Three Language Formula Upto CBSE Class-8

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Now, it’s mandatory to study three languages up to class 8 in CBSE schools. What if you have not passed 3 languages in class-8? You can NOT sit in the class 10 Board Exam. Yes, it is true. So, take it seriously. CBSE has applied the mandatory Three Language Formula up to class-8.

Three Language Formula

What is Three Language Formula?

NEP-2020 suggested three-language formula up to class-8. NEP recommended that all students must study three languages up to class-8. The selection of these three languages is decided by the state education department. However, there is no such provision for classes 9 to 12. Students in 9-12 classes have the choice to continue the third language as an additional subject. But if they don’t want to take a third language in class 9-10 they can take any two languages. And in classes 11-12, they have to take one or two languages and if they wish they can have a third language as an additional subject. For more information, refer to the latest Curriculum Document by CBSE.

CBSE Rule on Third Language

Here is point (d) on page number 20 of CBSE Curriculum Document 2022 for classes 9 and 10:

It is expected that all the students would have studied three languages up to class VIII. Those students who could not clear the third language in class VIII and have been promoted to class IX, shall be examined by the concerned schools at the end of Class IX in the same syllabus and textbooks as prescribed for class VIII. Those who are still unable to clear the third language at the end of class IX may be given another opportunity in class X. No student shall be eligible to appear in the Secondary School Examination of the Board at the end of class X unless she/he has passed in the third language. However, students with disabilities are exempted from the study of third language.

This rule clearly states that if you have not passed three languages in CBSE class-8, you have to pass it in class 9 or class-10. Without this, CBSE will NOT allow you to appear in class 10 board exams. One point that must be noted is students with disabilities are exempted from the study of the third language.

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