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Google Forms Vs myCBSEguide

myCBSEguide App

myCBSEguide App

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Our previous academic session was a new experience for students as well as teachers. Going digital was the only way to carry on the teaching-learning process. Last year, we used many temporary JUGAADs with an assumption that the normal offline mode will come back soon. But this year we have been mature enough and willing to use the tried and tested solutions only.

Unfortunately, the ongoing session might be the new normal for all of us. That’s why, it’s time to get professional solutions in place of so called temporary JUGAADs.

google forms

This article will give you a comparative analysis on Google Forms and myCBSEguide Test Generator. It will help you decide which tool suits you the best to create and conduct online exams.

Conducting Online Exams

First of all the assumption that everything will be normal and we all will back to offline schools in next few weeks is only a hypothesis. Even if it happens, going back to traditional offline teaching soles will never happen now. We all have witnessed the power of digital teaching last year. So, be prepared. There will be always a hybrid model of teaching in future.

In this scenario, the importance of online assessment is much more than online teaching. Even if any how, we manage to go completely offline, the assessment part can alway be in hybrid format. It’s easy, convenient, transparent and very effective mode of assessment. especially when we are focussing on comprehensive assessment, it definitely helps teachers.

Here are few type of assessments that can be taken online easily:

  • MCQ Tests with one or more correction responses
  • Objective Tests like T/F, Fill-ups, Matching, Assertion & Reason etc
  • Subjective Tests which demands description answers from students

There are certainly many ways to create and conduct online exams. We have multiple solutions over the internet to do so. Here, we will be discussing Google Forms and myCBSEguide Test Generator.

Google Forms

Google Form is the most popular tool to create and conduct online exams. It has introduced special quiz section to make it more relevant and useful for teachers. The interface is simple and you have options to add variety of questions like MCQs, T/F, Fill-ups, One-word etc.

But google form is not exactly made for conducting exams. It is to conduct surveys and collect customer feedbacks. However, our talented teachers have started using it for taking online exams. You have to type each and every question there and if you want auto correct option, you have to type that too. Also, it’s difficult to add images, mathematical equations and special formats in Google Forms but still it is widely used by those who want a free solution even if it is very much time consuming & need some JUGAAD to conduct exams.

Test Generator

myCBSEguide Test Generator is a professional solution specifically designed to create and conduct online exams and offline PDFs. It comes with your own name and logo. The Examin8 App helps teachers to conduct exams seamlessly. Test Generator well equipped with 300,000+ questions and solutions. It takes hardly 2-3 minutes to create a full length paper.

Here is why it is the most recommended tool for teachers (Demo Video):

  • Zero typing effort. We have 3 Lakhs+ questions.
  • Prefilled blueprints and up-to-date question bank.
  • Works perfectly on mobile devices as well as PC.
  • Creating a paper hardly takes a few minutes.
  • Biggest question bank at the lowest price.
  • Free Mobile App for students to attempt tests.
  • Option to add unlimited videos & Study Material.

Comparative Analysis

Google FormsmyCBSEguide
Type each question manually.Choose from 3 Lakh+ questions. No typing at all.
Can’t add Math equations & images.It’s already done.
Doesn’t look professional.It comes with special App and webpage with your name and logo.
Take hours to create papers.Takes 1-2 minutes only.
Can’t manage access to quiz.Manage students, create batches and control access easily.


Google Forms is good for collecting feedbacks and conducting surveys but it is not made to create and conduct school exams. Whereas, Test Generator is built for schools to conduct exams. It is comprehensive solution which includes option to create batches and add students. It provides unique ID and password to each student to login. It not only records all student data that can be accessed any time but also have option to print/save batch wise results. The Examin8 App is empowered with Videos, study material, content from myCBSEguide and online tests by teachers. It is all in one professional solution for schools.

myCBSEguide App

Test Generator

Create question paper PDF and online tests with your own name & logo in minutes.

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