CBSE Syllabus for class 12

CBSE syllabus for class 12 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Accountancy, Business Studies, History, Geography and other subjects. The syllabus is available in CBSE official website. This is CBSE new syllabus for the session 2021-2022.

CBSE syllabus for class 12

CBSE syllabus for class 12

CBSE syllabus for class 12 is published now. A notice has been circulated throughout for the new session. This new circular will guide you to upgrade your syllabus notebook as per latest broadcast by CBSE.

Class 12 is a stage post which you choose your career in different discipline, so in case of any notice on CBSE curriculum, you can visit Here we are providing the appropriate study materials and updated version of syllabus for 2021-22 session.

In a short interval of time, a vast syllabus is to be covered. Hence you need a simplified syllabus structure to understand it easily. Adding to this all topics which are newly included have been derived individually. Our main concern is to provide a syllabus pattern which can be concluded hassle free.

Points to remember:

1. All subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Economics, English, Hindi, Sanskrit and others are upgraded as per new NCERT guidelines.

2. Sample papers and online tests are also updated according to new syllabus by CBSE

3. Help desk and news and update module is added for all updates on circular and to mark your presence through comment box and queries.

CBSE Syllabus class-12 Physics

To develop observational, experimental and decision making abilities in students and to appreciate the interface of physics with surrounding is the principle objective of this subject. Syllabus of physics is quite interesting as we have a lot of experiment, practical and lab activities to do.

We will discuss the whole syllabus part wise. There are 10 units subdivided in 15 chapters.

Unit 1-Electrostatics, Unit 2- Current electricity, Unit 3-Magnetic effect of current and magnetism, Unit 4- Electromagnetic induction and alternating current. Unit 5- Electromagnetic waves, Unit 6-Optics, Unit 7- Dual nature of radiation and matter, Unit 8- Atoms and nuclei, Unit 9-  Electronic devices, Unit 10- Communication system.

Theory consists of 70 marks and 30 marks for practical. Topics of practical are given here. Please go to the download links.

CBSE Syllabus class-12 Chemistry

This is the branch of science which deals with chemical reactions, experiments and formulae of organic and inorganic. Some highlights in the latest syllabus of chemistry are:

It has 16 chapters which carries 70 marks and rest 30 marks is for practical. Some important chapters in class 12 Chemistry are Electrochemistry, d and f block elements, Haloalkanes and haloarenes, Alcohol, phenols and ethers, Aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acid and polymers. These chapters need a thorough study and concept to score high marks.

CBSE Syllabus class-12 biology

The basic principle of biology is to create awareness towards issues related to population, environment, ecosystem and its development. It is the basic unit of life and living organism.

Theoretical Syllabus of class 12 Biology has 5 units which is further divided in 15 chapters. Theory carries 70 marks. Units mentioned as per CBSE curriculum are: Reproduction, Genetics and evolution, Biology and human welfare, Biotechnology and its applications, Ecology and environment.

Practical and viva voce topics which carries 30 marks are given here, kindly note down it.

CBSE Syllabus class-12 Mathematics

The faculty of mathematics has a wide horizon and to develop an ability to think, analyze and articulate this subject is kept on top. It is considered as a subject of theorems and formulae, therefore you have to abide by the upgraded syllabus to avoid any overlapping of excluded topics.

Syllabus of class 12 mathematics has 6 units. The updated units with marking system of CBSE are as following:

Unit 1-Relations and functions -10 marks, Unit 2- Algebra-13 marks, Unit 3-Calculus -44 marks, Unit 4- Vectors and 3D geometry- 17 marks, Unit 5- Linear programming- 6 marks, Unit 6- Probability- 10 marks.

In the above mentioned syllabus pattern, units like Calculus, Vectors and Probability are high scoring.

CBSE Syllabus for class-12 Accountancy

The whole syllabus is divided into 3 parts, Part A- Accounting for partnership firms and companies, Part B-Financial statements analysis, Part C- Project work.

NOTE: Part B and Part C given here has 2 options. You can choose either one

Theory contains 80 marks while project work is of 20 marks. All details are attached in this column to understand easily.

CBSE Syllabus class-12 Economics

To understand the economic market on the basis of demand and supply, budget, money and banking, this subject is to be learned by perfection. In class 12 Economics we’ll go through these topics for a clear view.

Class 11 Economics syllabus has 2 parts: Part A- Introductory Microeconomics, Part B - Introductory Macroeconomics

Each part has 5 units which carries 100 marks in total.

Reference books and marking structure can be downloaded through attachments.

CBSE Syllabus class-12 Business studies

Syllabus of class 12 Business studies has been divided in 3 major parts.

Part A: Principle and function of management: It has 8 units for which you get 50 marks

Part B: Business finance and marketing: It has 4 units which carry 30 marks

Part C deals with project work for 20 marks.

Business, Finance, Management, Marketing and Planning are the major topics of Business studies. Students must acknowledge this subject for overall advancement.

CBSE Syllabus class-12 English core

Whole syllabus is broadly divided into 3 sections with sub topics. We mention all newly added topics with description. Some notable points are following:

Section A -Reading comprehension contains questions from Very short answer type, factual passages, discursive passages, and literary passages.

Section B- Writing skill short type, long answer type, letter type and very long answer type question.

Section C- Literature and extended reading texts contains questions from text books.

Reference books are:

Literature- Flamingo: English reader published by NCERT, New delhi and Vistas: supplementary reader published by NCERT, New delhi

Extended reading text- The invisible man: H G Wells and Silas marner: George Eliot

CBSE Syllabus class-12 Hindi core

The language subjects are important and sometimes high scoring as well. Syllabus structure with marking system and reference books are given below:

Part A: Apathit ansh, 20 marks.

Part B: Karyalayi Hindi aur Rachnatmak lekhan, 25 marks

Part C: Pathyapustak, 55 marks

Reference books are: Aroh part-2, Vitaan part-2 and Abhivyakti aur madhyam, all published by NCERT

CBSE Syllabus class-12 History

As mentioned in CBSE curriculum, there is no any syllabus change in History subject for class 12. So we have summarized it as more informative. 

There are 3 parts which concludes 15 units and last unit 16 is for map works.

Part 1: Themes in Indian history part 1, 25 marks

Part 2: Themes in Indian history part 2, 25 marks

Part 3: Themes in Indian history part 3, 25 marks

20 marks is reserved for project work and 5 marks for map work.

This is a general knowledge enhancing subject, so one need a proper attention towards History to score and get revived with historical idea.

CBSE Syllabus class-12 Political science

To learn the different layers of political system of a country and its constitution including Legislation and Judiciary you have to follow the footsteps of this subject. A simple syllabus structure is provided for students.

Two parts each carrying 50 marks are as mentioned below:

Part A: Contemporary World Politics- It has 9 units

Part B: Politics in India since Independence- It has 9 units

CBSE Syllabus class-12 Geography

Knowledge of Geography work as catalyst in any arena of study. With inclusion of project and map work, this subject is playing a big role in imparting a sense of geographical activity and things surround us. A full fledge syllabus data is uploaded in this column.    

Whole syllabus is summarized in 3 parts. Notable details are given here with marks analysis.

Part A -Fundamentals of human geography. It has 5 units with map works. This section carries 35 marks

Part B- India: People and economy. It has 5 units with map work which carries 35 marks

Part C- Practical work details are given here which contains 30 marks.

CBSE Syllabus class-12 Sociology

To understand the social aspects and its impact on society, this subject is introduced by CBSE. Cultural diversity, Social inequality, Globalization and Social change are the main topics which is to be learned thoroughly.

The syllabus of sociology fore class 12 has 2 units.

Unit A: Indian Society: which is subdivided into 7 chapters and contains 32 marks for this section.

Unit B: Change and development in Indian society: which has 8 chapters which conclude 48 marks.

Practical exam and Viva voce will be of 20 marks.

CBSE Syllabus class-12 Home science

The course structure is divided into 6 units for 70 marks and 30 marks is kept for practical.

Some of the important topics of the latest syllabus are:

Human development, Nutrition during life span, Money management and consumer education, Community development and Career after home science education.

This subject is included to impart knowledge of nutrition, Money management, community development during life span.

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