CBSE Class 11 Biology Solved Test Papers FREE

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The Team of myCBSEguide has prepared New Chapter Wise Solved Test Papers for class 11th Biology. These test papers are based on latest syllabus prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi for session 2010-2011. There are total 73 test papers from twenty-two chapters. Averages of 3-4 test papers are prepared from each chapter based on NCERT Book.

Students can download the Test Papers from download section of for FREE of cost. They are required to register for downloading solutions to these test papers. Registration process is very simple and absolutely FREE. No Fees or Subscription Charges are demanded. You can use your Gmail or yahoo ID for registration else create new User ID for free of cost.

To register using your Gmail or Yahoo ID, Click Sign In Using Existing Account and then click the image GOOGLE or YAHOO for registration.

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Payment options to get these papers are as below :

1. One Click Download : A direct download link to get all papers with solution in one click. You need to send Rs. 100 per subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) via Net Banking or AC Payee Cheque (for details send mail to [email protected] ).

2. CD by Courier : CD of more than 200 solved test papers (Physics + Chemistry + Biology) via courier in Rs.350/- only. You need to pay via Net Banking or AC Payee Cheque (for details send mail to [email protected] ). It take 5-6 working days to reach the CD.


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