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CBSE Class 9 Syllabus 2023-24

The CBSE class 9 syllabus for the session 2023-24 is released. Students can get it from the myCBSEguide App and the CBSE official website for free. CBSE has deleted many chapters from the new reduced syllabus. The class 9 syllabus is available for the following subjects: Mathematics, Science, Social, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, French, Music, Arts and other subjects. You can download it in PDF file format on your mobile phone or any other device. CBSE's new curriculum for class 9 students has some changes. We advise students to download the myCBSEguide App for the latest updates.

CBSE Syllabus for Class 9

Class 9 New Syllabus 2023-24

CBSE's new annual exam pattern syllabus for the academic session 2023-24 is now available for free download as a PDF. As we know that CBSE keeps on updating the syllabus, so advise you to be in touch with the CBSE official site and for the latest updates and rectifications in CBSE syllabus 2023-24.

Syllabus Reduced

CBSE has reduced the syllabus of class 9. It has deleted many topics, exercises and some chapters from the curriculum. Subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Social science, Hindi, Sanskrit, Foundation of IT, Home science, Music and others are upgraded as per the new syllabus.

Chapters Deleted

CBSE has deleted some chapters from the class 9 course this year. But some other chapters that were not part of the curriculum last year are restored this year. So, it is very important to check the syllabus and prepare for class 9 annual exams.

Syllabus Simplified

The vast and lengthy syllabus of class 9 is simplified and provided with easy-to-understand features. For this consistent follow-ups and research on the previous year and the latest circulars by CBSE are done.

Ebooks and study materials availed by are also rectified from time to time with the current pattern to score among top rankers.

The news and update box is another space where you can find all the exclusives and headlines of the CBSE curriculum.

CBSE Syllabus Class 9 Mathematics 2023-24

CBSE class 9 Mathetics syllabus for the session 2023-24 is now available in myCBSEguide. A framework is a design with a marking system of CBSE for class 9. MCQ, very short answer type, short answer type and long answer type questions are in the list which are further subdivided into a number of questions. Here MCQ and very short answer-type questions can play as a differentiator and high scoring, so take heed of this. To make it easy for viewers, the newly added topics are kept in bold font. It’s mentioned in the CBSE curriculum that lab activities are an integral part of mathematics so students are advised to follow the same.

CBSE Class 9 Maths Syllabus

Units Unit Name Marks
  Total 80

CBSE Syllabus Class 9 Science 2023-24

Science is considered one of the favorite and most demanding subjects of the students. It is the foundation of the competitive world so no one wants to take any risk when it comes to the syllabus update in science. So far we have meticulously researched each and every topic related to it. Our downloadable files are equipped with an upgraded syllabus. Chapters like Kinematics, Force and motion, Floating bodies, Cell division, sound, mixtures and chemical calculations are quite interesting and need more attention to score good marks.

CBSE Class 9 Science Syllabus

Unit No. unit Marks
I Matter- Its Nature and Behaviour 25
II Organization in the Living World 22
III Motion, Force and Work 27
IV Food; Food Production 06
  Total 80
  Internal assessment 20
  Grand Total 100

CBSE Syllabus Class 9 Social Science 2023-24

To understand the social, political, economic and environmental dimensions of the world, this subject should be strictly followed. It is considered the most intellectual part of a study. We are trying to approach our students differently and in a unique way. And it is the duty of a faculty to guide and teach the importance of a subject first.  Proper due diligence is done with the syllabus of History, geography, civics, and economics to avoid any misleading to students.

Class 9 Social Science Syllabus

History (India and Contemporary World - I) Suggestive no. of periods = 60 20 inclusive of Map pointing
Section Chapter No. Chapter Name No. of Periods Marks allocated
Events and Process
I The French Revolution 15 18+2 map pointing
II Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution 15
III Nazism and the Rise of Hitler 15
Livelihoods, Economies and Societies
IV Forest Society and Colonialism
Interdisciplinary project as part of multiple assessments (Internally assessed for 5 marks)
V Pastoralists in the Modern World
(To be assessed in the Periodic Assessment only)
Geography (Contemporary India - I) Suggestive no. of periods = 55 20 inclusive of Map pointing
Chapter No. Chapter Name No. of periods Marks allocated
1 India - Size and Location 17 17+3 map pointing*
2 Physical Features of India
3 Drainage 10
4 Climate 12
5 Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
(Only map pointing to be evaluated in the annual examination.)
Interdisciplinary project as part of multiple assessments
(Internally assessed for 5 marks)
6 Population 8 * Marks as mentioned above
Political Science (Democratic Politics - I) Suggestive no. of periods = 50 20 Marks
Chapter No. Chapter Name No. of Periods Marks allocated
1 What is Democracy? 10 20
Why Democracy?
2 Constitutional Design 10
3 Electoral Politics 8
4 Working of Institutions 12
5 Democratic Rights 10
Economics Suggestive no. of periods = 50 20 marks
Chapter No. Name of the Chapter No. of Periods Marks allocated
1 The Story of Village Palampur
(To be assessed in periodic assessment only)
2 People as Resource 10 20
3 Poverty as a Challenge 15
4 Food Security in India 15

Class 9 English Language and Literature 2023-24

It includes the literature part and grammar. These subjects play an important role to shape your academics and it is the building block of any field of study. The basic knowledge of grammar which concludes nouns, verbs, adjectives, clauses, modals, auxiliary verbs, part of speech, narration, direct-indirect speech etc requires everywhere. We have summarized all these in this section to improve your English.

English Language & Literature Syllabus

CBSE Syllabus Class 9 Hindi A 2023-24

A detailed syllabus that covers the entire topics of Hindi A is added here. It is divided into 4 parts and the textbooks are kshitij and kritika. Class 9 Hindi Course A syllabus includes NCERT textbooks, question paper design and blue print. Reading comprehension, writing section and grammar syllabus is also given in the syllabus.

CBSE Class 9 Hindi A Syllabus

CBSE Syllabus Class 9 Hindi B 2023-24

CBSE class 9 Hindi B syllabus is divided into four parts. Part-A has unseen passages with 5-6 short answer type questions and 1-2 grammar-based questions. Part-B has questions on Hindi grammar which includes questions on upsarg, pratya, muhavare, prayaywachi, samas and vigrah. Part-C comprises questions based on two textbooks viz. Sparsh and Sanchayan. Part-D bears questions from the writing section. It has questions on essay writing, letter writing and paragraph writing. The complete syllabus carries 100 marks.

CBSE Class 9 Hindi B Syllabus

CBSE Syllabus Class 9 Sanskrit

The Sanskrit syllabus is divided into two parts as rachnatmak mulyankan and sankalanatmak mulyankan. And further subdivided into more categories that include many topics.

CBSE Class Sanskrit Syllabus

CBSE Syllabus Class 9 Painting

When we talk about art and culture, the painting comes with imagination and a portrait of a society. Indian painting is also considered one of the finest and oldest ones. Here we summarize the syllabus which concludes Madhubani and warli painting with basic concepts.

CBSE Class Painting Syllabus

CBSE Syllabus Class 9 French

Having a knowledge of a foreign language adds another feather in your hat and French is a language of fashion and a highly followed one. In this section, we added the reading, writing, and grammar along with questions based on it as per CBSE guidelines.

CBSE Class 9 French Syllabus

CBSE Syllabus Class 9 Home science

The syllabus for the class 9 home science annual exam has some changes. Students should download the latest syllabus using the link below.

CBSE Class Home Science Syllabus

CBSE Syllabus Class 9 Music

To express yourself music is another world. Music has played a tremendous role in different media and now the fusion of theoretical and practical knowledge is taking it to a next level. Right from history, music has been a representational tool of society and its culture. Including this as a study material in the syllabus is a real booster. Different forms of Indian and western music including raag bhimpalasi, the composition of rhymes and playing musical instruments like the table, guitar, harmonium are included.

CBSE Class Music Syllabus


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