How Online Education platform beneficial for Board Exams?

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Board Exams are near and all the appearing students are giving it a last touch and burning the candle from both ends.  As we know the last hour study gives us a great confidence. In the nail biting days of academic life, it is very necessary to organise the way we study and the materials we opt for. As an Online Education platform, it is our duty to share our experience and impart confidence in students. We all know online education has a huge impact on students and teachers and it increasing the horizon and scope day by day. In this article, we only discuss the positive approach of online Education to deal with the pressure handle situation.

In which stage you are?

First of all, it is very necessary to know what is the state of your preparation. Not all the students go with the same pace and this is the time to accept it. In this way, you choose the best option in the eleventh hour to avoid any miscalculation and misunderstanding. Just ask yourself the following questions

Have you completed the whole syllabus?

Are you revising it for the first time?

Have you already revised it?

Do you practice with NCERT books?

Do you practice with Sample papers?

Have you gone for online test series?

Do you need a guidance from teachers?

Are you able to handle the stress of Board exams?

In our opinion you may or may not be feeling upto the mark in all of the above categories. But you needn’t worry anymore. Just review your study schedule and right down all the points, which need to be completed. Just remember, you mustn’t try anything new. Try to Revise the portion you have already completed and practice with sample papers on daily basis.

 How Online Education Platform helps to tackle the situation?

It is the time when school and coaching classes are called off for self-preparation and sometimes you need a guidance on any particular subject or topic. Adding to this you don’t have much time to go outside and consult the teachers. So, anything which saves our time and cost in this phase is like finding an oasis. We at myCBSEguide work in the same manner. Let’s understand and gauge the important and beneficial points in quick time.

Time saving and cost effective: Online study and preparing at home are the keys to save your time and cost. You needn’t run from pillar to post for a single query. You only need a good internet connection and device to run the website and application

Interaction with teachers: It was need of the hour, where you can ask anything online and post your queries. Here you get quick reply from online teaching fraternity. The experts of the respective subject get back to you in quick time. Adding whatsApp facility is quite beneficial to students

Ease of accessibility: There is no bar in study online. Whether you belong from metros, small town and even from remote villages, the access is very simple and easy. To bring the uniformity is the thought behind the online study platform.

Range of options: With clever design, user experience, and multimedia, online instruction can prove to be a richer and more effective learning experience than traditional methods and channels.

Quick Revision: We always stress for add quick revision session in your study schedule. It is the best way to revive all the topics anytime and anywhere. Your mobile device is the best tool.

NCERT solved papers: You get the solved question papers of NCERT books free of cost. It is the most preferred book by all means to score high in board examinations.

Online test series: You can opt for online test to see your pace. Here you can understand the time management and skills to solve the exam papers

myCBSEguide experts view:

We all are aware with the benefits of Technology and use it as a study tool is like adding feathers to the cap. But we can’t deny the disadvantages and parents concern when it comes to the misuse. It is our kind request to all the aspirants to keep yourself away from social media and other activities which distracts you from studies during the exam days. Sometimes students start comparing and look at other’s preparation instead of focussing on themselves. You can go for online test series. Being competitive and alert give you more confidence. So always try to enhance your skills. This is the best time to concentrate and put all your efforts in a single direction for best output. We wish best of luck to all.

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