service Tax.


Nature of Service Tax.

Service Provider and Receiver.

Value of Service.

Negative List under Service Tax.


(i) Registration.

(ii) Billing.

(iii) Payment.

(iv) Returns.


Time: 2 Hours Marks: 40

  1. Filling of Income Tax Returns. (10 marks)
  2. Filling of Service Tax Returns. (10 marks)
  3. Viva. (20 marks)

LIST OF EQUIPMENTS AND SOFTWARE in  Accountancy & Taxation

  1. Computers: One per two students.
  2. Printer: Laser Printer One for twenty students.
  3. Software: Tally / ERP / SAP – Preference for SAP & Multi-user Licence.
  4. Manual for Various Software / Assorted Reference Books: One for ten students.
  5. Demonstration Stand: One for ten students.
  6. Computer Consumable Stationery:

      (i) A-4 Size twenty sheets per students.

      (ii) Toner for one laser printer for printing 1,000 pages.

  1. LCD Projector: One for a class of twenty students.

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