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How to Create Question Papers Online

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Creating a question paper is one of the most time-consuming activity for teachers. They consult 3-4 books and search for suitable questions. Then, they type them on the computer and take prints. The whole process takes 2-3 hours. Here is a video tutorial on how to create question papers online in minutes and print it with your own name and logo.

Create Pre-Board Question Papers in Minutes

CBSE is conducting board exams in February-March this year. Your students have gone through the whole syllabus. Now they need full-length question papers for practice. Now you have two options:

  1. Use readymade question papers issued by book publishers and compromise with your brand name.
  2. Generate question papers online with your name and logo to promote your own brand with a professional look and feel.

Smart Assessment for Smart Students

The days are gone when tutors and teachers used to consult a single book. While taking tests, they tick some questions and ask their students to attempt them.

Now students are smart enough. They demand regular practice. They ask for new questions each time. Students feel fascinated to those coaching classes that provide them professionally designed printed material and practice tests.

Can I reuse Question Papers?

If you think, creating question papers is a one-time task and once done, you can use them for years, you are planning to use outdated content. CBSE is making changes in question paper pattern every now and then. If you carefully observe the pattern of questions asked in last 5 years, you will find the question typology is changing every year. So, you have to update your question paper log every year. It’s really very difficult even if the question papers are stored on your computer.

How to Create Question Papers

Technology is all around us. Your students and parents are using technology to make learning effective and long-lasting. You can not ignore it. The next generation has no faith in outdated tools of assessment. You have to opt the technological advancement in your profession to lead the race. Smartphones are being used to make teaching-learning process interactive and adaptive. So, make your smartphones really smart to assess your students.

You can create question papers, share them, and print them using your mobile devices.

Create papers using Smartphones

Creating unique question papers using smartphones takes hardly 4-5 minutes. Just open https://myBSEguide.com/test-generator/ and add your name and logo. Then add questions from our databank of 3,00,000+ questions and download the paper as PDF. Here is a video tutorial on how you can generate question papers for CBSE students online in just minutes.

You can download latest CBSE syllabus for CBSE official website cbse.nic.in and myCBSEguide.

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