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This is what you Must Check in your class-10 Report Card

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The first and foremost thing that you must check in your class-10 report card is not grades or marks. It is something which is more important than your grades. When you receive your class-10 report card, you should check the following things first:-

  1. Spelling errors in your Name: In most of the cases you avoid to check if your name is printed correctly. In case, you write it as AMIT KUMAR VERMA, is must be like that only. AMIT KUMAR and AMIT VERMA are two different identities. Even check spellings latter by latter. VERMA and VARMA seem similar but again both are considered as different names. You may find yourself in controversy just like NARENDRA MODI, NARENDRA KUMAR MODI and NARENDRA DAMODARDAS MODI.
  2. Spelling errors in your parents’ Name: Do remember, DAMODARDAS and DAMODAR DAS again can put you in trouble. These are two different identities. Do check spelling errors in names of your parents.
  3. Mistake in Date of Birth: The date of birth must match with your birth certificate. You may have to face too many questions in passport office and admission counters if there is any mismatch. The condition may be similar to Gen. V. K. Singh who has to face court cases only because of mismatch in date of birth.

Why it is important: As per the new guidelines issued by CBSE, you cannot request for change in your name, parent’s name and date of birth after one year from the date of declaration of result. We daily receive hundreds of request asking for details on procedure for correction in name and date of birth and we sadly reply to 99% of them that it is not possible as you could do so within a year only.

What if you find any such error: Do report the correction to your school and write an application to CBSE regional office and get it forwarded by your school principal as soon as possible. Here are the rules for correction in name and correction in date of birth. You will be charged Rs.1000/- plus actual cost of the certificate (around 100/-) for change in name.

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3 thoughts on “This is what you Must Check in your class-10 Report Card”

  1. Is there any possibile way to change my father name if have done mistake in Transfer Certificate

  2. The blog gives us an idea hoe to check reports. To avoid mistakes within spelling errors. You must aware of these spelling errors in Birth, your Name, and Spelling errors in your parents’ Name.
    Nice blog for reporting error resolving solutions.

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