CBSE Question Paper 2013 class 12 Business Studies

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CBSE Question Paper 2013 class 12 Business Studies conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in the month of March 2013. CBSE previous year question papers with solution are available in myCBSEguide mobile app and cbse guide website. The Best CBSE App for students and teachers is myCBSEguide which provides complete study material and practice papers to cbse schools in India and abroad.

CBSE Question Paper 2013 class 12 Business Studies

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CBSE Question Paper 2013 class 12 Business Studies

Class 12 Business Studies list of chapters

Business Studies Part  – I

  1. Nature and Significance of Management
  2. Principles of Management
  3. Management and Business Environment
  4. Planning
  5. Organising
  6. Staffing
  7. Directing
  8. Controlling

Business Studies Part  – II

  1. Business Finance
  2. Financial markets
  3. Marketing
  4. Consumer Protection
  5. Entreprenuership Development

CBSE Question Paper 2013 class 12 Business Studies

General Instruction:

  • Answers to questions 1 to 12 carrying 1 marks mark may be from one word to one sentence
  • Answers to questions 13 to 18 carrying 3 marks may be from 50-75 words.
  • Answers to questions 19 to 22 carrying 4 marks may be from 50-75 words.
  • Answers to questions 23 to 26 carrying 5 marks may be about 150 words.
  • Answers to questions 27 to 30 carrying 6 marks may be about 200 words
  • Attempt all parts of question together.

Q1. Define “Recruitment”.

Q2. Why is motivation called a complex process?

Q3. At which level of management does directing takes place?

Q4. What should be done while ‘taking corrective action’ in process of controlling, when especially in the important areas deviations go beyond the acceptable range?

Q5. State how ‘Growth Prospectus’ affect the working capital requirements of a company?

Q6. What is the primary objective of ‘Financial Management’?

Q7. Give the meaning of the ‘Money Market’.

Q8. State any one consequence of well performed ‘allocative function’ of financial market.

Q9. Why is ‘Marketing’ called a social process?

Q10. Distinguish between ‘Selling Concept’ and ‘Marketing Concept’ of Marketing Management Philosophies on the basis of ‘main focus.’

Q11. Under three-tier machinery where can a legal heir or representative of a deceased consumer file a complaint where the compensation claim is Rs 25 lakhs.

Q12. Pragya bought an iron of a reputed brand for Rs 1,500 but it caused an electric shock while it was being used. Pragya wants to exercise her ‘Right’. Identify the ‘Right’ under which she can be protected.

Q13. Name and explain the principle of management according to which a manager should replace ‘I’ with ‘We’ in all his conversations with workers.

Q14. Explain ‘Harmony Not Discord’ as a principle of Scientific Management

Q15. Explain ‘objectives’ as one of the types of plans.

Q16. Explain the following as features of Planning:

(a) Planning is continuous; and

(b) Planning is futuristic.

Q17. Ajay was appointed a marketing head of ‘Alfa Enterprise’ manufacturers of toothpaste and toothbrushes. His target sale was 2,000 units a month. Apart from thinking about various channels of distribution to achieve the target he himself started visiting schools in backward areas. He found that even after taking various steps and counselling, some school children had not started brushing their teeth. He investigated and found that they could not afford to buy toothbrush and toothpaste. So with due permission he started donating 200 toothbrushes and toothpastes every month to the school.
(i) Identify the channel of distribution ‘Ajay would adopt for distribution of toothpaste and toothbrushes and justify it by giving one reason.
(ii) State any two values which Ajay wants to communicate to the society.

Q18. ‘Though branding adds to the cost, it provides several advantages to the consumers’. In the light of the statement, state any three advantages of branding to customers.

Q19. State the steps in the organising process.

Q20. Distinguish between ‘Delegation’ and ‘Decentralisation’ on the basis of the following:
(i) Purpose;
(ii) Scope;
(iii) Status; and
(iv) Nature.

Q21. What is meant by a ‘long-term investment decision’? State any three factors which affect the long term investment decisions.

Q22. Explain any four points of importance of consumer protection from the point of view of business.

Q23. Describe any five reasons which clarify that management is gaining importance day-by-day.

Q24. The court passed an order that all schools must have water purifier for the school children as:
(i) Society in general is more concerned about quality of life.
(ii) Innovative techniques are being developed to manufacture water purifier at competitive rates.
(iii) Incomes are rising and children at home are also drinking purified water. The Government is also showing positive attitude towards the water purifier business.
Identify the different dimensions of business environment by quoting from the above details.

Q25. Nishant, the director of a garments company, is planning to manufacture bags for the utilization of waste material from one of his garment units. He has decided that this manufacturing unit will be set-up in a rural area of Orissa where people have very few job-opportunities and labour is available at very low rates. He has also thought of giving equal opportunities to men and women.
For this he wants four different heads for Sales, Account, Purchase and Production. He gives an advertisement and shortlists ten candidates per post after conducting different selection-tests.
(i) Identify and state the next three steps for choosing the best candidate out of the candidates short-listed.
(ii) Also identify two values which Nishant wants to communicate to the society by setting up this manufacturing unit.

Q26. ‘Planning and Controlling are inseparable twins of management.’ How?

Q27. ‘The barriers to effective communication exist in all organisations to a greater or lesser degree.’ State any six measures to overcome these barriers.


‘The Supervisor performs a very important role in an organisation by performing multiple functions.’ State any six such functions.

Q28. What is meant by ‘Dividend Decision’? Explain any four factors which affect the dividend decision of a company.


What is meant by ‘Financial Planning’? Explain any five points which highlight its importance.

Q29. Explain any four functions of stock exchange.


Explain the following money market instruments:

(a) Call Money

(b) Treasury Bill and

(c) Commercial Paper

(d) Certificate of Deposit

Q30. Explain the concept of personal selling and any four qualities of a good salesman.


Explain any four factors which affect the determination of the price of a product

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