CBSE Question Paper 2015 Class 12 Home Science

CBSE Question Paper 2015 Class 12 Home Science conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in the month of March 2015. CBSE previous year question papers with the solution are available in myCBSEguide mobile app and website. The Best CBSE App for students and teachers is myCBSEguide which provides complete study material and practice papers to CBSE schools in India and abroad.

CBSE Question Paper 2015 Class 12 Home Science

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CBSE Question Paper 2015 Class 12 Home Science

CBSE Question Paper 2015 Class 12 Home Science

General Instructions :

  • All questions are compulsory.
  • There are total 25 questions.
  • Question Nos. 1-6 are for 1 mark, to be answered in one or two lines.
  • Question Nos. 7-13 are of 2 marks, to be answered in 10-20 words.
  • Question Nos. 14-15 are of 3 marks, to be answered in 20-30 words.
  • Question Nos. 16-21 are of 4 marks, to be answered in 40 words.
  • Question Nos. 22-25 are of 5 marks, to be answered in 50-60 words.
  • Support your answer with suitable examples wherever required.

Q1 In 2010, what are the changes suggested by ICMR in the daily needs of calories for lactating women when her child is between 0-6 months and between 6-12 months?

Q2 List two salient features of MGNREGA.

Q3 Your sister is a home science graduate with a special interest in Nutrition. Suggest her two employment opportunities which will help her to enhance her skills in the area of her interest.

Q4 How will you convince the members of a family to regularly save some portion of their income?

Q5 Give two advantages of washing clothes with a soap.

Q6 Draw a standard mark which indicates that the wool is pure.

Q7 In what two ways is the identity of adolescents influenced by their physical changes?

Q8 During adolescence, friends often pressurize each other to get involved in anti-social activities. In what four ways an adolescent can be trained to resist this pressure?

Q9 Present four suggestions to meet the recreational needs of an Eighty-year-old man.

Q10 Your twenty-two-year-old sister got married right after completing her studies. State any two new responsibilities of this stage. Give her two suggestions which will help her adjust to these changes.

Q11 Meals for a patient can be modified from normal meals by changing the consistency and the cooking method. Support this statement with the help of one example each.

Q12 Use one example each to show that selection of foods is influenced by individual preferences and religion of the family.

Q13 Prepare four rules to ensure that the cook has hygienic habits.

Q14 Your friend eats a lot and then vomits it out. What do you think is the problem with her?
What are the two consequences if this continues for a long time? Present three suggestions to get her out of the problem.

Q15 People of Basra village use alum to make their water potable. Convince them to use chlorine tablets instead. Tell them about the procedure to use these tablets, two advantages of using the tablets and two precautions while using them.

Q16 The water in which you soaked Bengalgram (Channa Dal) turned yellow. You also find that the shape of the dal is not uniform. What in your opinion is the reason for these two observations? Name two more foods you have noticed to have the same problem. What are the health hazards of consuming such foods?

Q17 Your sister bought one-kilo peas but when she weighed them at home, they were less than that. In what four ways could the shopkeeper have cheated her? Tell her at least four buying tips which can safeguard her from such frauds in future.

Q18 Suggest two ways each family members can increase their money and real income with the use of assets and skills.

Q19 A family has been served spicy Chana Bhature, Dahi Bhalla and mango pickle for lunch. Suggest four modifications in this meal to suit the nutritional requirements of a pregnant woman. Give four reasons for your suggestions.

Q20 Mr. Sharma wants to file a case in a consumer court against a company for selling faulty products. Guide him on all the aspects of filing the complaint.

Q21 Labels on products and internet both are important consumer aids. List three advantages and two drawbacks each of using both.

Q22 Compare the features of LIC and National Saving Certificate (NSC).

Q23. Neha has some grease and coffee stains on her cotton dress. Suggest her one suitable chemical each which will help her to remove the stains. Also, tell her important precautions she should take while removing these stains. Name one more stain each for which these two chemicals can be used.

Q24. You have designed a skirt top with the scarf for an adolescent girl. What two features would you consider while selecting its fabric? Suggest four ways each you can ensure emphasis and satisfactory workmanship in this dress.

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Last Year Question Paper Class 12 Home Science 2015

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