CBSE Board Exams: A task for Guardians too

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CBSE Board Exams are about to start and everyone is talking about it. Specially if you are a guardian of CBSE Boarder, then you must be feeling the same pressure along with your child. Here are some tips for guardians during Board Exams.

Board Exams

We all know that Board Exams come with immense pressure and high expectation and to deal with this condition the aspirants need proper guidance and care. Every child is special and in motivated and reinforced positively, he/she can improve the performance. Here we’ll also discuss some challenges, which guardians face and sometime they are unable to handle them properly. As per examination point of view, let’s ask some questions to yourself.

What is the level of preparation of my child?

Has he/she completed his/her syllabus totally?

How often you give your time to him/her?

How do you help him/her to deal with Exam pressure?

What are your expectation with him/her?

These questions must be passing by your mind. Sometimes we handle it properly and sometimes we fail to do so. But in every situation your child need your guidance. It has been noticed that some guardians do not give attention or keep away as they don’t have any idea of examination or they might have no knowledge of all subjects. But always remember, you can give psychological support to your child and try to discuss the problem he/she faces. Your motivation can work like magic.

How you can help him/her?

Know your child: You must fill the gap between you and your child. By knowing his potential and his preparation level, you can help him to get ready for the upcoming exam with full confidence. If the syllabus has been covered, let him go with regular revision and self-study. It is not necessary to pitch him/her regularly. Instead you can act as a friend to discuss the topics and make a suitable time for question-answer session.

Give your time: Another challenge is time management. Often guardians are working and they don’t have much time to discuss study related matters with their children. We know an average student go for 3-4 hours of study or even more. So, your 1 hour or half an hour motivation and discussion can help the child a lot. Just choose any suitable time to go with it. If possible, take leave from work or parents can deal with it one by one.

Make the environment stress free: We often neglect stress management as everyone is busy in his own work. And in our tight schedule, we don’t have time to discuss on the stress factor. Sometimes, these unnecessary fear can make the child down and in some case, it is counterproductive. Just teach your child that he/she needn’t worry as far as board exams are concerned. Guide them to go with normal routine, proper sleep, adequate food intake and practice some meditation as well. Avoid all things which deviates your child from studies.

Don’t impose your expectation: We have too many expectations from our wards and we usually forget their capabilities. Tell your child that it is not the last exam in their life and they are not going to win or loose. Tell them to plan well, prepare well and execute well. Here good guardianship matters a lot. In the midst of this increasing rage due to high competition, many students start facing problems that might prevent them from coping up with the amount of self-induced pressure that they build up within themselves. It becomes highly significant for parents to understand the value of their support and guidance at such a stage of their children’s career.

myCBSEguide wishes you all the best: Now the time has come to create a friendly environment at home and start discussion on each problem one by one. As parents, you must promote their interests and also help them in identifying and working on their weaknesses. Let your children know that you are with them and appreciate them for their unique achievements. In case of any assistance, we are omnipresent and just a click away from you.

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