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Create and Share CBSE Online Tests in 2 Minutes

myCBSEguide App

myCBSEguide App

Download the app to get CBSE Sample Papers 2023-24, NCERT Solutions (Revised), Most Important Questions, Previous Year Question Bank, Mock Tests, and Detailed Notes.

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Create online tests based on CBSE syllabus in 2 minutes with your own name & logo and share with your students using myCBSEguide Test Generator.

Create CBSE Online Test (MCQ)

Creating MCQ tests is not very difficult but evaluating and recording performance takes much time. Now schools and coaching institutes can create online tests using myCBSEguide Test Generator and share the same with their students. The student can attempt the quiz online on their mobile phone, desktop or laptop. As soon as the quiz is attempted, the school or coaching institute will get the result on their dashboard. The whole process takes hardly 2 minutes.

How it works

Creating an online MCQ test is easy. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open myCBSEguide test generator.
  2. Click Start / Try it Now (Free) on the top.
  3. Add your name and logo.
  4. Select Online Test (MCQ).
  5. Now select class and subject.
  6. Add MCQs from our question bank
  7. Click create quiz

Your quiz is ready to share. Click copy quiz link and share it with your students. If you are using a mobile phone to create this test, you can directly share the quiz link via WhatsApp.

Once your students access this link and attempt the quiz, you can view the results by clicking the result link given there. You can also check their performance question by question.

Online MCQ Test Creator

CBSE online MCQ test creator is the simplest tool to create assessment tests for CBSE students. The online MCQ question paper creator is easy to share with students and get results online in minutes. CBSE online question paper maker is helpful for teachers and tutors who wish to create question papers online in MCQ format.

OMR sheets Vs Online Tests

Printing MCQ test is very expensive. It takes around 10 pages for 50 questions. If you want to distribute the same to 500 students, you need 5000 pages. On the other hand, the online link can be shared with any number of students. No printing required at all.

Printing the OMR sheet for each question paper is also expensive. Then, correction work takes lots of time and energy. You cannot rule out the possibility of human error while doing the same.

On the other hand, online MCQ tests are easy to create, share and evaluate. So, what are you waiting for? Create and share your first online test now.

myCBSEguide App

Test Generator

Create question paper PDF and online tests with your own name & logo in minutes.

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myCBSEguide App


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