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Exam Paper Creator for CBSE Schools

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Examin8 is the best exam paper creator application for CBSE schools. It is the only tool that is specifically designed for CBSE schools to create question papers online in minutes. This exam paper creator has over 7,00,000 questions from CBSE classes 3 to 12 covering all major subjects.

Exam Paper Creator for CBSE schools

Why do Schools Need a Paper Creator?

Years back, question papers had only certain types of subjective questions. But now if you look into any question paper, you will find that there are a variety of questions including case studies, reading, competency, statements and so on. It’s really a very time-consuming process for teachers.

  • Efficiency: Teachers can save time by generating question papers automatically or semi-automatically based on question banks and learning objectives.
  • Accuracy: Software can help eliminate errors in scoring and marking repetitive tasks like multiple-choice questions.
  • Fairness: Question banks can ensure a diverse range of questions and prevent bias.
  • Personalization: Some tools allow customizing tests for individual students or learning styles.
  • Data-driven decisions: Analytics from the software can help teachers identify areas where students need improvement and adjust their teaching methods.

How Exam Paper Creator Works?

Exam Paper Creator applications work in different ways depending on their specific features and functionalities. Let’s discuss how Examin8 – Exam Paper Creator works.

Building a Question Bank

Although Examin8 is fully loaded with more than 7 lakh questions, but if schools wish to create their question bank for any specific subject, they can do it here.

  • Teachers or administrators can add questions manually or import them from various sources like files, online libraries, or existing question banks.
  • Questions can be categorized by subject, topic, difficulty level, question type (multiple-choice, essay, etc.), and other relevant criteria.
  • Some advanced tools allow tagging questions with keywords for even more specific searches and filtering.

Creating an Exam Blueprint

Before creating an actual question paper, we all prepare a blueprint. This exam paper creator application has prefilled blueprints as per the latest CBSE exam pattern. You just need to select it and create papers within minutes. Here is a demo video on how you can use Automated Blueprints.

  • Define the structure of the exam, specifying the number of questions per section, total duration, point allocation, and learning objectives covered.
  • Set specific criteria for selecting questions, such as ensuring coverage of all topics, incorporating different question types, and maintaining a desired difficulty level.

Generating the Exam Paper

Believe it or not, Exam Paper Creator will reduce your time from 4 hours to 4 minutes. It’s just a matter of a few mouse clicks and you will get your customized question paper with your school’s name and logo.

  • Based on the blueprint and available question bank, the application automatically selects questions based on your defined criteria.
  • Some tools offer various randomization options to prevent students from receiving identical papers even when drawing from the same bank.
  • You can further customize the layout, presentation, and instructions of the generated paper.

Preview and Editing

Before downloading the question paper, you will get the option to edit the questions or replace them with other questions available in our databank. Here you can

  • Review the generated exam paper and make any necessary adjustments manually.
  • This might involve adding specific questions, changing the order, or editing instructions for clarity.

Exporting and Printing

  • Once satisfied, you can export the paper in various formats like PDF, Word, or directly print it from the application.
  • You will also get the option to download answer keys and conduct an online exam.

Additional Features

Exam Paper Creator will not only help you get question papers quickly but also provides lots of data to analyse the academic performance of your students. You can also use it for

  • Analyzing student performance data to identify areas for improvement.
  • Creating multiple versions of the same exam with different question orders.
  • Setting time limits and auto-grading capabilities for online exams.

Video Tutorials on Exam Paper Creator

Here are some video tutorials on how you can use the exam paper generator most effectively and save your precious time and effort.

IntoTest Generator Introduction Video
01How to Create Question Paper (PDF) in Express Mode
02How to Create Question Paper (PDF) in Automated Mode
03How to Create Question Paper (PDF) in Manual Mode
04How to Create Online Test (Objective only) in Express Mode

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