CBSE Class-10 Social Science Test Papers

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Download Social Science test papers for class-10 SA-1 and SA-2 for free. These fully solved chapter-wise test papers are available for all the chapters in History, Geography, Economics and Political Science as per the latest CBSE syllabus.

Download Solved Test Papers Here

There are total 138 Test Papers with solutions under this section. The test papers comprises following chapters as per NCERT book :


4. The Making of a Global World
5. The Age of Industrialisation
6. Work, Life and Leisure
7. Print Culture and the Modern World
8. Novels, Society and History

1. The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
2. The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
3. Nationalism in India


1. Resources and Development
2. Forest and Wildlife Resources
3. Water Resources
4. Agriculture

5. Minerals and Energy Resources
6. Manufacturing Industries
7. Life Lines of National Economy

Civics/Political Science

1. Power sharing
2. Federalism
3. Democracy and Diversity
4. Gender, Religion and Caste

5. Popular Struggles and Movements
6. Political Parties
7. Outcomes of Democracy
8. Challenges to Democracy


1. The Story of Development
2. Sectors of the Indian Economy

3. Money and Credit
4. Globalisation
5. Consumer Awareness


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