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10 Tips to Follow 10 Days Before Exams

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Exams are approaching near and students are just giving the finishing touch to their preparation. Here are 10 tips to follow 10 days before your exams.

  1. Don’t Study

    See, you have only 10 days and there are 5-6 subjects. It is not time to study anything new. Just revise and practice questions. Trying anything new will only confuse you.

  2. Relax

    Take proper rest and sleep for at least 7-8 hours. Take a healthy diet and adequate water. Don’t take any type of stress. It’s time to give a finishing touch to your studies so don’t make any hustle-bustle now.

  3. Don’t Compare

    Don’t compare yourself with others. Everyone has their own capabilities. Just do your best. Don’t try to know who is doing better than you and who is lagging behind. Just focus on your preparation.

  4. Revise the Notes

    If you have already prepared notes, it’s time to revise them. If not, you can get notes from your teachers or you can download them from myCBSEguide type websites. Even if you don’t find it anywhere, read titles and subtitles from NCERT Books followed by the summary given at the end of each chapter.

  5. Practice Mock Tests

    It’s time to practice mock tests or model question papers. If possible, revise one subject in a day and then attempt a mock test of the model question paper sincerely. It will definitely boost up your confidence.

  1. Focus on Weak Areas

    While attempting mock tests, give some time to review your mistakes and revise the concepts again. But make sure that there is no time to dive deep into it. Just try to get the gist of the concepts.

  2. Don’t Ignore CBSE Question Bank

    As you know, CBSE has released a question bank for almost all major subjects. You can get it from cbseacadmic.nic.in. You must practice all these questions. Also, have a look over questions provided in Diksha App.

  3. Make Your Study Plan

    As discussed, you have only 10 days and you cannot study everything in detail now. So, the best thing is to make a study plan that suits you. You have to give more time to subjects like Maths and Physics as compared to English and Social.

  4. Discuss Problems

    If you discuss the problematic questions with your friends and teachers, you will never forget them and you will get a good insight on how to tackle such problems as well. So, if possible, discuss questions as much as possible.

  5. It’s NOT the Final Exam

    Don’t take it as the final exam of life. It’s the beginning. There are hundreds of such exams you will have to face in life. No exam in the world can decide your future. Just be focused, give your best and move ahead.

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4 thoughts on “10 Tips to Follow 10 Days Before Exams”

  1. These 10 Tips are Amazing and Profitable for me .I am confused that What I do for exam preparation ,But now these tips

  2. These 10 Tips are Amazing and Profitable for me .I am confused that What I do for exam preparation ,By these tips I can score in exam.

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