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How to Conduct Exams Online

myCBSEguide App

myCBSEguide App

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Conducting exams online is easy. Just use Examin8.com to create and conduct exams in minutes. It has 300,000+ questions to choose from. It helps schools and Coaching Institutes to create papers with their own branding. The website has ample questions for CBSE, NCERT, JEE, NEET and NDA exams.

Conduct Exams Online


Examin8.com is our first choice to prepare question papers online. Especially if you are teaching in CBSE students, you will not find any other application similar to it that provides you such a great interface with a huge question bank. The pricing is 10 times cheaper than its competitors.

Examin8 is the best application to create papers online. This is the most preferred tool used by CBSE teachers and tutors. The best part of this online test-making software is that it is fully loaded with questions and answers. You need not to type anything. The interface is so smooth and users friendly.

Google Forms

A large number of teachers use Google Forms to conduct exams online only because it’s free and easy to use. We created some online tests on google forms and found that it really works fine but it is good if you conduct exams online once or twice a year. You can devote 1-2 hours to it but if you would like to assess students regularly it is not a good choice. In that case, you should go for a complete assessment solution like Examin8.com which helps you to create batches, add students, save all their data for future use along with a free mobile app with your own branding.

Microsoft Forms

It is part of Microsoft Teams and schools are using this to create papers online. It is very similar to Google Forms. Again, you will face similar issues in this application too. Uploading images, adding math equations and typing each and every question is a really tough task. There no readymade question bank to use as we found in Examin8 – Test Generator application.

Test Moz

It is also used by teachers but you’reĀ limited to 50 questions and 100 results per test. The image upload option is not there in the free account. If we compare it with Examin8, we find that lack of question bank, no expertise in curriculum and dull interface are the main drawbacks in Test Moz. On the other hand Examin8 – Test Generator is quite good and users friendly.

How to Conduct Exams Online

Finally, we concluded that Examin8 – Test Maker Application is the best one to conduct exams online within minutes. The question bank is very versatile and up to date.

Other applications take 2-3 hours to prepare a question paper whereas Examin8 does it in 2-3 minutes only. It is the best tool for teachers to create and conduct any type of exam online.


myCBSEguide App

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