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Test Generator is now Examin8

Examin8 is a complete assessment and learning management solution that helps schools and Coaching Institutes create question papers and conduct exams online in minutes.

Here is why teachers love Examin8:

  • Zero typing effort. We have 3 Lakhs+ questions.
  • Prefilled blueprints and up-to-date question bank.
  • Works perfectly on mobile devices as well as PC.
  • Creating a paper hardly takes a few minutes.
  • Biggest question bank at the lowest price.
  • Free Mobile App for students to attempt tests.
  • Option to add unlimited videos & Study Material.
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What is Test Generator?

Test generator is an online application to generate question papers and tests within minutes with your own name and logo. It has more than 7,00,000 questions in various categories from classes 3 to 12, JEE main, NEET UG, MHT-CET, CUET, NDA, SSC CGL, NTSE, JSTSE, JNVST, ICSE and many other state boards.

There are two types of test generator applications;

  • The Software Interface only
  • The software will preloaded question bank

You will find many websites providing online and offline question paper making software. But most of them have only an interface and you have to add your own questions. It's really very difficult to use them because you have to upload questions to use their interface.

On the other hand, Examin8 Test Generator comes with a fully loaded question bank. This exam question generator has more than 7 lakh questions. The best part of this test creator is that it is updated every single day. So, you get the latest and most updated questions every time.

Create Online Test

Examin8 Test Generator not only helps you create offline question papers but it is also having the feature to create and conduct online tests within a few minutes. Hence, you can create an online test, share it with your student and get instant result analysis in no time.

Our online test maker will certainly help you create an online test for school exams, entrance exams and competitive exams very effectively.

Question Paper Making App

Our Test Generator App is a full-fledged question paper making app with all the features that you need to get your question paper with a solution within 30-40 seconds. So, if you are searching for a question paper making app, you must try the Examin8 app.

Test Creator App

As discussed, it also helps you create tests on your smartphone devices within a few seconds only. So, you can use it as your best test creator app too. Here are a few steps to follow to create a test using Examin8 - Test Creator App:

  1. Select your class and subject
  2. Choose questions from our databank
  3. Download the Paper as PDF

Mock Test Creator

Mock tests are the same as model question papers for online exams such as JEE, NEET, CUET, NDA, SSC and other entrance and competitive exams. As most of these exams are conducted online in CBT mode, mock tests become very relevant. Students can practice mock tests on their laptops or even on their mobile devices easily.

Our mock test creator app can create such mock tests within a few seconds only and you can share them with your students as an online quiz link. They will attempt the mock test and will get the score automatically.

Therefore, our test generator is the perfect mock test creator with lakhs of preloaded questions for all major exams.

JEE Mock Test Creator

Our Examin8 Test Generator can create full-length JEE main mock tests with your name and logo in 1 minute only. You can create this mock test on your mobile phone and share the same with your students.

As JEE will have 90 questions and students will get an internal choice in numerical questions, we have prepared our blueprint accordingly. While creating your JEE mock test, you should select automated mode and you will get it.

NEET Mock Test Creator

You can also create NEET Mock Tests using our Examin8 Test Generator. To create a full syllabus mock test for NEET, you should select only the first two items on the subject selection pop-up and leave the third option blank. For example, you will select Entrance Exam and then NEET UG only. You will leave the third option showing Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Now, you will get the automated mode option on the screen, Just select it and you will get your full-length NEET Mock Test within a minute.

CUET Mock Test Creator

NTA introduced CUET (Common University Entrance Test) in the year 2022. Now many private universities are also accepting CUET scores for admission. So, CUET mock tests will definitely help your students to score good ranks in their CUET examination.

We have almost all main subject tests, general tests and language tests in the CUET section. You can access it on the Test generator under the Entrance Exam module.

NDA Mock Test Creator

The National Defence Academy admission test is considered one of the prestigious tests in India. Coaching institutes can use the test generator to create mock tests for the NDA exam as well.

We have rich content for NDA for all the concerned subjects and teachers can access it on the Examin8 app too.

Olympiads Mock Test Creator

Not only entrance exams but you can create online mock tests for olympiad exams like Maths olympiad mock tests, Science olympiad mock tests etc.

To create mock tests for such olympiad exams, just select your class and subject and then choose an online test there. You will get hundreds of multiple-choice questions on the test generator to choose from.

How to use Test Generator

Before we start with is, let's understand what you can do with this test generator application. You can

  • Create question papers for school exams like
    • Class Tests
    • Chapter Tests
    • Unit Tests
    • Periodic Tests
    • Summative Assessments
    • Half-yearly Question Papers
    • Annual Exam Papers
    • Homework Assignments
    • Question Bank
    • Pre-Board Exam Papers
    • Model Question Papers
    • Online MCQ tests
    • Mock Tests
  • Create question papers and mock tests for entrance exams, competitive exams and scholarship tests like
    • JEE main Mock Tests
    • NEET UG Mock Tests
    • CUET Mock Tests
    • NDA Mock Tests
    • SSC CGL Exam Papers
    • NTSE and JSTSE tests
    • Online and offline MCQ tests for Olympiads

So, these are some use cases where our test generator will certainly help you save your precious time and money. You just need a few minutes to get your question paper ready with your own branding.

Here is a video tutorial on how to use the test generator. It will guide you through the whole process. For more tutorials, you can visit the Examin8 Tutorial page. 

Test Generator for CBSE and NCERT Syllabus

CBSE releases model question papers for board exams every year. We add the blueprint of this question paper to Test Generator so that you can create full syllabus question papers under Automated mode within 30 seconds. 

You can access the complete tutorial explaining each and every feature of the CBSE Test Generator here. This test generator tutorial has many videos that will definitely help you understand all the important features of the test generator application. 

You can use our test generator not only for CBSE but also for all state boards that are following NCERT books such as Haryana Board, UP Board, MP Board, Bihar Board, Chhatisgarh Board, Rajasthan Board, Uttarakhand Board, Jharkhand Board etc.