CBSE FA-4 Replaced by Problem Solving Assessment (CBSE-PSA)

CBSE will take 90 marks Problem Solving Assessment in January-February 2013 for class 9 and class 11 students. This will replace school based forth formative assessment (FA-4).

The FA-4 carries 10% marks (10 marks out of 100) and PSA will carry 90 marks. It means students will have to sit in this 90 Marks (60 questions) paper that will be conducted by the Board (not by the school) but the weightage for this test will be rounded off to 10% (10 marks) only)

In simpler form, work hard for 90 marks but you will get only 10 marks if you score 100% in this exam.

Is it making the study stressful or joyful. In our opinion CBSE is creating so many complications and confusions. CCE is not really joyful as claimed by CBSE. The exam system is being made so complicated that schools and parents will need to hire a consultant to understand what is CCE and what to study in particular month.

Please write your comments about the modifications in CBSE exam pattern every now and then. 


Class 09 : PSA For Class 09

Class 10 : PSA For class 10

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82 Responses to “CBSE FA-4 Replaced by Problem Solving Assessment (CBSE-PSA)”

  1. Prashant says:

    CBSE introduced this PSA system and it will replace FA-4 with it. But the question is that it will of 90 marks of all subjects. How this one part of mark will be replaced to all subjects as English/Hindi, Math, Science, Social Science ? Whether all subjects will get same mark or there will be a division of it to replace all subject’s mark.

  2. kareena says:

    oh my is realy difficult for students specially 9th…….. i dont know what these people want to do with us..our life is very much complicated now…we all are just to sit in our study table,we the students of class 9th dont have the time even to go out of the house,,,i wonder about those children who dont have the sufficient money to take tutions will not be able to manage this……….

  3. kareena says:

    we students are not only born to give that tough exams,god has send us here to enjoy,,,not to take all the tentions..i know why cbse is changing this systems day by day,,this is because those tutors are requesting cbse to make are exams as difficult as they can so that students would be having no other choice to take coachings from them……WE WANT KNOWLEDGE NOT TENTION…PLSS THINK ABOUT US AND SAVE US

  4. kareena says:

    Now its enough………………………

  5. anshika says:

    oh pagal ho kya …… marvaoge tumne toh padha hai nhi hame padoge

  6. sawan says:

    cbse , cce pattern is not good as they are making study stressfull and complicated for student

  7. amit says:

    good psa for cbse and also for us !

  8. pravesh says:

    why the hell is cbse making this complicated write a test for 90 marks it happily reduces to 10 marks. it was better before all the cce was intorduced

  9. jailaxmi says:

    i don’t like cbse

  10. Suman Sharma says:

    God save students from mischievous ideas of CBSE.

  11. tanushka says:

    this is good for students

  12. kitto says:

    Actually cce is good for semester system, but it spoils the idea of learning. now it is done without any interest, only for marks, cbse knows how exactly to make even 9th leave alone 10th, miserable.

  13. keerthi says:

    I like the complications made by CBSE because it is, according to me, just so interesting. Even though it confuses us a lot but once we understand it thoroughly then we do not feel like studies are boring. So I just hope that whatever CBSE introduces further, it would just help the students to develop their interactive and problem solving skills for their own benefit.

  14. keerthi says:

    I fully agree with you arya because I too feel that we are being informed about the new patterns very very late and therefore we become so stressed that we don’t understand what to study next so its better if CBSE informs us a bit more earlier.

  15. keerthi says:

    no ayush its not like what you think.. I agree that we are stressed with these CCE patterns but what if we think from the other side??.. isn’t it a benefit from a positive point of view? I can explain more clearly but you should also make some effort of understanding

  16. keerthi says:

    amay!! I agree with you 100% but it should be explained a bit more elaboratly

  17. supriya says:

    beykar hai plz remove it

    cce bole to full tension roz projects karo or papa ki dat kaho

  18. Sunny says:

    I agree too…it was BETTER before introducing ‘CCE’ pattern….to higher secondary students…we thought that even HALF of the MARKS would be graded for PROJECTS AND ASSIGNMENTS…now we want to concentrate on STUDIES or PROJECTS??….You Tell….

  19. Harsh Jain says:

    I thought PSA is interesting but FAs should not be held from class-IX

  20. Akshay Zx says:

    just bring it! whatever you give in a psa exam

  21. vini says:

    its very bad. fa 4 was atleast better than psa. in some schools psa and fa-4 both are taken. its worse.

  22. aaaaaaaaaacccccchhhhhuuuuuuu says:

    this increases the stress in us(students). c.b.s.e shouldn’t have replaced fa4 with psa.

  23. Anuj Jain says:

    In simpler form, work hard for 90 marks but you will get only 10 marks if you score 100% in this exam. what this mean???

  24. Anuj Jain says:

    In simpler form, work hard for 90 marks but you will get only 10 marks if you score 100% in this exam. whats this mean??

  25. Vipul Pathak says:

    I think it`s gr8……..

    It may be confusing but it will surely help in gaining xperience for future high level tests……..

    I gave the test just 13 hrs ago and it wasn`t that complicated…….

    In my suggestion for every FA there should be one PSA…..

    It`s exciting….. ignoring the fact that we have to study extra hard for this that doesn`t even fruit up…..

  26. himanshu says:

    where is the answer key for class 9 set b1 and b4

  27. Ridhi says:

    Somewhere PSA is what CBSE is trying to reduce the marks the schools used totgive a student. Now schools have only 30% marks in their hand. Indications of justice for many truly studious students but injustice to schools as well as many dependant students. If you have the thing crack PSA.

  28. sumaks says:

    kapil sibal himself has completed 10th or 12th is doubtful how he wil know the system ofeducation worse is in 9th and 10th neither the principal nor the teachers know what to teach this system is to mint money bcz if 10th is school exam many reputed schools wil make money in 11th admission 12th if students fail population less plus benefits for tutorial to earn money obviously back hand incharge will be big shots of ourpoliticians unless indians turns like syria or egypt or kuwait we cant do anything tom one more sibals son wil come he wil say no exam in 12th but i wil keep one sep exam whoever passes can go for college this era is going to go unless something happens better one earthquake or tsunami comes whole of us can go peacefully me a 12th student who is in live or die situation as per my result

  29. ums says:

    i agree with u first of all teachers are not able to do cce pattern so school can easily escape blaming students more suicides are expected soon

  30. shantanu says:

    will the marks of psa given in clas 11 be added to the boards of clas 12 ???? and will the marks be added in all subjects ?????? please help and tell !!

  31. deepak says:

    on large scale corruption have started due to implement of CCE.I want to say many things…………………………………………………………………….

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