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Sometimes, we keep on doing a particular activity in a certain way without knowing that there may be some better ways to do it faster. We had a survey and asked two simple questions to teachers and tutors. The purpose was to understand how much time they devote to activities that can be automated.

Technology can do it Faster

Let’s take an example from the communication sector. Thirty years back, we would be writing letters to communicate with our friends and relatives. It was too slow. We would get to know about them in weeks. But now we use video calling and connect with them in seconds.

What if someone still prefers to write letters to connect with friends? You will definitely say it’s outdated. Here is a comparison table to understand how the use of technology can do things faster.

Connecting with faraway friends
(letters Vs Mobile)
1-2 weeks1-2 seconds
Sending money
(Money-Order Vs UPI)
1-2 weeks1-2 seconds
Developing a Vaccine
(Polio Vs Covid-19)
10-15 years10-15 months
Creating question papers
(Manual Vs Test Generator)
3-4 hours3-4 minutes

Time Taken

So, the first question we asked was as below:

How long does it take to create a Question Paper?

आपको एक प्रश्न पत्र बनाने  में  कितना समय लगता है ?

We got multiple responses. It was between 1 hour and 5 hours but the average was around 3 hours. When we analyzed it deeper we came to know that creating an original question paper really takes much time. First, we create a blueprint. Then we select questions from different textbooks and finally, we prepare a marking scheme (solutions).

We also came across few people who are just taking printouts from the “Not for Sale” specimen copies provided by some publishers.

What if …

surprisingly, our next question gave us tremendous responses. It was

If you were not creating a quesiton paper, how would you use these 3 hours?

यदि प्रश्न पत्र नहीं बनाना  होता तो आप यह तीन घंटे कैसे उपयोग करते ?

You will not believe it but we got really unexpected responses. Some of these are given below

  • Spend time with my family
  • परिवार के साथ समय बिताते
  • Chatting with my friends
  • अपने मित्रों के साथ बातें करते
  • Make a delicious dish
  • कोई लज़ीज़ डिश बनाते
  • Take some more tuitions
  • कुछ और tuitions ले लेते
  • Read my favourite book
  • अपनी मनपसंद किताब पढ़ते

We know that time is precious and we have too many things to do. But the problem is we can’t dare to override it. Only because we have NO CHOICE.

But Choice is yours

We are here to help you. We provide online question paper creating tools that can save your time. Now you can do the same task only in 3 minutes. Until you know it, it’s OK to spend 3 hours but now when you know it and you are still willing to spend 3 hours …. the choice is yours.


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