CBSE Syllabus for class 11 Session 2021-22

CBSE syllabus for class 11 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Accountancy, Business Studies, History, Geography and other subjects. The syllabus is available in CBSE official website for free download.

CBSE syllabus for class 10

CBSE Syllabus for class 11

Class 11 is a future deciding part of the academic career and with the lengthy syllabus sometimes students get confused. We keep researching on this issue to solve this pain point by reducing the curriculum load by eliminating overlapping of concept and content. For your convenience, each subject is individually dealt with new CBSE curriculum and rectified accordingly.

  Some highlights of the new circular:

1.The whole CBSE syllabus of class 11 has been upgraded as per NCERT pattern. 

2 Whether you are a student of Math, Science, Commerce or Arts, find all the solution under one roof.

3.Subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Economics, English, Hindi, Sanskrit and others are refreshed as per new CBSE guidelines.

4. In case of any update or notice, you can look at news and update module of

CBSE Syllabus class-11 Physics

The main objective of this subject is to develop conceptual competence in the learners and make them realize and appreciate the interface of physics with other disciplines.

A framework is designed with marking system of CBSE for class 11. The whole syllabus is divided in 10 units which is subdivided in chapters. Unit 1- Physics world and measurement, Unit 2- Kinematics, Unit 3-laws of motion, Unit 4- Work, energy and power. Unit 5- Motion of system of particles and rigid body, Unit 6-Gravitation, Unit 7- Properties of bulk matter, Unit 8- Thermodynamics, Unit 9- Behaviour of perfect gases and kinetic theory of gases, Unit 10- Oscillations and waves. The theory consists of 70 marks and 30 marks for practical. Practical subjects are given in the table, please note it down.

CBSE Syllabus class-11 Chemistry

Syllabus for class 11 chemistry has 15 units which cover 70 marks and rest 30 marks for practical and lab activities. 15 units as mentioned in CBSE curriculum are- Some basic concept of chemistry, Structure of atom, Classification of elements and periodicity in properties, Chemical bonding and molecular structure, States of matter: gases and liquid, Chemical thermodynamics, Equilibrium, Redox reaction, Hydrogen, s block element, Some p block element, Organic chemistry, Hydrocarbons and Environmental chemistry.

CBSE Syllabus class-11 biology

To create awareness amongst the learners about diversity in the living organism and developing respect for other living beings, the understanding of basic principle of biology is a must.

Syllabus of class 11 Biology has 5 units which is subdivided in chapters. Units mentioned as per CBSE curriculum are: Diversity of living organisms, Structural organizations in plants and animals, Cell structure and function, Plant physiology and human physiology. Theory contains 70 marks while practical plus viva voce contains 30 marks.

CBSE Syllabus class-11 Mathematics

To develop an interest in students to study mathematics as a discipline as it is the building block of any occupation.

Syllabus of class 11 mathematics has 6 units which is divided into 16 chapters. The updated units with marking system of CBSE are as following:

Sets and function-29 marks, algebra-37 marks, coordinate geometry -13 marks, calculus-6 marks, mathematical reasoning-3 marks and statistics and probability -12 marks. A detailed syllabus pattern is attached in this column for your convenience. Kindly note it down

CBSE Syllabus for class-11 Accountancy

The fundamentals of accounting and including it as an information system play and important role in this field of study. The important points and syllabus structure is given here.

The whole syllabus is divided into 3 parts, Part A- Financial accounting 1, Part B- Financial accounting 2 and Part C- Project work.

Part A has 2 units -Theoretical framework and accounting process. Part B has 3 units- Financial statements of sole proprietorship from complete and incomplete records, Financial statements of not for profit organizations and Computers in accounting.

Details of project work is added in this link. The theory contains 90 marks while project work is of 10 marks.

CBSE Syllabus class-11 Economics

Understanding of basic concept of economics and its values in providing information and to develop analytical skill to map the economic architecture is the need of the hour. We are providing you the whole pattern of CBSE syllabus.

Class 11 Economics syllabus has 3 parts: Part A-Statistics of economics, Part B- Indian economic development and Part C- Project work.

Part A contains 3 units as Introduction, Collection, organization and presentation of data, Statistical tools and presentation.

Part B contains 3 units as Development experience (1947-90) and economic reforms since 1991, Current challenges facing Indian economy and development experience of India.

Part C project work details are given below.

CBSE Syllabus class-11 Business studies

Syllabus of class 11 Business studies has been categorized in two parts.

Part A: Foundation of business has 6 units which carry 50 marks

Unit 1-Nature and purpose of business, Unit 2-Forms of business organizations, Unit 3- Public partner and global enterprise, Unit 4- Business service, Unit 5- Emerging modes of business, Unit 6-Social responsibility of business and business ethics.

Part B: Finance and trade has 5 units including project work which carries 50 marks.

Unit 1- Sources of business finance, Unit 2- Small business, Unit 3- Internal trade, Unit 4- International business, Unit 5- Project work

CBSE Syllabus class-11 English core

English core syllabus for class 11 carries 3 sections.

Section A -Reading comprehension contains questions from Very short answer type, factual passages, discursive passages, and literary passages.

Section B- Writing skill and Grammar contains short type, long answer type, letter type and very long answer type questions with Grammar (Error correction, editing tasks, Re-ordering of sentences and transformation of sentences)

Section C- Literature and extended reading texts contains questions from text books.

Reference books are:

Literature- Hornbill: textbook published by NCERT, New Delhi and Snapshots: supplementary reader published by NCERT, New Delhi

Extended reading text- The Canterville ghost: Oscar wilde (unabridged 1906 edition) and Up from slavery: Booker T. Washington (unabridged 2000 edition).

CBSE Syllabus class-11 Hindi core

Class 11 Hindi syllabus contains 4 parts. All topics of upgraded syllabus are given in download section.

Part A: Apathit ansh, 15 marks

Part B: Karyalayi Hindi aur Rachnatmak lekhan, 25 marks

Part C: Pathyapustak, 50 marks

Part D: Maukhik pariksha. 10 marks

CBSE Syllabus class-11 History

There are 4 sections in class 11 history syllabus.

Section A: Early societies contains 3 units namely Introduction, From the beginning of time and Early cities.

Section B: Empires concludes 4 units as Introduction, An empire across 3 continents, Central Islamic land and Nomadic Empires

Section C: Changing traditions contains units like Introduction, Three orders, Changing cultural traditions and Confrontation of cultures.

Section D: Path to modernization has 4 units as Introduction, Industrial revolution, Displacing indigenous people and path to modernization.

All 4 sections cover 75 marks and there is 20 marks for project work with 5 marks for map work

CBSE Syllabus class-11 Political science

This subject covers a layout of political system of a country. In class 11 CBSE introduces with political science. The syllabus pattern is given here with marking system.

It is divided in Part A: Indian Constitution at work and Part B: Political theory.

Part A has 9 units and Part B has 10 units, each part contains 50 marks.

CBSE Syllabus class-11 Geography

In class 11, Geography is kept as an individual subject to understand the surrounding deeply.

Whole syllabus is summarized in 3 parts. Notable details are given here with marks analysis.

Part A -Fundamentals of physical geography. It has 6 units for 25 marks and map and diagram contains 5 marks.

Part B- Physical environment contains 4 units for which you get 25 marks and 5 marks for map and diagram

Part C- Practical work details are given here which contains 30 marks.

CBSE Syllabus class-11 Sociology

The syllabus of sociology fore class 11 has 2 units.

Unit A: Introducing sociology, which is subdivided into 5 chapters and contains 34 marks for this section.

Unit B: Understanding society, which has 5 units which conclude 46 marks.

Practical exam will be of 20 marks. All details are added in this column with a simplified way. Download it now.

CBSE Syllabus class-11 Home science

This subject is included to impart knowledge of nutrition, food habits, lifestyles and how to become a responsible citizen.

Some highlights of the syllabus are given below with all details linked through this column.

Theory paper has 6 units namely Concept of home science and its scope, Human Development, Food, health, nutrition and fitness, Family and community and resources, Fabric and apparel, Community development extension part 1.

Theory is of 70 marks while practical contains 30 marks.

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