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Class 9 Science NCERT Notes, Sample Papers & Tests

Get the best grades with the help of myCBSEguide where you can access Class 9 Science question papers, revision notes, important questions, NCERT & Exemplar Solutions, and learning videos.

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At the secondary stage, students are required to understand abstraction and have quantitative reasoning. At this stage, they are introduced to the idea of atoms and molecules being the building blocks of matter. Students come across new experiments and theories, like Newton’s law of gravitation. Student-friendly myCBSEguide app brings to you a complete course for Class 9 Science.

CBSE Class 9 Science Study Material

The best content available for the CBSE course is available on the myCBSEguide mobile app. Our Class 9 Science course includes sample question papers, chapter-based NCERT solutions, revision notes, exemplar solutions, test papers, and learning videos. Our NCERT solutions are available for free download in PDF format, others comprise premium content. The curriculum of Class 9 Science is designed to provide a number of opportunities for the students to engage with the processes of Science like observing, recording observations, drawing, tabulation, plotting graphs, etc. Therefore, students need to have a robust preparation right from this level to have a stronger foundational knowledge for higher education in the subject of science. Here you will find the Class 9 Science CBSE Syllabus, Sample Papers, Last Year Papers (school-based), expert-made Case Study Questions, and
Mock Tests. One can use these to plan their preparation.

CBSE Class 9 Science Syllabus

A syllabus is one such thing that is subject to get updated as and when the requirement is. The secondary science syllabus has been designed around seven broad themes. They are as follows:

  1. Food
  2. Materials
  3. The World of The Living
  4. How Things Work
  5. Moving Things
  6. People and Ideas
  7. Natural Phenomenon and Natural Resources

Students must be super sure about the syllabus and the chapters it includes so that their preparation goes in the right direction. Check the topic details for the Class 9 Science syllabus 2022-23 on this link. The units along with the marks allotted have been reflected in the table given below.

Unit No.




Matter - Its Nature and Behaviour



Organization in the Living World



Motion, Force and Work



Food; Food Production






Internal Assessment




Class 9 Science NCERT Solutions

The importance of NCERT solutions in the CBSE curriculum is known to all. In fact, for all the CBSE subjects, the chapter-end textbook questions have a special position and should not be overlooked at any cost. You can access to Class 9 NCERT Solutions on our students dashboard for all the subjects. The best part is it is available for free and teachers can use them to generate question papers as well.

NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter-wise Solutions

To access the NCERT solutions for other chapters, click on NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science.

CBE Class 9 Science Revision Notes

Revision Notes have the crux of a chapter, which assures having command over a condensed knowledge of all the important points included in the chapter. On myCBSEguide, you get quick revision notes for all the subjects. You can check our Class 9 Science Revision Notes which will be very helpful for having an overall view of a particular chapter in no time.

The link to the Revision Notes of some of the Class 9 Science Chapters is listed below:

CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Papers & Test Papers

There is no official sample paper for class 9 issued by the CBSE. Taking a cue from class 10 sample papers, we at myCBSEguide prepare such model question papers in all the subjects for class 9. Having good practice with sample papers is absolutely necessary if you aim to score really well in your papers. Here you get to download the Class 9 Science Sample Papers 2022-23. Be it a school final examination or board sample papers are helpful for both. It not only makes the students more sure but also enables make the best use of their time.

Apart from sample papers, there is a provision for class 9 science test papers, which can be used by students and teachers equally to keep a tab on small targets. Our online tests and mock tests for class 9 science can be used to learn in a play way method.

CBSE Class 09 Science Case Study Questions

To promote competency-based education, CBSE has included new kinds of questions to test the analytical skills of the students. These are the case study questions in which the students require to identify the problems in the given real-life scenario and find solutions in their own way. You can get the best of the case study questions on myCBSEguide.

For the secondary level, the case study questions for science usually are given in the form of a passage having a diagram or a graph based on which a few subjective or objective questions are asked.  It is obvious that the level of difficulty of these case study questions changes with the class. Hence, we bring the case study questions according to the different levels of difficulty. The Class 9 case study questions are designed to engage the students in critical thinking thing and apply problem-solving techniques. Check out Class 9 Case Study Questions for sample questions.

Students who aim to perform well and pass with flying colours must download the myCBSEguide app and prepare with the help of the materials provided here.

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