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CBSE Pass Fail Rules 2018

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CBSE pass fail rules have been updated for class 10 from 2018. New passing rules for class 10 board exams are based on the latest changes on exam pattern. As CBSE has moved back to marks system and there is no CCE in the year 2018, the exam rules and pass criteria has been updated. Hence, CBSE issued new rules for class 10.

CBSE pass fail rules

CBSE pass fail rules
CCE vs annual exams

CCE SystemAnnual Exam System
No one will be declared as FAIL but Improvement of performance.If students are getting less then 33% marks in 3 or more subjects, they will be declared as FAIL.
Even if student gets E1 or E2 in all subjects, he/she shall be eligible for improvement of performance (compartment) exam.Compartment exam is restricted to 2 subjects only.
Overall D or higher grade required to pass the subject.In 2018, students can pass the subject on overall marks (internal + External) but next year onwards, they have to clear both internal and external exams separately.
Even in case of additional subjects the same rule applies.In case of additional subject, language will replace language and main subject will replace main subject.Means, if you have 6 subjects with 3 languages and you pass all 3 languages plus 2 core subject, you will get compartment in one core subject.
Pass any five subjectsPass 5 subjects including 2 languages and 3 core subjects.
Only one chance to sit in compartment exam (July/August) that year.Three chances to pass the exam 1st in July/August that year, 2nd in March next year and 3rd in July/August next year.
Provisional admission to class-11 and if gets minimum D grade in 5 subjects can continue in class 11 else he/she have to repeat class 10.Provisional admission to class-11 and if he/she manage to pass compartment exam in first attempt,  he/she can continue in class 11 else he/she have to repeat class 10.

CBSE pass fail rules

CBSE pass fail rules for class 10 board exams 2018 have been changes. The new rules will be applicable from session 2017-18. Now there is no CCE so students will get marks alongwith grades. Class 10 report card will bear marks out of 100. These marks will include marks obtained in internal assessment too. Class 10 board exam mark sheet will not show grades or marks obtained in class 9. The marksheet will clearly mention result as PASS, FAIL or COMPARTMENT.

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CBSE Compartment Exam 2018

CBSE will compartment exam 2018 in first half of July 2018 for class 10 and class 12. This year class 10 students can appear in two subjects and class 12 students can appear in only one subject. If student could not manage to pass it, CBSE will give them another chance in March 2019 and then in July 2019.

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20 thoughts on “CBSE Pass Fail Rules 2018”

  1. If one is fail in science subject then is it will replace by additional subject if the additional subject is FIT

  2. I here Jst want to conclude that My complete marksheet is Changed As I hv Resulted it it is completely changed all marks with another person. It’s a humble request to the Honourable Staff plese take some required action. I m 99.9% sure about it that my complete marksheet is Changed . I m a child Having eligibility of scoring 90% + whereas I hv Jst got 70%… it’s a humble request plese give one more look to my Letter that I hv Shown you it is completely real …. I hope you will take some required action against it .. Thankyou

  3. Hello Sir l am tanu so please solve my problems and my problem is l am giving compartment only one paper and I have additional subject computer lgain a computer paper marks 75 kiya yee no. Mere maths ke paper Mai add Ho sakte hai and l am check a cbse side to usme to bola hai agar eak Mai compartment hai thoo additional subject ke no. Deke pass ho jayenge
    Thanks read my problem and please seggust me

  4. Sir i m in 11 class and i got comp. In my maths subject and i am fail in comp.
    Can i make my additional subject as a main to pass 11 class

  5. Sir i am in 11 class and i got comp. In my maths subject and i am fail in comp.
    Sir Can i make my additional as a main subject to pass 11class

  6. I am Manshi Singh please solve my problem and my problem is I am giving fail lessthan one two passing marks but got 75+ marks

  7. A cadidate could not appear in cbse class 10 board in march 2018 due to severe illness. Now can he appear in next year ?

  8. I have failed in three subjects : Maths, physics, chemistry in class 12. Can i give compartment exam held in july this year(2018) in all three subjects ?

  9. Hello sir,
    If student skipped the july compartment form 2018, is there any possibility of filling the form now by late fees for maths. Plz inform as early as possible

  10. i get compartment in social in class10 but cbse not replace computer marks to compartment subject

  11. As per Board how many times will get Compartment exams in plus one class.Because my son failed 2 subject school already give compartment exam but again he failed one subject.As per rules can get one more chance to compartment exam in school.please reply sir.

  12. I am sure that i will definetly pass physics exam but with poor marks..am i able to sit in the compartment exam of class 12th session 2018-19..plz reply as soon as possible

  13. I m fail in maths only last year nd now I will do nothing because I m fail year how I will complete my school without waist my Year my 2 year already waist ???????

  14. Hi sir my name Rajesh I passed 12th class in 2010 and I got low marks if it comes low the subject can rewrite again to bring first class marks. Please tell e sir

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